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The Spirit of Material Things Leow Hou Teng

Design Portfolio 2012

+65 9152 0386

The Spirit of Material Things As Ekuan Kenji has put it, The spirit that loves material things. Material things have their spirits. Let us have a world in which human & material things appreciate each other. Craftmanship, truth to the nature of material, balance & harmony; These are guiding principles and inspirations that I get from nature, Japanese & Chinese cultures and designs. These sources reflect the wisdom of the people from the past, their appreciation of their environment and their understanding of their role and position in the cosmos. In order for these cultures to be of continued relevance to the society, design will play an important role in doing so. Leow Hou Teng

Curriculum Vitae

Leow Hou Teng +65 9152 0386 Blk 363 Hougang Ave 5 #12-290 Singapore 530363

Education Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Nanyang Technological University Expected completion in May 2013

GCE ‘A’ Level

Anderson Junior College 2005-2006

Skills Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator Font Lab Studio Silkscreen

Languages English, Chinese(Mandarin)

Employment History Sales Assistant, The Timberland Company

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 Branch & Parkway Parade Isetan Katong Branch June 2010 - September 2010

Administrative Ambassador, November 2008- August 2009

1 Corporate Identities

Blue & White Pottery Gardens November 2011 Branding on Cultural Creative Industry

The project is on branding for a cultural creative industry. According to UNESCO, the term, ‘cultural creative industry’ applies to those industries that combine the creation, production and commercialisation of contents which are intangible and cultural in nature. Fascinated by the elegance and beauty of the blue & white pottery, I began identifying the interplay of the Chinese five elements in the creation of the bowl and how it can contribute to family unity.


青花 瓷园


金 菊花 Metal- Chrysanthemum An emblem of Autumn and steadfast friendship that is associated with a life of ease and retirement.

木 牧丹 Wood- Peony The emblem of Spring. The tree Peony is called the King of the Flowers and is regarded as a symbol of riches, honour, love, affection and feminine beauty.

水 梅花 Water- Plum Blossom The emblem of Winter. It is a symbol of life because the blossom in springtime appears on the leafless and apparently lifeless tree.

金 木 水 火 土 的 融 合

带 来 最 完 美 的 结 合

温 馨 家 庭 里 的 组 合

火 莲花 Fire- Lotus An emblem of Summer, and because of its numerous seeds, a symbol of fruitfulness and off-spring.

土 蝴蝶 Earth- Butterfly


The butterfly represents love, specifically young love. Happily flitting from flower to flower – it signifies a happy social life for the young and young- at-heart.

1 Corporate Identities

Singapore Botanic Gardens November 2011 Corporate Identity Guidelines for Singapore Botanic Gardens >> View the entire style guide at

The project is on rebranding Singapore hence I choose the Singapore Botanic Gardens as I felt that they need a new logo that locals and foreigners can identify with. My solution is a logo in the form of a tree with its canopy shaped in the form of Singapore island. Straight lines are used to give it a modern yet classy feel so as to attract young adults to the gardens.







Singapore Botanic Gardens 1 Cluny Road Singapore 259569

The JTC Summit 8 Jurong Town Hall Road Singapore 609434

T +65 6471 7138/ 7361 F+65 6473 7983

15 September 2011 Dear Sir,

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse eget quam leo, non accu metus. Nuvit tellus nec leo imperdiet blandit varius sit amet mauris. Donec lacinia elementumsds ultricies. Pellentesque at magnahhh urna, id fermentum purus. Pellentesque a euismod telluswqrq. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elitasf. Sed sit amet urna sit amet ipsum rwww sodales suscipit id vel tortor. Morbi vulputate augue hendrerit lectus ultricies tincidunt. Proin diam mauris, bibendum nec sollicitudin sed, consequat fermentum nibh eget sem eleifend nequedg dignissim viverra vel ac felis hsgdas eeeehhs. Fusce elementum eleifend risus, quis dictum risus elementum at. Suspendisse tristique vestibulum malesuada. Praesent luctus sollicitudin tincidunt. Etiam at libero et enim viverra porttitor. Proinsgg ut turpis id leo vestibulumlogf interdum. Aenean ornare dui sed turpis iaculis malesuada. In hacwg habitasse platea dictumst. Maecenas feugiatgfsk lacinia pretium. Proin eget sem eleifend nequedg dignissim viverra vel ac felis. Aenean dfhiam risus, vel molestie erat. Sed turpis est, tempus nec elementum eget, venenatis mollis libero. Ut odio elit, placerat ac feugiat sed, gravida ut mauris. Vivamus a commodo ligula. Pellentesque risus nibdrhh, luctus quis tempus sed, luctus ut magna. Vestibulum aliquam leo sit amet nullasge interdum placerat. Etiam porttitoru consectetur sollicitudin. Aenean feugiat elementum turpis, sitegd amet laoreet tortor ultricies ac. Etiam ante sapie, euismod velit eleifend risus, quis dictum risus elementum at ornare dui sed turpis iaculis.

