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HI-Med&Pinnacle FeatUreS & SpeciFicationS

the right carts for‌

today, tomorrow, and the future!

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ContentS CAREGIVERS 1. Optional Scanners


2. Electromechanical Lift


3. Security


4. Countertop Space


5. External Battery Status Indicator


6. Remote Management


7. Audit Trail


8. Drawer Catch


Future Ready Cart System

IT/SUPPORT 1. Power System


2. Decreased Downtime


3. Remote Monitoring Software


4. Low Cost Battery Replacement


5. Easy Access To Locking Mechanism


6. Lifetime 24/7 Customer Support


7. Cart Software Package


8. Status Software


9. Easy Upkeep


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Laptop Cart

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Demands on healthcare systems are ever-changing and at Howard we understand that fact. To that end, we’ve built our Howard cart systems with what we term the “future-ready” concept. This allows you to equip your cart with only what you need now, and then easily and costeffectively upgrade it in the future as your needs change.

About Howard Medical

Howard’s corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities nestled within the 504-acre Howard Technology Park.

Founded in 1998, Howard Medical is a division of Howard Industries, Inc., a billion dollar, privately held corporation that was established in 1968. We design and manufacture specialized hardware solutions that enable healthcare personnel to focus on patient care with confidence and fewer medical errors – Howard Medical provides tomorrow’s technology today!

C AREGIVERS At Howard Medical, we realize that the primary users of our medical carts will be caregivers. For this reason, we have compiled a list of key features in this section that we feel will benefit you the most and make your job easier to perform.

1 optionAl SCAnnerS Howard Medical makes imaging a breeze by offering two very different formats for scanning. We offer both wired and wireless handheld scanners that read all the latest barcode symbologies to include RSS, DataMatrix, and Composite. We also build a special bracket that gets the scanner up off the countertop surface so that it doesn’t take

key features • Two scanners (optional) as opposed to one • Fixed mount scanners found to decrease med pass time by 12%

up any of the nurse’s critical work space. We offer an optional second scanner on the cart

• RSS, Composite, and

for end user ease and to help speed up the med pass. The hands-free model works

DataMatrix compliant

much like the scanner you see everyday at your favorite grocery or convenience store. It is fixed onto the cart, and enables you to simply “swipe” the barcode underneath the scan-

• Can integrate YOUR current scanner onto the cart

ner for it to read. This is much faster than having to pick up the hand-held device each time you scan a medicine. In fact, a study by the VA’s VISN 7 in 2002 indicated that the

hands-free scanner reduced the med pass time of their nursing staff by over 12%. That’s about 15 minutes saved!

Also, with the flexibility of Howard Medical, we will integrate

your current scanner onto the cart as a potential cost savings. This is just another

way we provide the customer a “better” option.

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2 eleCtroMeChAniCAl lift During the design process of building our very first med cart prototype, we conducted an end-user survey with real-world nurses. The consistent message we received was that they viewed their med carts as their mobile offices while on a med pass. What they did

key features • “Ergonomically friendly” • Various height adjustments via a simple push button

not want was a computing device that took up valuable countertop space. What they

• Ability to tilt, pan, and swivel

do want is a computer that doesn’t get in the way by overlapping their work surface.

• Can rotate the computer over the

Howard Medical listened. The outcome — a design that is ergonomically sound and

We have the ONLY side-mount, electromechanical arm that raises and lowers to a desired height with the simple push of a button.

cart to minimize footprint

extremely rugged.

But we weren’t done there. Howard Medical’s electromechanical arm also allows the mounted computer to

pan and tilt. This panning

function enables the nurse to customize the cart to meet specific position requirements, while its swivel-action

can also be used to position the computer over the top of the HI-Pinnacle Cart to minimize the cart’s footprint when in motion, or in storage. The tilt function enables the nurse to optimally position the computer for data entry. Researchers have found that this helps alleviate the stresses associated with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

The photos above show the HI-Pinnacle in its work and mobile positions.

