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MissionStatement We are committed to going to work for our clients. We believe the only way to do that is to focus on doing what's right - putting the client first.


Who We Are My brokers, Keith and Howard, started Round Table Realty in 2010 after a career in new construction sales. While interviewing with several brokerages in town, they both came away feeling like the industry had lost its heart. Getting the sale seemed more important than serving clients. So they took a leap of faith and started their own brokerage with one mission in mind - putting People Before Property. They call it heart-first realty.

And that just seems like the way it should be, doesn't it?


Audrey Forbis Raised in South Florida, Audrey Forbis has always been in the business of customer service. From restaurants to retail event coordinating across five states, her dedication to listening to the needs of others and delivering a polished product is her specialty. After getting married and having a son, she wanted to try her hand at real estate, an industry she felt matched the skills she'd honed over the years. She found it was the perfect combination of customer service and, her favorite aspect of every job she's ever had, relationship building. While it might sound cliche, it's never about the commission or getting to the closing table for Audrey. She comes from a long line of caregivers, and while the business side of things is never lost on her, the people always come first. It's how she began to grow her business and how she intends to keep it.

After moving to Jacksonville, she found Round Table Realty. Their ethics and values were in perfect alignment with hers, and their knowledge has consistently made her a better agent. She is proud to work with Howard and Keith, and even more proud to carry her reputation of putting people first into her new city.

A Pinterest connoisseur, she is constantly working on new home projects when she's not helping others buy and sell theirs! Audrey and her husband both love creating beautiful moments throughout their home, whether it's pavering in a breezeway or building a fire-pit or consturcting a high-end dog shed for our well-loved furry friends. The always love to travel, Georgia and Las Vegas being their two most visited places!


OurBuyers OurSellers OurPromise Checklists to Help You WWW.AUDREYFORBIS.COM 904-436-3338


90% of people in the market for a new home use the internet to search for the perfect place!

I can save you time by improving your internet searches so you aren't pouring over listing details that all begin to look the same.

What the internet can't do is tell you when a home smells musty, when an electrical panel needs to be replaced, whether the finishings were properly installed, and when evidence of a past water leak can be found under the guest bathroom sink. While I am not a home inspector, I can give you visual clues as to the health of a home before you put in an offer.


OurBuyers Lending Partnerships In most cases, you should begin to secure financing before you even start home-shopping! Luckily, I've spent years building relationships with lenders who believe the client comes first. I can lead you in the right direction.

Insurance Partnerships Did you know home owners insurance alone doesn't cover flood damage? Did you know certain breeds of dogs aren't covered under a traditional policy, either? I work with the best of the best in the insurance world to ensure your home is covered long after you close.

We Hold Escrow People Before Property means holding your binder (the money you put down when your purchase offer is accepted). Should the sale fall through, the seller could fight to keep that money. Holding your escrow means you have the option to get that money back for free via the state. No lawyers.


OurSellers Round Table Realty is a top 20 Real Estate Brokerage in North Florida (2017/2018) with over $110Million in sales in 2017!

We sold an average of 1.31 homes per day in 2017.

Round Table Realty homes sold for 98% of list price in 2017.

Our homes are on the market an average of 68 days. The area average is 53 days. This might seem like a bad thing... but our interest is not in offloading your home at a low price. We put people before property, and that means we won't give your home away just so we can put a "sold" sign in the front yard.


OurSellers Pricing your home I will help you price your home according to market analysis. I want your home to sell at the right price for you.

Marketing How do buyers find homes? Online! So where should your home be available when you list it? Online! I am committed to getting your home shown on the most popular home-shopping websites. And depending on your home's individual needs, I have a lot of other tricks up my sleeve to ensure the word is out that your home is on the market.

OurSellers Listing Videos Some homes require special attention. Maybe they're unique, they've been on the market with another agency, or the sellers can't show the home as often as they'd like. I have the capability to create a digital, 2-minute narrated walk-through of your home to give potential buyers a sneak peak without making a physical visit.

