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T ke Snippets of Hall Five

Mathletes v.s. Athletes?! Muggers Night 2011

As the semester drew to an end and the examinations approached, many of us had been busy “attending” our virtual lectures, trying to catch up with as much work as we could. As such, Muggers’ Night offered a great opportunity for us to take a breather before gearing up for the examinations. This year, Muggers’ Night had a whacky theme: Mathletes v.s. Athletes?! As the clock struck eight, fiVers streamed towards the hall 5 communal hall, all decked in their old school uniforms, vintage glasses and sportswear. Before the event commenced, many of us were engrossed in the activity booklet prepared, squeezing our brain juices and battling with our wits to solve the puzzles. Muggers’ Night was indeed a bustling affair: with entertaining and witty emcees, Tan Aik Siong and Pamela Tan, who lifted the energy of the event to the peak. The event kick-started with the game: ‘Do you have the Chemistry?’, where questions were directed at three pairs of


good friends to challenge their understanding of each other. As the emcees shot questions, the hilarious interactions between the pairs and the cheeky answers given tickled the audience into roaring laughter. Eventually, Xenia Poh and Ng K Luon emerged as the pair with the most chemistry!

Best Dressed Mathlete, Rian Chen(middle), with Bernice Ho(right) and Joyce Chee(left). One of the highlights of Muggers’ Night would be the Best Dressed competition. The four nominees were very sporting in accepting the emcees’ request to do a catwalk and struck several cute and sexy poses for the audiences. It was an extremely tough decision for Professor Eddie to make as all the nominees were equally outstanding and deserving. Alas, Pamela Tan won the Best Dressed Athlete

Issue No 20 January 2012 24th JCRC Edition

Inside: Investiture, SpoRec, Halloween, Legends' Dinner & QP Caroling

award, while Rian Chen won the Best Dressed Mathlete award. After the Best Dressed competition, a second round of ‘Do you have the Chemistry?’ was conducted, but this time to test their chemistry through the game of charades. Each pair was challenged to guess an unknown movie title and they exhibited their creativity and wits in acting the words. The comical interactions between the pair of contestants certainly amused the audience as they broke into boisterous laughter. To end the event, Professor Eddie gave an inspirational speech to encourage all fiVers to persevere and study hard for the upcoming examinations. Then, it was the moment that all of us had been waiting for: Goodie Bag Time! This year, thanks to our generous sponsors, the goodie bags were packed with stationeries and food, keeping everyone smiling from ear to ear upon receiving it. After taking the short break, we are sure that fiVers are all ready to fight the battle and conquer the examinations. All the best, fiVers! We can do it!

- Nicole Seah

Editor’s Note This is the first edition of Take 5 by the 24th JCRC and we hope fiVers will like this new look. This year we are looking forward to try out more fun stuff, hoping to bring more joy and excitement to the readers. We will be sharing all our achievements in the Inter Hall Games in the next issue so, do look out for it!

Tan Xue Qun


Guess the location! Hint: Within Hall 5 Premises.

New Beginning 24th JCRC Investiture 2011

21st September 2011 marked the official handover of duties from the 23rd Junior Common Room Committee(JCRC) to the 24th JCRC. Not only was the purpose of the investiture ceremony to welcome the new office-bearers, more importantly, it was an opportunity to highlight the contributions of the 23rd JCRC. Log on to our Facebook group, NTU - Hall of Residence FIVE and be the first to identify the image to win attractive prizes! There are three photos in total for three winners!

People Publisher Hall of Residence 5 24th JCRC Editor Tan Xue Qun

The event commenced with a speech by Professor Eddie, where he commended the good effort put in by the 23rd JCRC and presented plaques to them in appreciation for all their contributions to the hall. Following, the president of the 23rd JCRC, Poh Zhi Wei shared the experiences he had as part of the JCRC and thanked everyone who had helped them succeeded in this arduous journey. To mark the official handover, Zhi Wei entrusted the hall flag to Chia Jia Da, the newly elected

New Challenge SpoRec Day 2011

president of the 24th JCRC. In his speech, Jia Da expressed his vision to lead fiVers to strive for greater achievements and to unify all residents as one. The ceremony came to an end with the traditional candle-lighting ceremony, which symbolizes the ideals and aspirations of the 24th JCRC for Hall Five. Under the lead of the new team, may Hall Five strive for greater excellence in the year to come!

- Nicole Seah

Chia Jia Da, holding on to the hall flag as he took office as President of Hall 5 24th JCRC.

as tennis and badminton. At the end of the event, many left with a smile on their faces as they have found themselves a new sport or

Assistant Editor Nicole Seah Pei Rui Editorial Liu Kai Ying Tee Chin Siang Bryan Design Leow Hou Teng Photography Wan Zhi Yong Contributor Chong Baoyi


Have you ever felt confused when you wanted to join some sports or recreational games but yet, just can’t make a decision which item to join? While there are many sports and recreational games available in hall for residents to participate, those who have never tried playing these games may find it difficult to make a decision. Fret not! This is exactly what SpoRec day is for: a day where residents can try out these games offered in hall. Booths were set up for both experienced players to challenge one another and for greenhorns to pick up some new skills. To hype up the interest for the event, a Nintendo Wii was used to allow residents to try out sports such

recreational game that they like.

- Tan Xue Qun

Senior Hensley Chen playing a game of carrom with freshmen Xenia Poh(Left) & Chong Baoyi.