Yours Sincerely,

David Tan Corporate Relations Manager T +65 6222 5222


Singapore Botanic Gardens 1 Cluny Road Singapore 259569

T +65 6471 7138/ 7361 F+65 6473 7983



David Tan Corporate Relations Manager T +65 6222 5222 H +65 9648 2341

2 Publications & Type

Silent Serenade April 2010 Personal Portfolio 2009-2010 >> View the entire publication at

The book is a showcase of my personal works from 2009-2010. The visuals incorporated were illustrations that were inspired by Eric Feng. This book is about love, loneliness, poetry and saxophone.

Silent Serenade con amore

Leow Hou Teng

I have this feeling, deep inside of me, And I don’t know, what to say or do. All I know is, that it’s bugging me, And I can’t explain it, Myself or to you. I’ve been bitten by a love bug

A thousand moments A thousand letters A thousand unspoken words A thousand ways To say I love you

2 Publications & Type

The ABC of Everyday Life October 2010 Objects from our everyday life, named from A to Z

2 Publications & Type

Mementos October 2010 Brochure Design for Designers & Their ObjectsSingapore Design Festival Collaboration with Shannon Ong, Edison Chen, Lillian How & Nurliyani

Diamond was chosen as the common graphic that the team can identify with. Like diamonds, the team is multi-faceted with many different design styles. Diamonds, with its strong crystalline structure, will best represent us. The brochure too, spots a unique origami design that echoes a form of a diamond.

2 Publications & Type

Designer & the Grids April 2011 A3 Tabloid of Works of Designers/Artists in Relation to Grids Collaboration with Shellen Teh & Roxanne Lim >> View the entire tabloid at

For this particular issue of Designer & the Grids, my team look at the relation of design, craft & the grid system, how it conforms to and breaks out of it to produce works that are nevertheless creative & intriguing. The issue includes exclusive interviews with Eveline Kasikov where the stitch works in the issue were largely inspired from & Hjgher, a design firm whose works covers from publication to interior design.

Stitch by stitch A cherished bond Line over line A divine divide Made by hand Made with love Each delicately crafted Each beautifully designed Design and craft Balance in Harmony









Grids simplify and ease both the creative and decision-making process.

more complex and varied material in print. Although the grid has developed considerably over time, the basic principles underpinning it have remained intact for centuries.

The grid is the basis where a design is built upon. It provides the designer with a framework in organizing its various elements on a page such that it will effectively bring order and structure to the design. While it may seem that grids forms the skeletal structure of the design, one should note that they serve only as guides to visually orientates a viewer to a piece of information and that its distortion has been used to challenge the conventional way of seeing and or to be used as a way to convey certain meaning. As such, its conception can be used as a system of organization for use beyond the layout of a page, to be applied as a useful tool for organization of space in crafts and other applied arts. The basic function of a grid is to organize the information on a page and this has been achieved through development and refinement throughout history-from simple pages of text, to the incorporation of images and to the diverse possibilities provided by modern design software. Traditionally, the grid structure of a book has been based upon the principles of Greek aesthetics incorporating the series of ‘golden ratios’, principles which were rediscovered during the Renaissance. The ratio (1: 1.618) has helped to determine the margins surrounding the page elements. While margins today are slightly smaller, nevertheless, the relationships of spatial proportions remain the same. Technology has enabled ease of presenting

Grids simplify and ease both the creative and decision making process for the designer and make the delivery of information to its viewers clear. As each design involves making decisions about the placement of its different elements such as type and images, by using the grid, the designer can make decisions in a controlled and coherent manner instead of relying on judgment alone. When items are arranged in similar ways, their similarities are made more apparent and recognizable. The grid renders the elements it controls into a neutral spatial field of regularity that permits accessibility-viewers know where to locate information they seek because the junctures of horizontal and vertical divisions act as signposts for locating that information. The system helps the viewer understand its use. With greater accuracy and consistency in the placement of page elements, it also provides a framework for a high degree of creativity.

elements can be freely determined in size and position and grows organically and spontaneously in relation to the grid.

01 Parthenon

On one hand, grids are notoriously known for inhibiting a designer’s creativity in placements of elements; on the other hand, effective usage of grids has produced creative pieces of work, irregardless whether the grid has been followed strictly or whether the grid has been ‘broken’. In this publication, we look briefly at how designers and artists from the past and present adapted the usage of grids in their designs and crafts as a system for organization of space and proportion to produce dynamic pieces of work.