Super easy Provides 17” of vertical lift! touch-of-a-button height control! In keeping with our design plan, we focused on flexibility and compatibility. Realizing that each healthcare environment is different and may have various types of equipment, we designed the HI-Pinnacle so that its electro-

mechanical arm integrates easily with any brand of notebook. It just as easily supports a monitor/ keyboard interface with the computer concealed elsewhere on the cart. The HI-Pinnacle arm is built to support

technology now and in the future.

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3 SeCurity

key features

Keeping the HI-Pinnacle easily accessible to staff, and yet as tamperproof as possible, was a very high priority to Howard Medical. We’ve provided five

different se-

curity options for the staff to gain access to the HI-Pinnacle cart. 1) The cart can be setup simply by using one key to unlock all the drawers on the cart, and a second key to open the narcotic drawer (if applicable). 2) The cart can be configured with an

electronic keypad, which requires a number code to gain access to the cart. A second code is required to open the narcotic drawer (if applicable). The cart can hold up to 2,000 codes which allows the hospital to assign each nurse his or her own code

• Cart can be unlocked via the computer screen, electronic keypad, proximity card or CAC reader, or biometrics reader • Cart can be locked with a manual lever, with the computer, or via an electronic timer

to enter the cart. This can be beneficial, as the electronic keypad has an accountability function that allows monitoring of all codes used to open the cart, providing the time

The end user also has options for locking

and date for each access. These codes can be entered on the keypad of each cart

the cart after use. All HI-Pinnacle carts come

manually or uploaded

remotely from a computer. 3) Since studies

with a manual

lever that, when pushed

show that the end user will spend approximately 70% of their time looking at the com-

down, engages the locking mechanism. This

puter screen during a given med pass, it only made sense to give nurses the capability

manual lever is also color coded to provide

of opening the cart from right where their attention is focused…the


Working all of the same features as the electronic keypad described above, Howard Medical has EXCLUSIVE

software capability that enables access to the

drawers by entering the end user’s code via either the computer touchscreen or the keyboard. This capability helps to shave time off the med pass. 4) With a proxim-

the nurse the visual assurance that the cart is locked. If the HI-Pinnacle is equipped with the electronic keypad or the computing device entry access, the nurse can simply press a button, which electronically


ity card or CAC reader interface, the end user enters the HI-Pinnacle by

the cart. The cart will lock automatically after

“swiping” a card. Some facilities have this capability built right into the end user’s ID

a designated period of time should the cart

badge, for example. 5) A biometrics or fingerprint reader can be installed on

software sense no motion.

the cart. This is a software database that can identify the fingerprint of a person who has permission to unlock the drawers. For

ALL these features a key comes with the cart to work as a manual override should there be an electronics failure.

Unlock the drawers via the keypad or computing device

Close monitor to ensure privacy, yet not lose what you were working on. page5

4 Countertop SpACe The work surface was designed with both ergonomics and spaciousness in mind. Remember, there are 3 different sizes of carts, so each healthcare facility can select the work surface they prefer. Most importantly, we removed all peripherals from the countertop to allow the end user a maximum area for providing patient care. The

key features • All peripherals moved to outer edge of countertop • Scratch and fingerprint resistant • Outer lip captures spills and prevents items from rolling off

surface is made of a high-impact PPO. It is highly resistant to scratching and fingerprints. The countertop has a lip that surrounds the surface to capture spills and prevent items from rolling off the top. Howard Medical has also added a pullout work tray for even more work surface area.

We took all equipment off the countertop and returned that critical work surface to the caregivers.

eXternAl BAttery

5 StAtuS indiCAtor

Located on the side of the cart, the easy-to-read power system status indicator gives

the user continuous updates on the status of the battery. Four green lights mean the cart is fully charged, while

one amber light indicates that 20% of the battery is left and the cart should be recharged as soon as possible.

