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FADE IN: EXT. THE LAST TREE STANDING MOTEL - NIGHT A cut rate motel surrounded by nothingness in all directions. It’s off an old highway, but there’s no traffic. A very large, almost dead tree, the only one in sight, stands near the motel office. There are a few cars in the lot. There is also a van that is parked with its back to a motel room door. INT. VICK AND EDDIE’S MOTEL ROOM - NIGHT The rooms are also cut rate with old and bland furnishings and a painting size photograph of the tree on one wall. But in the photograph, the tree is full and leafy. VICK, 19/20, ripped, is standing while EDDIE, 40’s, not ripped, kneels below him. Both are in suits and ties. The TV is on and is rather loud. VICK How is he? Eddie stands up from a dead body of a man Eddie’s age. The body is on some plastic sheeting, his head beaten in. Eddie holds a hammer. EDDIE He’s dead. On the other side of the wall, two people start bouncing on a bed having sex loud enough to be heard over the TV. VICK You sure? EDDIE Well, you could ask him out on a date. See what he says. Vick seems a bit hurt by that remark. Eddie drops the hammer. EDDIE (CONT’D) Sorry. Didn’t mean to be so flippant.


Eddie pours some Diet Coke along with vodka from a bottle in a paper bag into a motel glass. He takes a drink and holds the bottle out toward Vick. VICK No, thanks. I promised my grandma I wouldn’t. Eddie shrugs, drinks the whole glass and pours another. He walks around the body as if contemplating what to do next. VICK (CONT’D) What does that mean? Flippant? EDDIE Huh? Uh, I don’t...Snarky? think that’s the word now.


Oh, okay.

VICK I accept your apology.

Thank you.

EDDIE I appreciate that.

The couple next door achieve orgasm and the bouncing stops. EDDIE (CONT’D) Well, that didn’t take long. Yeah?

VICK How long it usually take?

Eddie is a bit surprised at this revelation, then... EDDIE I don’t remember anymore. VICK So...what do we do now? Hm?

EDDIE Uh, dismemberment.

Vick looks puzzled. EDDIE (CONT’D) We cut up the body, make it harder for anyone to find all the parts and figure out who he is.


VICK Oh, okay. It kinda sounded like you wanted to throw him out of a club or something. How do we start? EDDIE We take his clothes off. Eddie starts undressing the body. VICK But I, I can’t do that. EDDIE Why not? VICK Well, I’ll have to look at his, his, you know, thing. EDDIE His what? Thing.

VICK His thing.

EDDIE You telling me you’ve never seen a guy’s cock before? VICK Well, yeah, sure, course I have. It just, I don’t know, seems more...queer this way. EDDIE Just help me get his fucking clothes off. Vick makes the sign of the cross and starts helping. Eddie’s phone rings, Vick jumps. VICK Jesus. EDDIE (answering phone) Yeah?...Oh, Hey, Hon...Are you using the phone I got you?...Okay, okay, I’m sorry. I wasn’t suggesting anything, I just wanted to be sure. So did you call for a reason or just to cut my balls off? (to Vick) (MORE)


4. EDDIE (CONT'D) It’s the missus. (to phone) What?...Wait, I can’t...

Eddie indicates for Vick to turn off the TV.

Vick does.

Eddie walks off to take the call, indicating for Vick to keep undressing the body. Vick reluctantly does so. EDDIE (CONT’D) (in phone) That’s better...Uh, I’m not sure, hon. We still have some work to do, but I shouldn’t be too late now...No, we’re not at a strip club. Do you hear any music? Eddie holds the phone out so she can tell. Vick has now reached the underwear on the body. He slowly pulls it down while trying not to look at the privates. Eddie indicates for him to hurry up. EDDIE (CONT’D) (in phone) And we’re not at a casino. hear any slot machines?

Do you

Again, he holds out the phone. But just as he does, the couple in the next room start at it again. EDDIE (CONT’D) (in phone) That’s the TV. Has Skippy gone to bed yet?...Great. Put him on. Eddie puts the phone between his ear and shoulder, then lifts up the plastic where the head of the body is. He indicates for Vick to lift at the feet.

As Vick does...

EDDIE (CONT’D) (to Vick) Not with your back, with your legs. You want to get a hernia? Vick corrects his posture. EDDIE (CONT’D) (to phone) Hey, Skip, sorry about that. How’d the game go today?... No, shi, uh, shoot. That’s great. (MORE)

5. EDDIE (CONT’D) (to Vick) My kid almost got a home run.

When he talks to Vick, though, he drops the phone and body. VICK Yeah? That’s great, Eddie. him I think it’s great.


Eddie recovers the phone and picks up the body. carry the body into the...

He and Vick

BATHROOM ...and deposit it in the tub. Eddie sits on the toilet exhausted. Vick sits on the floor. EDDIE (in phone) Oh, that was Vick, this new guy I’m working with...I’m really proud of you, Skip, and I promise I’ll be at your next game...No, Skip, you don’t have to...Skip, don’t, Hey, hon, that’s great about the home run, isn’t it?...I told you, sometime tomorrow, okay?...I will...I will... Eddie mimes talking with his hands to Vick. EDDIE (CONT’D) (in phone) I will. Eddie ends the call and lights a cigarette. He really enjoys the first puff. EDDIE (CONT’D) Word of advice, Vick. Never knock up a bitch. VICK (re cigarette) You know you’re not suppose to do that in here. EDDIE No, I did not know that. He offers one to Vick.

