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920-453 CallPilot 2.x/3.0 Unified Messaging


Question: 1 Normally, a user on a satellite switch can call the voice only messaging Directory Number (DN) on the satellite switch and enter the user's mailbox number and password. All satellite users are able to dial into the CallPilot system, but they are unable to log into their mailboxes. A technician has made sure that the switch is dial into the CallPilot system is functioning properly. What is the cause of the problem? Assume that a Coordinated Dialing Plan (CDP) or Electronic Switched network (ESN) dialing plan is being used. A. Hardware problems are causing this failure. B. Class of service restrictions are either too stringent or too loose. C. The Service Directory Number (SDN) table entries must be in a format that can be dialed from the prime switch location. D. There must be entries in the Service Directory Number (SDN) table for all services provided by the satellite switch location.

Answer: C Question: 2 Which three statements about CallPilot 3.0 email client interactions are true? (Choose three.) A. Outlook stores the CallPilot message headers on the Exchange server B. The CallPilot address book can be accessed from the Lotus Notes Server. C. Lotus notes stores the CallPilot message header on the Lotus Notes server. D. The GroupWise client can convert VBK to WAV automatically when sending a message.

Answer: B.C.D Question: 3 A CallPilot 3.0 server and a Symposium Call Center Server (SCCS) 4.2 are connected on a multi-Embedded LAN (ELAN) configuration on a Meridian 1 IP Enabled 25.40 switch. A Sysload allows the CallPilot and SCCS to grab each other's VAS Ids and therefore acquiring the proper ELAN IP address. Which setup is required on the Meridian 1 IE switch to make sure the proper ELAN is acquired by both servers? A. the SECU option under Virtual Segment ID (VSID) is set to "Yes". B. SCCS should have the lower Virtual Segment ID (VSID)compared to CallPilot. C. The CallPilot ELAN should be defined first, then the SCCS ELAN should be defined. D. The SCCS server ELAN should be defined first, then the CallPilot Elan should be defined.

Answer: A


Question: 4 When this Event is logged , what is the impact on users?

A. All the messages that the user sends are lost and will have to be resent. B. Users will NOT receive messages until the networking parameters have been reentered. C. Users CANNOT compose messages and send messages, and delivery of these massages to recipient mailboxes will be stopped. D. User can compose and send messages, but delivery of these messages to recipient mailboxes may be delayed until the MTA is restarted or recovery process is completed.

Answer: D Question: 5 When repeated unsuccessful authentication attempts are detected by CallPilot 3.0 (for example, an incorrect password is presented), what happens if the sender is at a remote server? A. An event is logged and the user's mailbox is disabled. B. The user's mailbox and the remote server are disabled. C. An event is logged and message gate delivered from the remote server. D. An event is logged and the message reception from the remote server may be disabled.

Answer: D Question: 6 What is the cause of this problem?

A. The DN is incorrect. B. A prefix should NOT be entered. C. The Service Directory Number (SDN) is incorrect. D. Coordinated Dialing Plan (CDP) information is incorrect. E. The local prefix should be entered instead of the remote prefix.

Answer: B Question: 7 While backing up a CallPilot server. You get an error. You need to determine the root cause and want to investigate the backup log file. Where should you look?


A. c:\Nortel\MPCX\bin B. c:\Nortel\data\backup C. d:\Nortel\data\backup D. d:\Nortel\data\backup\backuplogs

Answer: D Question: 8 During the logging procedure to the CallPilot 3.0 desktop client, you receive credentials error message. What could be the cause of the error message? A. Invalid Search base B. Invalid Server Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) C. Invalid Voice Profile for inter messaging(VPIM) prefix D. Invalid lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP)port number

Answer: C Question: 9 A site has CallPilot 3.0 server reequipped with Networking. The business sends standard OpenAudio Messaging interchange Specification(AMIS) message, but the system does NOT make any attempt to deliver them. Which three network parameters should be checked? (Choose three.) A. Remote site ID B. Open AMIS stale time C. System access number D. Open AMIS compose prefix E. Open AMIS delivery scheduled F. Outgoing AMIS Networking check box

Answer: A.E.F Question: 10 A CallPilot server is equipped with Enterprise Networking. Message are NOT being delivered to one particular remote site. Which three configuration properties should be verified? (Choose three.) A. Enterprise site ID B. The remote site name C. Enterprise passwords D. System access number E. Connection Directory number (DN) F. Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)

Answer: A.D.E


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