Aerial Photography Looking down on a house and into a neighborhood helps buyers see the big picture. Aerial photography offers a unique perspective by showing the full lot as well as proximity to amenities and roads.

OurSellers Professional Photography Every Round Table Realty home listing is professionally photographed and uploaded to the three major online home-browsing websites. A beautiful picture truly can sell a home.

Home Staging The better your home looks, the faster it sells. I have access to incredible home stagers (at affordable prices, too!) who will make your home look elegant, simple, and allow potential buyers to see themselves in it.



I can even provide you a digital home staging with computergenerated pictures as a less expensive alternative.


OurSellers Floor Plans 80% of buyers say they specifically look for a floor plan when researching homes. And you should see some of the floor plans I've encountered in some listings! I've got several professional floor plan designers on hand whenever you're ready to list your home. They can make all the difference.



The Details "Should I replace the carpets?"

"Should we repaint the

"Should we repaint this room?


I can give you advice about which home improvements you should spend money on, and when, as soon as you decide to sell your home!


OurSellers Where will we post your home listing?

ConstantCommunication Never guess or miss a real estate transaction deadline again! I will keep you informed on all of the buyer and seller transaction timelines and deadlines. I will schedule all of your showing appointments and give you timely feedback when provided. I will monitor the market and update you regularly. I am your point of contact from beginning to end to beyond!


Audrey was extremely helpful in helping me relocate to Vero Beach. She's responsive, friendly, knowledgeable, and legitimately wants to help find the right property, even if it takes a while to do so. I will certainly use Audrey again if I purchase any other properties in the area and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a realtor. Robb Giddings Audrey was so thorough! She had the patience for each and every one of my questions and concerns, and that was during any time of the day, even when she was with other clients. Kristine Ziegler Audrey knew we wanted to buy a house in Kings Isle, and she found the perfect one for us. She helped us with making an offer, which was accepted at once, and we bought the house with no problems whatsoever. Audrey grew up in this area, loves it, and knows everything about it. She's professional in  every way: she's always beautifully turned out, polite, friendly and well-spoken. Gerry and Mary Young Audrey is very knowledgeable about the Treasure Coast market. She was very professional, and always available to answer any of our questions. Throughout the entire process she was with us, and maintained constant contact even after our closing to see if we needed anything, or had questions. I  would highly recommend using Audrey for your real estate transactions, you will not be disappointed. Kenny Henry


Round Table Realty Single Agency There are two types of agents: single and transaction. We promote single agency. Most brokerages promote transaction agents because it's easier, but they do NOT have the same responsibilities as single agents:Â Single agents provide:

Dealing honestly and fairly Accounting for all funds Skill, care, and diligence Loyalty Confidentiality Obedience Full disclosure WWW.AUDREYFORBIS.COM 904-436-3338

Transaction agents provide:

Dealing honestly and fairly Accounting for all funds Skill, care, and diligence LIMITED confidentiality LIMITED disclosure

Loyalty Obedience Full Disclosure Confidentiality

Did you know that only a SINGLE AGENT provides you with these four things? Most people think they're getting these things with any Realtor they work with. They're not. Talk to ME and start getting what you expect! WWW.AUDREYFORBIS.COM 904-436-3338

The next few pages are for YOU! Here are some checklists to help with your buying or selling experience. And, remember, I'm here for you every step of the way!


Buyers Checklist


Showing Checklist 1. Open all blinds. 2. Replace old light bulbs. 3. Turn off main lights. You can leave under cabinet lights and lamps on. 4. De-clutter! Surfaces and floors should be clear. 5. Put down toilet seats. 6. Wipe down all surfaces. 7. Make sure no dirty dishes are in sight. 8. Make all of the beds. 9. Take out all the garbage. 10. Add fresh plants or flowers. 11. Bake cookies or light a scented candle.





MyNotes 1. Call Audrey! 904-436-3338


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Audrey Forbis Marketing Booklet  

Audrey Forbis Marketing Booklet