Quick question: What’s the most anticipated day in October? Well, of course it’s Halloween, a day where everyone gets a chance to fang up and fright!

given two cans of Nescafe (many thanks to

anticipated station: the Haunted House. Not

our sponsor) and the first to finish the coffee with a straw heads back to their room with a whole bag of Nescafe White Coffee. After much sucking and slurping, the winner was none other than Ming Xi from orange block! All you people with 830am lessons, you know who to look for!

knowing who and what was lurking in the Cultural Room left us all anxious and nervous as we waited for our turn. Upon entering the darkness, we were faced with various spooky tasks that certainly got our hearts pounding. Well, ultimately, all you need to know is that the haunted house turned into a scream fest where even our manly hall five guys turned into screaming victims.

Following the coffee competition was the station games. The first of the four that I went for was the ‘Rag & Bone’ game, which is basically ‘Dog & Bone’ with a delicious twist. Instead of having a smelly shoe as the ‘bone’, both teams were asked to snatch for a little pumpkin case with loads of candy inside. Needless to say, all of us had a smashing good time and the winners left with cute little plastic pumpkins to spice up their rooms.

To end of the fang-tastic night, a lucky draw was held to reward those who finished all the games! Three lucky winners won an adorable goodie bag that contained loads of awesome goodness from our sponsor. To give this event an even better ending, everyone left with a can of Nescafe! Kudos to the JCRC for putting such enormous effort in making this Halloween a fun and memorable one for all fiVers!

The second game was ‘Pumpkin Darts’ held in the Music Room. Instead of a typical dartboard, all of us had to aim our darts at the picture of a jack-o-lantern. Please do not be fooled by how simple the game sounds, loads of skills were needed to ensure that the dart hits the correct spot!

Roomates cum hosts Tan Ming Jie(Left) & Leon Lee specially dressed themselves up for the event.

The Halloween event organized by our very own JCRC not only made our hairs stand but also gave us a chance to win awesome goodies. First up on stage was a caffeine filled competition for ten lucky contestants chosen by our creepy emcees. Each contestant was

After the darts game, we adjourned next door to the game of bowling in the dark. All those who know me should know that I am the last person that anyone would invite for a game of bowling. And indeed, after loads of attempts to collapse the glow-in-the-dark bowling pins, all I got was twenty points. That’s not to say that I didn’t have a great time though! All the fumbling for the ball in the dark and the ‘who is that beside me??’ did contribute to loads of fun and laughter for everyone in the room. Finally, we proceeded to the last and most

- Liu Kaiying

Hall residents from orientation group, Ora, each left the event with a can of Nescafe coffee.

accompaniment. Jam Band captain Sam belted out the 1st piece – Ride of your life, with Wilson on guitar and Kelvin on the cajon. As choruses of “get ready for the ride of your life” echoed throughout the communal hall, fiVers - freshies and seniors alike, got ready for their own journey of ups and downs in the upcoming IHG 2011/12 together as one. The next item “那些年” brought the audience back to their school days in secondary and junior college, yet it was the intrinsic meaning of the song that touched the hearts of many. You can achieve distinctions in different areas, you can gain immense success in IHG, but at the end of the day, the intangibles in life will should not be neglected.

Ready for Battle Legends Dinner 2011

Amidst the intensive trainings, fiVers took time off to congregate at the communal Hall for the annual “Legends Dinner”. On 7 December 2011, our very own bunch of legends from IHG 2010/11 celebrated the births of many more to come in IHG 2011/12. Just as how fairytales start off with a hero leading the way, Hall 5’s legend-creation story commenced with the acknowledgement of the sports and recreational captains. The shirt presentation ceremony was a simple and heart-warming one for the captains as they prepare to lead their team in their quest for glory in IHG 2011/12.

Jingle Night

The Carols of the Quintsical Productions Quintsical Productions’ main canvassing event has been a series of caroling performances in various hotels and shopping centres, and this year it is of no exception. On the 4th of December, QP embarked on our first caroling performance at the Paws-N-Friends Carnival, jointly organized by Toa Payoh Central CC YEC and Bishan North CC YEC, as part of QP’s partnership with People’s Association Youth Movement (PAYM). A series of all-time-favourite Christmas carols and medleys such as ‘Silent Night’ and ‘Jingle Bells’ were performed, successfully lifting the spirits of the audience as they encouragingly


Further boosting the morale and spirits of fiVers, Cheerleading captain Teo Tze Swen stepped up and led the hall in a new cheerthe true colors of a cheerleader by nature showing despite his reserved nature. A shout of “Vikings” from Tze Swen signaled for an avalanche of defending roars from the audience, who followed up with a rhythmic war-cry of “Thunderboom, thunderboom, thunderboom, Vikings!” ending with an enthusiastic round of applause. Following this inspirational ovation, a ten minutes video featuring Tan Ming Jie as the main lead pointed out the rationale behind legends dinner - to motivate fiVers to train hard and become the next Hall 5 legend. Jam Band was up next, serenading the audience with 2 songs along with musical

clapped to the beat and sang along. Despite the pouring rain, the moods of QPeeps (what QP members are affectionately called) were not dampened. With our passionate heartbeat, the warmth of our voices can be felt in the still cold air. As what our Korean-star lookalike conductor, Hensley, said, “Carols are happy, happy songs!” We ended our first caroling session on a happy note, and we look forward to many more to come!

- Chong Baoyi Image(Left): The Quintsical Productions crew took a photo with Guest-of-Honour, Singapore Minister of Defence, Dr Ng Eng Hen while they were carolling at the prize presentation ceremony for Toa Payoh Photography Competition 2011.

As the memorable night concluded with thundering roars of “Yam Seng”, here’s wishing fiVers all the best at the imminent inter-hall games; and do cherish the precious friendships forged in this tough but exciting period of competitions and trainings. Jiayou fiVers!

- Bryan Tee

Softball captain, Alvin Siow(right) opening the champagne bottle with the help of Clement Tay.

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