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HH0-210 HDS Certified Implementer – Enterprise

Question: 1 Which management tool is used to define TrueCopy paths between an Hitachi TagmaStore USP100 and a USP600? A. Storage Navigator B. RAID Manager CCI C. Remote Control PC D. HiCommand Replication Monitor

Answer: A Question: 2 You have established FC TrueCopy paths between two Hitachi TagmaStore USP100 systems at site A and at site B. The only array ports used for the TrueCopy links are configured as MCU Initiators at site A and RCU Targets at site B. You issue the following commands on a server running a Command Control Interface instance at site B. set HORCMINST=0 paircreate -g Groupx -vl -fence never -c 15 What happens to the volumes of Groupx? A. The P-VOLS are copied to the S-VOLS because you used the option -vl. B. No pairs are established because there are no valid TrueCopy paths between the two sites. C. The contents of the volumes on the backup site is copied to the volumes at the production site. D. Paircreate will start the initial copy but split immediately because you issued the command from the backup site.

Answer: B Question: 3 Which three statements describe the capabilities of the Brocade Fabric OS? (Choose three.) A. Allows nondisruptive switch replacement. B. Enables data migration to other switches. C. Allows hosts to dynamically share storage resources. D. Rapidly builds highly resilient, fault tolerant multi-switch SAN fabrics. E. Integrates private loops, private hosts, and private devices with the SAN.

Answer: C, D, E


Question: 4 Using the Virtual Partition Manager function, which user can map external storage to an Hitachi TagmaStore USP? A. Storage Administrator (SA) user B. Any Partition Storage Administrator (PSA) user C. SLPR01 Partition Storage Administrator (PSA) user D. SLPR00 Partition Storage Administrator (PSA) user

Answer: A

Question: 5 Which statement is true about the horcm.conf file? A. The horcm.conf file is included with the CCI software. B. The horcm.conf files have to be uploaded to the storage device. C. The horcm.conf file is generated by the HORCM when a Command Device is defined. D. The horcm.conf files will be written to the Differential Management LUN during system shutdown.

Answer: A Question: 6 An Hitachi TagmaStore USP or Lightning 9900V receives a pinned track error with a "write error" description on the SVP. How would you fix the problem? A. Replace the SVP. B. Replace the PDEV. C. Replace the DKA or BED. D. Restore the customer data.

Answer: B


Question: 7 A customer wants to use TrueCopy (TC) or Hitachi Universal Replicator (HUR) between different sites. What are three valid configurations? (Choose three.) A. TC between two USPs B. HUR between two USPs C. HUR between two Lightning 9900Vs D. HUR between one USP and one Lightning 9900V E. TC between one USP and one Lightning 9900V

Answer: A, B, E Question: 8 How should the Hitachi TagmaStore USP or NSC55 front-end ports be configured for external storage attachment? A. Target B. Initiator C. External D. RCU Target

Answer: C Question: 9 A customer wishes to install a new Hitachi TagmaStore NSC55 to replace an existing Hitachi Lightning 9910 array. As part of the project to implement the new NSC55 the customer would like to migrate some of the data currently on the 9910 to the faster internal disks in the NSC55. Which NSC55 software features could be used to achieve the migration? A. ShadowImage and TrueCopy B. TrueCopy and Serverless Backup Enabler C. Universal Volume Manager and Volume Migration D. Universal Volume Manager and Serverless Backup Enabler

Answer: D


Question: 10 A customer has a production and a backup site separated by 25 km connected by dark fiber through a Dense Wave Division Multiplexor (DWDM) network. The customer plans to run TrueCopy between Hitachi TagmaStore NSC55 arrays located at each site. How would you connect the NSC55 to the DWDM ports? A. Directly to the DWDM on Gigabit Ethernet. B. To the DWDM ports through a Fibre Channel switch. C. Directly to the DWDM ports through longwave cables. D. Directly to the DWDM ports through shortwave cables.

Answer: B


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HDS Certified Implementer - Enterprise  
HDS Certified Implementer - Enterprise  

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