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Administering IBM Lotus Quickr 8.5 For Domino


Question: 1 You would like to prevent a Place from receiving updates to the parent PlaceType. What should you do to prevent the refresh? A. Under Customize – Basics, clear the check mark next to Receive Updates B. Change the PlaceType under Place Administration C. Under Work with Templates, edit the PlaceType D. You can not prevent a Place from refreshing from the parent PlaceType

Answer: A Question: 2 Which one of the following should be modified when giving Super User authority to specific users? A. qpconfig.xml B. qpsecurity.cml C. QuickrAdministratorsSU Group D. All of the above

Answer: A Question: 3 Which parameter in the notes.ini file identifies the local administrator account for Lotus Quickr services? A. LocalQuickPlaceAdmin B. LocalQuickrAdmin C. QuickPlaceAdmin D. LotusQuickAdmin

Answer: C


Question: 4 Joe would like to configure the following: When clicking on a place link it opens a new browser window. How can Joe configure this in qpconfig.xml? A. <my_places place_links open_new_window=“true”/> B. <my_places place_links open_new_window=“false”/> C. <my_places> <place_links open_new_window=“false”/> </my_places> D. <my_places> <place_links open_new_window=“true”/> </my_places>

Answer: D Question: 5 You have created templates for places on your Lotus Quickr server. As an example, suppose you create the place Sales and give it the look and feel you want to appear in places that members of the Sales team create. You create a PlaceType from it called Sales PlaceType, and then you create the place West Coast Sales from Sales PlaceType. Which of the following occurs if you change the design of Sales and wish to distribute the design changes? A. Refresh only Sales to distribute the changes B. Refresh West Coast Sales to distribute the changes C. Refresh Sales PlaceType and then West Coast Sales to distribute the changes D. Refresh Sales, refresh West Coast Sales, and then Sales PlaceType to distribute the changes

Answer: C Question: 6 While placing the necessary files onto the Lotus Sametime server for Lotus Quickr integration, you must manually create which of the following folders for the files? A. awareness B. usernames C. integration D. peopleonline

Answer: D


Question: 7 During installation, you specified a Lotus Quickr Administrator. In which of the following locations is the administrator stored by default? A. In the local Lotus Domino Directory B. As a local member of the server’s Site Administration place C. qpsecurity.xml D. In both the local Lotus Domino Directory and the Site Administration place

Answer: B Question: 8 In order to prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) which one of the following configurations must be made? A. Set <xss_protection enabled=“true” /> in the qpconfig.xml B. Set <xss_security enabled=“true” /> in the qpconfig.xml C. Enable XSS Security via Lotus Quickr Site Aministration > Security D. Add xss_secured=1 to the server’s notes.ini

Answer: A Question: 9 Which one of the following databases must be copied over when copying a Template (PlaceType) to another server? A. CreateHaiku.nsf B. Admin 1.nsf C. Contacts 1.nsf D. HaikuCommonForms.nsf

Answer: C Question: 10 In order to increase performance on the main Lotus Quickr server, Sheree wishes to restrict collaborative from occurring from that server. Which of the following variables should be listed in qpconfig.xml? A. <webservices>install=False</webservices> B. <connector_install_url></connector_install_url> C. <pull_connectors>on_server=“1”</pull_connectors> D. <collaboration>instance_<serverURL>=“true”</collaboration>

Answer: B


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Administering IBM Lotus Quickr 8.5 For Domino  

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