Alarm signals low battery

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key feature • Visual and audible indicator of battery power status

6 reMote MAnAGeMent Managing who has access to the carts, and who doesn’t, has been made simple. 1) Administrators or other designated personnel can upload

end user codes

key features • Cart access codes can be managed remotely

into carts wirelessly, from their desks. 2) Add or subtract end users to carts from

the comfort of your office. If an employee no longer works in a certain ward or unit, you can change

their access remotely, as opposed to physically having to go to bring up reports or audit trails

the cart and make them. 3) Wirelessly

to see who accessed the cart or drawers at a specific date and time. It’s what we call the MedAudit. Howard Medical knows your time is valuable, so we made managing the carts as simple as point and click with our revolutionary software.

Input or change codes and generate information from a remote location.

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7 Audit Trail The HI-Pinnacle can be configured with an electronic keypad, which requires a number code to be entered in order to gain access to the cart. A second code is required to open the

key features • Manage and monitor drawer access • Track access times

narcotic drawer (if applicable). The HI-Pinnacle can hold up to 2,000 codes which allows the hospital to assign each nurse his or her own code to access the cart. This can be beneficial, as the

electronic keypad has an accountability function that allows monitoring of all codes used to open the cart, providing a time and date for each access — perfect for tracking or auditing purposes. These codes can be entered on the keypad of each

Track all med cart activity.

cart manually or uploaded remotely from a computer.

8 Drawer Catch Security of medications on a cart is a critical component to med dispensing. If

a drawer is accidentally left slightly ajar, the HI-Med and HI-Pinnacle carts lock those drawers in place until they can be closed completely. This helps prevent those who shouldn’t have access to cart medications from further opening the drawer.

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key features • Drawers lock when closed and lock in place when left slightly ajar • Helps prevent medicine theft

IT / SUPPORT This section provides technical specifications, as well as integration information to assist IT coordinators with maintenance and upkeep for our revolutionary carts.

1 power SySteM We designed our HI-Pinnacle cart around the Tripp Lite HC350SR hospital-grade power system. This 3-in-1 unit comes with the comfort of Tripp Lite’s upstanding reputation

key features

for quality, service, and performance. It also performs the tasks of an inverter, a battery

• Easily install and integrate your current standard notebook

charger, and an isolation transformer, all in a single modular unit. And, in the unlikely event of a power system failure, simply remove the two panels to access the inverter

One trained technician can typically accomplish a complete power system replacement in less than 10 minutes.

to perform a swap.

• Secure, lockable work surface prevents theft and tampering • Aluminum base acts as heat sync • USB hub for integration of multiple devices

Significant advantages of this modular system include: 1. No need to remove your computing system and peripherals to ship the cart back to us. 2. No need to tip the cart on its back or side to access the most important components, alleviating the need for two technicians and the possibility of damaging the cart or your computing hardware. 3. Minimal training is needed to test or replace a power system.

2 deCreASed downtiMe Being an industry worldwide leader, Howard Medical knows there is a specific cost

Decreased downtime = more time for patient care.

associated with equipment downtime of any kind. That’s why we put forth extra effort to ensure that if a critical component like a med cart experiences downtime, it must be minimal. Our easy,

swap-out batteries and exclusive power

system, combined with a simple drawer locking mechanism and extensive training procedures means fewer headaches and more patient face-to-face time.

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3 reMote MonitorinG SoftwAre Monitor all your Mobile Workstations from one or multiple locations! Check for Low battery life • Battery age • Battery run time • Battery or inverter failures • Charge time

ER Dept. OR Dept.


