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What Makes Synthetic Hydraulic Oil Advantageous? Hydraulic oil finds application in diverse fields. This oil is used in garbage truck lifts, airflight controls and automobile brakes. These fluids are available in different mixtures, according to the applications in which they have to be used in. Hydraulic fuels mostly comprise of synthetic compounds, water and mineral oils. Synthetic Hydraulic Oil Synthetic hydraulic oil is a mixture of mineral oils, chemicals and water. The base mineral oil which is added to this hydraulic oil variant may be inorganic or organic base stock oil. This type of hydraulic oil is extensively used in different types of hydraulic systems. Synthetic hydraulic oil is compatible with most types of hydraulic systems and there are many advantages of using it, few of which are mentioned below: • • • • • • • • • • •

In hydraulic systems that work at extremely high temperature, synthetic hydraulic oils are used for lubrication purpose. These oils efficiently lubricate the system and keeps it in good working conditions at elevated temperatures. Synthetic oils are also suitable for hydraulic systems that have to bear excessive load while working. These fuels can keep the hydraulic system in good working state for long durations. The stabilized viscosity of synthetic hydraulic oils at high temperature gives better protection to machine components. This helps in increasing the functional life of machines. The excellent volatility of synthetic hydraulic oil reduces the consumption of fuel which is used for running the machine or system. The reduced fuel consumption makes synthetic hydraulic oil economical. The oxidation control of synthetic hydraulic oil reduce carbon deposit within the hydraulic system. Superior protection against ash and sludge reduces the chances of oil passageway clogging. Synthetic hydraulic oils can work well even at extremely cold temperature. This lubricating fuel keeps the hydraulic system working properly in extremely cool climatic conditions. Resistance to thermal breakdown, oil sludge problems and oxidation makes synthetic hydraulic oil compatible and ideal for most types of hydraulic systems. Synthetic hydraulic oils extend the functional life of the systems or machines in which they are used. The initial drag over hydraulic engine is also reduced when synthetic oil is used. This results in increment of torque and horsepower of the system. Synthetic hydraulic oils have better chemical and sheer stability which keeps them stabilized during their functional life.

There are many more advantages of synthetic hydraulic oils which has made them immensely popular in various industries. They are available in many types of mixtures which is specified according to the application.

What makes synthetic hydraulic oil advantageous  
What makes synthetic hydraulic oil advantageous  

Hydraulic oil finds application in diverse fields. This oil is used in garbage truck lifts, air-flight controls and automobile brakes. These...