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How To Make A Living As An Artist Step One: Focus on your art. Step Two: Build an audience. Step Three: Be ready for sales. Follow those three steps and you will make a living as an artist. But it is very important that you follow them in order. Let’s break it down:

Focus On Your Art If you want to make a living as an artist you must honor the art above everything else. Before you can think about gallery shows, awards, prizes, and sales, you have to only think about the art. Pour yourself into it. The work must be the single most important thing in the artists life. Being a professional artist is first a quiet agreement made between you and your craft. No one else. It may take some time before the world knows you are a pro but all that matters is that your art knows you are committed and always seeking to get better.

Build An Audience Now that you’ve made the decision to be a professional artist and you’ve been working hard at it the next step is to begin to build an audience. I know you’ve spent a lot of time in the studio and I know you need money but it is not the time to be focusing on sales yet. First you need to get your work out there and in front of people. These days this begins on the internet. Deny and resist this at your own peril!

Be Ready For Sales I mean that both figuratively and literally. If you’ve worked at your craft and you’ve been building an audience then eventually someone is going to ask to buy your work. Be prepared for this mentally and also be prepared with things like business cards and sales receipts.

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How To Make A Living As A Modern Day Artist  

An fast read ebook on the 3 steps needed to make a living as a modern day artist.