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Question: 1   How can a system manager identify which image another process is executing?


Answer: D Question: 2   What is the purpose of "erase on delete"?

  A. ensure that disk blocks are written regularly to avoid subsequent bad block errors B. overwrite file data to flush original disk blocks from XFC (eXtended File Cache) memory C. overwrite file data in every block to prevent subsequent 'scavenging' of reallocated disk blocks D. ensure that disk blocks are removed from the user's disk quota

Answer: C Question: 3 A backup system disk copy is missing. What are two of the vulnerabilities that are introduced? Select two. A. passwords can be directly extracted from VMS$PASSWORD_HISTORY.DATA B. usernames and their associated privileges can be listed C. protected system files and data can be read D. passwords can be directly extracted from SYSUAF.DAT E. licenses can be extracted from LMF$LURT.DAT

Answer: B,C Question: 4 When an account is no longer in use, what actions prevent the account from being used while still permitting subsequent backup and restoration of data with original security attributes such as ownership? A. immediately remove the files and retain the account B. immediately DISUSER the account and ensure files have been backed up C. immediately remove the account and ensure files have been backed up D. no immediate action, routine "unused account" review will suffice


Answer: B Question: 5 During migration from DECnet Phase IV to Phase V, the nodenames are registered via the local naming option. The proxy accounts stop working. What is the common reason for this? A. the NET$MANAGE rights identifier is required to look up the proxy database entries B. the NET$PROXY.DAT file needs to be created in addition to the NETPROXY.DAT file C. proxy entries need the LOCAL name service prefix D. DECnet over IP is enabled using the DOMAIN naming service

Answer: C Question: 6   On what is the security context of an executing application based?

  A. per-process attributes B. least permissive of thread and process attributes C. most permissive of thread and process attributes D. per-thread attributes

Answer: D Question: 7 What two items should be included in an organization's Configuration Management records? Select two. A. software assets B. staff contact details C. physical assets D. organizational chart E. details of support contracts

Answer: A, C Question: 8   What is the security significance of a missing audit log file?


A. extremely significant - potential indication of deliberate abuse by a trusted person (privileged user) B. minor significance - probably just a hardware (e.g. disk) error C. no significance - routine OpenVMS errors can cause this D. minor significance - an untested edit in SYSTARTUP_VMS, probably forgot to start the audit server

Answer: A Question: 9 What individuals need to understand and ensure compliance with an organization's security policy? A. all staff B. IT director C. senior management D. contract staff

Answer: A Question: 10 What is the maximum length of an OpenVMS username in the default configuration? A. 20 characters B. 16 characters C. 12 characters D. 24 characters

Answer: C


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OpenVMS Security Administration  

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OpenVMS Security Administration  

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