All while using existing hospital wireless Ethernet infrastructure using TCP/IP

page 10

Hospital Network

low CoSt BAttery

4 teChnoloGy

key features

The Howard Medical HI-Pinnacle cart is equipped with a 55Ahr non-proprietary, sealed lead acid (SLA) battery. This

battery provides a good balance of energy storage and affordability, and should be cared for properly to maximize run time and service life. A close approximation of run time can be calculated as

• Low battery replacement cost • Long run time • Proven battery technology

follows: Given the battery voltage (V), the capacity in ampere-hours (Ah), and the average power consumption of the PC in watts (W): Run Time = (V)(Ah) / (W). For example, using a 12V 55Ahr battery with a computer having an average power consumption of 75W: (12V) x (55Ah) / 75W = 8.8 hours. This means the computer can be powered for approximately 8.8 continuous hours, at which point the battery would be completely depleted and require recharging. However, a typical usage pattern does not result in a cart being used in this manner. Instead, it may be used for 2-3 hours on, followed by an almost equal charging time. This factor is key in understanding the service life of the battery. Service life refers to the number of times a battery can be charged and recharged before its capacity falls to an unacceptable level and it must be replaced. A complex series of factors determine how long a battery will last.

Simple Battery Replacement Change in 3 minutes or less! Tools needed =

1. Unscrew the shroud cover.

2. Remove shroud.

3. Unplug the old battery’s connector by firmly pulling straight out.

1:00 step 1&2

4. Release the buckle on the strap. Lift up the battery by its plastic handles.

5. Reverse steps to install the replacement battery, which has a keyed connector to ensure it is inserted with the proper polarity. Ensure that the strap is buckled tightly and the screw holding the tray is secured fully or the battery may become dislodged in handling, resulting in damage to the cart or personnel.

1:00 step 3

1:00 step 4

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eASy ACCeSS to

5 loCKinG MeChAniSM Our patented drawer locking mechanism allows for the strongest of security in the simplest package. Unlike some other manufacturers, our drawer locking “arms” can be changed out individually. We’ve

also provided easier access to the entire locking mechanism than many of our competitors. Also, our drawer system is created in such a way to keep the meds where they belong on the cart, in the drawers and NOT jamming up the locks.

key features • Locking “arms” can be individually removed • Locking mechanism is directly behind cassettes and drawers • Drawer design deters med packs from slipping out and jamming the locking mechanism

Easy to access.

Get to the locking mechanism in an emergency.

lifetiMe 24/7

6 CuStoMer Support Howard Medical stands behind our products. We are the ONLY major manufacturer who has retained the same corporate ownership since inception, meaning we’ll be here if you need us. All

key features • Extremely short hold times, if any at all

Howard Medical carts receive 24/7 phone support for life. When you call our tech

• Minimal prompts

support line, 1-888-323-3151, your call will be answered promptly by a knowl-

phone support

edgeable product specialist to give you the answers you need.

• Email support as well as

• “Live” staffing as opposed to computerized support

Getting help is so easy.

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7 CArt SoftwAre pACKAGe 1. MedDisplay Software allows the cart’s user interface to be carried out via the laptop or a touchscreen on the cart itself. This permits the end user to: • Open/Close the drawers electronically • Provide access to narc lock electronically • Indicate individual drawers that are open • Display how much time until the drawers will lock electronically

2. MedManager Software provides communication between the medical cart and a personal computer. The MedManager software can be used to maintain a centralized database of all User-IDs and the MedAudit records, as well as enable cart programming. • • • • • •

Add/delete user IDs (up to 200 IDs) Change timeout on automatic locking Change the cart’s name Run MedAudit (audit trail) Search for carts on the network Add temporary user IDs

3. The MedAudit Software maintains a record of all transactions that occur when the cart is locked and unlocked. This audit trail creates an event record that comprises the following information: • • • •

Date and time the cart is unlocked Date and time the cart is re-locked User_ID that unlocked the cart Storage drawers and bins that are opened while the cart is unlocked; and storage drawers and bins that remained open after cart re-locked

The MedAudit stores up to 500 event records, using a first-in-first-out recording method. Thus, the most recent events will always be in the software. The report can be reviewed on the monitor; as an option, the report can be output to a personal computer for archiving. When the data is transmitted, the cart’s ID will be sent with the report so that the data can be appropriately correlated to that cart.

