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IBM Lotus Sametime Unified Telephony Sales Mastery Test v1 ↘

Question: 1 The following statement about Sametime Entry is true: A. Includes online meetings B. Supports Sametime Unified Telephony C. Includes an open programming model D. Includes rich presence

Answer: A Explanation: Reference:

Question: 2 The value of unified communications includes all the following, except: A. Reduces human latency in business processes B. Helps individuals, groups and companies interact C. Reduces network traffic D. Cuts travel cost

Answer: C

Question: 3 POTS refers to all but the following: A. Plain Old Telephone Service B. The voice-grade telephone service that remains the basic form of connectionto the Telephone network C. A Gateway device D. The PSTN

Answer: C Explanation: Reference:


Question: 4 All of following statements about SIP are true, except: A. Used to set up hunt groups and calling queues B. Stands for Session Initiation Protocol C. Emerging de facto standard for transmission over the web D. The protocol used by SUT

Answer: D

Question: 5 Sametime Unified Telephony can be used with which Sametime product(s)? A. Sametime Advanced. B. Sametime Unified Telephony Connect C. All Sametime products D. Sametime Standard or Sametime Advanced.

Answer: B Explanation: Reference: Softphone)

Question: 6 All of the following statements about the telephone "Exchange" are true except: A. Originally used telephone operators that manually connect callers to thephone number they wanted to reach B. Invented as a way to connect phones between every possible endpoint C. Sometimes referred to as the "Local Loop" D. Sometimes referred to as "the Central Office"

Answer: B Explanation: Reference:


Question: 7 How does a unified user experience add more value when it is delivered as part of the business processes and applications that people use every day? A. If the user has to stop what they are doing to go to a separate collaboration environment, the tools won’t be used. B. Customers love the look and feel of IBM’s unified user experience. C. IBM’s unified user experience can be customized to incorporate company logos. D. IBM’s unified user experience is web-based.

Answer: D Explanation: Reference: “People using Sametime 8.5 software tab in the content; second bulleted point)

Question: 8 Which of the following does Sametime NOT help remote employees do? A. Feel connected to the business and colleagues B. Minimize travel for training and meetings C. Lower real estate costs D. Tap expertise throughout the organization to solve problems in real time

Answer: D Explanation: Reference: 6)


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