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HOUZER Offering A Exclusive Range Of High Performance Stainless Steel Sinks

HOUZER, the leading sink manufacturer and supplier, is offering an impressive selection of top quality stainless steel sinks to buyers in the US and beyond.

When designing a dream kitchen, lavatory or bar prep area, connoisseurs across the globe prefer HOUZER’s exclusive sink ware selection. The reason for their preference are not far to seek. With the base of operations in Hamilton, New Jersey, HOUZER is the only sink ware manufacturer to provide sinks in five different materials, including stainless steel, granite, copper, fireclay and porcelain enamel. Each of its offerings manifests years of industry experience, understanding of eclectic consumer needs and elite craftsmanship. The sink ware they offer is ergonomic, eye appealing, high performance and economical.

Replying to a query related to HOUZER’s product selection on offer, one of its executives recently stated, “HOUZER has dedicated four decades to improve millions of kitchens across America and overseas. We carry an extensive sink ware selection in a variety of styles, including topmount, zero-radius, apron front, farmhouse, quartztone granite, porcelain enamel, Hammerwerks copper, bar-prep bowl and lavatory bowl. Reiterating our commitment to customer delight, we have put up a 2016 sink collection comprised by Savoir Series, New Platus Fireclay Series, Updated Epicure Series, Belleo Series, New Additions Quartztone Granite Series and New Additions Hammerwerks Series.”

Given HOUZER’s diversity in deliverables, the buyer can find a suitable sink ware compatible with his pocket and all possible design themes, such as country, classic, transitional and ultra-contemporary. Customers can make purchases either at authorized regular outlets scattered all across the US or at top rated online stores like Home Depot and, depending upon their location. Other than this, the sinkware manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty against defects to the original purchaser with every purchase, provided the consumer fills out the Warranty Registration card. Additionally, its offerings come with all desired certifications, including UPC/IAPMO International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials.

Shedding light on the stainless steel sinks on offer, the executive further stated, “The unsurpassed sturdiness, visual appeal and shine of a stainless sink continue to attract the imagination of buyers across ages and cultures. HOUZER has been serving as the preeminent manufacturer for the seekers of stainless steel sinks globally. We utilize Type 304 stainless steel, an optimal mix of nickel and chrome, to produce stainless sinks. The production material serves as a guarantee for the product’s reliable performance, along with resistance to corrosion and stains. Moreover, our steel sinks are scratchproof and require minimal care and maintenance.”

HOUZER’s stainless sinks are in demand in set-ups where hygiene is a priority. High on eye appeal, these sinks not only elevates aesthetics of the kitchen but also reflect the buyer’s style quotient. The sink ware manufacturer has the character and intent to design steel sinks in slew of shapes and styles. Additionally, the sinks come with rubber pad insulation to eliminate noises emanating from running water and clattering of dishes. Other than this, HOUZER can also be a reliable source for buyers looking for fireclay sinks.


HOUZER is a designer and manufacturer of top performing sinkware. Its offerings come in various styles and designs, including top mount, zero radius, apron front, farmhouse, quartz tone granite, porcelain enamel, Hammerwerks copper, bar-prep bowl and lavatory bowl. Of late, HOUZER has emerged as the name to rely upon for those seeking stainless steel sinks at low prices.


HOUZER Offering A Exclusive Range Of High Performance Stainless Steel Sinks