Vick shakes his head.


VICK I think your wife’s kind of nice. Eddie gives him a look, stands up, lifts the lid of the toilet and urinates. Vick looks away uncomfortably. VICK (CONT’D) So how do we, uh, do it? Chop it up with an axe or something? EDDIE Got a chain saw in the back of the van. It’s a lot easier. Eddie finishes urinating, washes his hands and primps in the mirror, wiping away a little blood. EDDIE (CONT’D) We’ll use the plastic for the torso and the shower curtain for like the arms or something since its got blood on it already. VICK But won’t the motel miss it? EDDIE I got another one in the van. We’ll replace it. I also got some trash bags and zip locks. The zip locks really come in handy for fingers and toes. VICK I think I’m going to be sick. Eddie lifts the toilet seat and goes into the... MAIN ROOM Eddie listens to Vick vomiting. for Vick to finish. Vick comes into the main room. EDDIE Drink some of this. your stomach.

He looks at his watch, waits Eddie hands him a Diet Coke. It’ll settle

VICK You don’t got any regular?


EDDIE Too sweet. Vick drinks. VICK Sorry to be such a pussy. better on the next one.

I’ll do

EDDIE It’s fine. I did the same thing my first time out. Okay, time to make the doughnuts. First thing we do is put plastic all over the place. Eddie throws the keys to Vick. EDDIE (CONT’D) It’s in the back of the van. sure no one sees you.


Vick goes outside while Eddie pours himself another drink. Eddie turns the TV on very loud. LATER There is now plastic all over, covering half the motel room. Noise, including a chain saw, is heard from the bathroom. After a moment, the chain saw goes off. Eddie enters, dressed in a shower cap, gloves, doctor’s scrubs, etc., covered in blood. He sits on a plastic covered chair and lights a cigarette. Vick can be heard throwing up again. After a moment he comes out, dressed like Eddie, also covered in blood. EDDIE How about a smoke? Really calms the nerves and gets rid of the nausea. VICK No, I, I promised my grandma. EDDIE (same time) Grandma, right. VICK But I’ll have some more Diet Coke. Vick is about to sit down on the bed with no plastic.


EDDIE Not on that one. covered.

The one we

Vick realizes, sits on the other one as Eddie hands him a Diet Coke. The two just sit. VICK You were right, you know. It’s really easy with a chain saw. EDDIE Can’t beat experience. They hear sex from the next room again. EDDIE (CONT’D) Jesus H. Christ. What is that? The third or fourth time tonight? VICK Fourth. I didn’t think you could do it that many times in a row. EDDIE I doubt it’s been the same dick every time. VICK Yeah?...Oh...ohhhhh. Vick gets lost staring at the wall. EDDIE Hey...Hey, Vick... Vick snaps out of it. EDDIE (CONT’D) Don’t go getting a hard on, okay? We got a lot of work yet...Here’s the plan. We take the torso and bury it out aways, so it’s not anywhere near the road. The rest of the body we’ll dispose of here and there on our way home. I got some ice chests in the van. VICK What are they for? EDDIE You put the rest of the body parts in them and fill them up with ice. (MORE)

9. EDDIE (CONT'D) Don’t want it all to start decaying and stink up the place. I got three chests. When you bring them in, take the biggest one and find the ice machine and fill it up.

Vick takes this in, then runs into the bathroom and starts heaving once more. EDDIE (CONT’D) You really should start smoking. It’s great for a bad stomach. Eddie smokes as he listens to Vick. EXT. ICE MACHINE - NIGHT Vick is filling a large ice chest. WINNIE, an attractive woman approaching 40, comes around the corner with an ice bucket. She studies Vick a moment. WINNIE You gonna leave some of that for the others? Vick drops the ice scoop startled. make of Winnie. Uh, sorry.

He isn’t sure what to

VICK There’s plenty left.

WINNIE Mind if I cut in? As she fills her bucket, she leans in so that her cleavage can be seen. Vick can’t take his eyes off her breasts. Winnie leans back up and smiles at Vick’s distraction. WINNIE (CONT’D) It’s your turn again. VICK (snapping out of it) Oh, yeah, thanks. Winnie stops as she’s about to turn the corner. WINNIE By the way, you mind keeping your TV turned down a bit. It can get a little distracting.


VICK Yeah, sure. WINNIE And if you or your friend get bored or anything, I’m right next door. Tell you what, I’ll even give you a two for one special. Vick doesn’t know what to say as Winnie leaves. Vick goes to the corner and peeks around. him as she stands in her doorway.

Winnie winks at

A panicked Vick pulls back around the corner paralyzed. Winnie laughs to herself and goes inside the room. Vick peaks back around. Not seeing Winnie, he goes to the machine, takes some ice and applies it to the back of neck. VICK Fuck.

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