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8 StAtuS SoftwAre Until now, it was virtually impossible to determine an error attributable to a user learning curve versus an actual power system error or failure. We designed this management tool to give you real data that will help you differentiate and manage all of your mobile workstations from a single computer. It gives you the capability to take a proactive approach with possible power system trouble spots. Client PowerAlert software can be loaded on each cart, which will allow your help desk to remotely view status and history information for any cart instantaneously and troubleshoot the power system. Cart operational history is also displayed and can determine how long and how often a cart has been plugged in and recharged.

Enterprise PowerAlert software is also available and allows user customized alerts and information for the entire fleet to report to a centralized location. This software can generate reports that allow you to identify areas where users may need additional training, when charging routines are negatively affecting battery life, and when the batteries are reaching the end of their useful life and may need to be replaced. The Enterprise reports can also help you with asset management. You may find that, over time, a specific cart is never being unplugged and could be replaced by a stationary computing system, allowing you to re-deploy that cart to another critical area.

9eASy upKeep The Howard Medical HI-Med and HI-Pinnacle carts are extremely easy to clean. Below are some suggestions for cleaning and disinfecting. Hard external surfaces - clean loose debris and soil with a damp cloth or paper towel. To disinfect, use a solution of 1 part chlorine bleach to 9 parts water. Solution may be misted onto external surfaces except in areas where it may enter cooling vents. Clean such areas by applying solution first to the applicator cloth or towel and then rubbing the surface. Rubber (elastomeric) parts - clean loose debris and soil with a damp cloth or paper towel. Do not clean with harsh chemicals as they may cause premature degradation, cracking, or discoloration. Rubberized parts are not used in areas where normal handling would promote the spread of contaminates; therefore, exercise discretion when disinfecting. General - for removing stubborn stains, mild commercial abrasives such as Comet® or Soft Scrub® are generally acceptable and should not abrade the surface when used properly. However, as some dulling (loss of sheen) of surfaces may result, test an inconspicuous area first. Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners such as steel wool or brushes with metal bristles when cleaning any portion of your Howard cart.

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360˚ 23”

Options! There are 7,256 different options available to configure our HI-Med and HI-Pinnacle carts — everything from large bulk storage drawers to small patient bins, large cup holders to scanners and computing devices. We customize the 42”

carts, not only to your hospital, but to your specific ward or unit. You tell us what your requirements are and we do the rest… CONSIDER IT DONE!

25.25” 35.5”


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Specifications Mechanical:


Lift Mechanism

Work surface area

1.75ft² 3ft²

Operating voltage

12VDC nominal (18VDC max)

Computer height (side arm)

41” to 51” adjustable (approx) 10” stroke

Operating current

3.8A typical at 30 lb load 7.8A at maximum load

Footprint (base)

15”- 23” wide x 25”deep 45”- 39” wide x 25”deep


10 inches

Keyboard tray (opt)

15.875”W x 9.75”D x 1.85”H

Duty cycle

10% long-term Maximum 6 min. per hour or 2 min. continuous at full load


Maximum 180 lbs-force (800N)


Self-locking (no power required) Overcurrent protected

Bending moment

Static: 996 pound feet (1350 Nm) max Dynamic: 111 pound feet (150 Nm)


Low-noise Soft start & soft stop for minimal vibration


Input Ratings Voltage

120VAC, 60Hz


4A max


4.0A slow blow, 5mm dia. x 20mm L, 250VAC doublefused (hot and neutral) [AC Inlet] 20A fast acting, ATC, 12.54mm x 19.14mm x 5.12mm [Battery] 10A fast acting, 1.25” x .25” cartridge [Battery]


Ground 2

1. For continued protection, replace fuse with same type and rating only. 2. Maintain safety by using only hospital-grade AC cord (green dot) in suitable grounded hospital-grade AC outlets. If in doubt of the integrity of an electrical outlet, operate the product on its internal power supply.

Output Ratings: Inverter Voltage

120VAC, 60Hz

Power 3

350W max 100W continuous


True sine wave


3x (min.) standard North American outlet

3. Many computers and devices have significantly higher startup power requirements than their long-term (average) power consumption. In general, it is not advisable to use equipment rated to consume more than 1/3 the rated output of the power system, or in this case, 100W. Battery life is another essential consideration. Request our white paper entitled “Battery Care and Power Systems” for more information.

Battery Rating: Type

Maintenance-free, deep cycle, absorptive glass mat (AGM)


12V 55Ah


Sealed lead acid (SLA)

page 16


Earthing termination supplied via power cord Temperature (ambient)

41°F - 86°F (5°C - 30°C)


0 – 95% (non-condensing)


Free-air convection Note: do not block or obstruct vents on cart body or base.

Water & dust resistance


Noise level


CArt hiGhliGhtS Work surface Up/down switch

Cable management conduit

Electromechanical lift

Battery status indicator

Keyboard tray

Storage drawers Mouse surface

Casters Battery compartment

Color ChoiCeS standard colors

Cool Gray

PMS 287 Blue

page 17

ACCeSSorieS Bar code scanner

Sharps container

Adjustable IV pole

Patient bins and storage drawers

Halogen night lamp

Cup dispenser

Trash bin

Sani-wipe holder

Other accessories include:

Handle kit with cushion

Lexan covers

Utility hooks (2 pk)

Storage drawer and patient bin dividers

Tablet crusher

Sharps brackets

Glove boxes

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Professional Services For over 10 years Howard Professional Services (HPS) has been delivering IT networking, security, application, and server solutions to business, educational, and governmental customers. Whether our customers are building a small business network, connecting large corporate offices over dedicated WAN links, putting together a multi-tiered wireless network, or combining their telephony architecture with their data architecture using VoIP technologies, we help them choose, design, implement, and use a wide variety of technology products & services. Many organizations have technology administration needs that do not require a dedicated full-time person. Support needs can vary from week to week, month to month, or just depending on the state of the business. We at Howard custom fit our services to give you the help you need, when you need it, and without the expense and hassle of hiring (and retaining) in-house support personnel. Whether it’s just a few hours every week or a few days every month, we can give you just the right amount of help for your business needs.

Faqs Q: Are the HI-Med and HI-Pinnacle carts hard to clean? A: No. Hard external surfaces make the carts extremely easy to clean and maintain using a variation of bleach, water, and mild commercial abrasives. Q: Will I be able to integrate future hardware on the HI-Med and/or HI-Pinnacle? A: Yes. We realized the need to easily upgrade in the future, so we have engineered technology to assist you in upgrading as needed. Q: Can I get my carts in a color of my choice? A: Yes. Since color plays an important role in cart configuration, we have designed our entire cart family with several accent colors for you to choose from.

experience the howard advantage.

Warranty & Support Choosing a warranty option that best fits the demands of equipment for a healthcare facility can be an enormous task. At Howard Medical, we try to make your decision an easy one. Each HI-Med and HI-Pinnacle cart comes with a standard 3-year limited warranty; however, depending on your individual needs, we offer several other warranty upgrade options for you to choose from including: 3-year limited warranty 3-year extended warranty 3-year complete warranty Ask your local Account Executive for details by calling us at 877.856.6441 Technical Support 1-888-323-3151

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select the

technology product that best fits your medical and healthcare needs. At Howard Medical, we not only offer you quality medical carts, but we also offer over 190,000 technology-related products from our Howard manufactured notebooks, desktops, and servers to faxes, scanners, printers, and ink toner replacement cartridges.





tablet docking stations

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today, tomorrow, and the future! FeatUreS & SpeciFicationS the right carts for… or call us at 877.856.6441 Visit us online at Howard-Med...

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