Despite its irrationality, the golden ratio 1:1.1618 is a common occurring ratio that fascinated not just mathematicians but also biologists, artists, historians, architects. Such a fascination with the ratio was largely due to human’s desire to search for an order to the chaotic world in which we live in, believing that it may provide a perfect solution. The formula for the golden section, a: b=b: (a+b), refers to how the smaller of the elements relates to the larger element in the same way that the larger element relates to the two parts combined. Ancient Greek mathematicians like Pythagoras and Euclid had pondered over the ratio and its properties due to its frequent appearance in geometry, particularly in figures with pentagonal symmetry.


While the grid itself is typically constructed with absolute measurements, elements on the page may be placed within it with relative measurements, in such a case, we call it as ‘breaking the grid’. The grid serves only as a reference structure that guides the placement of the elements. Page

The Fibonacci numbers are numbers in the following integer sequence: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55... It starts with the numbers 0 and 1 and each subsequent number is the sum of the previous two. The sequence can be found in nature, as identified by Fibonacci in his book of 1202, Liber Abaci (The Book of Calculating). It appears in biological settings in instances such as branches in trees, arrangement of leaves on a stem, the breeding of rabbits, the spirals of shells and


the curves of waves. Designers thus have a keen interest to look to the natural world for inspiration and believe that truth and beauty can be derived from it. It has been used to derive the margins and proportions of the classical page.

the spacing between the columns and the pitch of the rood are all controlled by the ratio. The development of the architecture was said to be natural since the Greek builders of the Golden Age did not have any measuring rods like we do today, yet it had achieved a harmonious whole. Thus many believe that such a ratio is more pleasing to the eyes.

DIVINE PROPORTIONS IN PAINTINGS Various bodily proportions were said to exhibit the golden ratio and this was illustrated on Fra Luca Pacioli’s book in 1509, De Divina Proportione which contained drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci and an images of geometric proportions being applied to various human parts, for example the face.

CANONS OF PAGE CONSTRUCTION Grids are fundamentally about proportions and since Classical times, the golden section has been used to arrive at an ideal relationship between page margins and the type within it.

In Da Vinci’s drawing of the Vitruvian Man, a male figure is depicted in two superimposed positions with his arms and legs apart and simultaneously inscribed in a circle and square. It is based on the correlations of the ideal human proportions with geometry described by the ancient Rome architect Vitruvius. In his book, he described the human figure as being the principal source of proportion among the Classical orders of architecture.

According to Jan Tschichold, many medieval manuscripts and books from 1550 and 1770 shows the approximated ideal page proportion of 2:3 and margin proportions 1:1:2:3 with the text area proportioned in the Golden section. This is known as the Canon of Page Construction, the set of principles in the field of book design used to describe the ways that page proportions, margins and typesetting areas of a book was to be constructed. It was popularized by Tschichold in his book, The Form of the Book, in the mid to late twentieth century after a careful study of works by J. A Vande Graff, Raul M. Rosarivo and Hans Kayser. He wrote that “Though largely forgotten today, methods and rules upon which it is impossible to improve have been developed

GOLDEN RECTANGLES OF ARCHITECTURE One of the earliest examples, the Parthenon from 432 BC was said to be circumscribed by golden rectangles in its façade and elements of its façade. The length and height of the building,

Modern layouts, although still centered like those of medieval manuscripts, have begun to move towards simpler and less cluttered formats. The knowledge of the golden sections has increased an awareness of proportion and space, and greater consideration of the relative sizes of margins, text areas and overall format. With this in mind, the modern designers are committed in designing a book with greater simplicity and clarity and for the readers while still giving aesthetic pleasure in its own right.




While the proportions of the classical book were produced with great beauty with the layout based on the golden section, its requirements were for one or two columns of type per page. Attempts to construct a more contemporary multiple-column layout using these principles became impossible. S aid by Tschihold, “I abstracted from manuscripts that are older yet, while beautiful, I would hardly be useful today.”




for centuries. To produce perfect books these rules have to be brought to life and applied.”






45 42









57 25


















45 58

58 34





62 63





54 52 51 17 16

19 18



















9 8 5 4 1












52 19 18

17 16 13


15 14


11 10

11 10


7 6

6 3




12 9 8 5 4 1






Take 5 Newsletter

Publications & Type

2010- Ongoing NTU Hall of Residence 5 Quarterly Newsletter >> View the latest edition of the Newsletter on

The newsletter is issued out to all residences from Nanyang Technological University, Hall of Residence 5. The newsletter is meant to be more personal, hence the crafty look to it. My duties include layouts, photo editing and occassionally writings.

T ke Snippets of Hall Five

Mathletes v.s. Athletes?! Muggers Night 2011

As the semester drew to an end and the examinations approached, many of us had been busy “attending” our virtual lectures, trying to catch up with as much work as we could. As such, Muggers’ Night offered a great opportunity for us to take a breather before gearing up for the examinations. This year, Muggers’ Night had a whacky theme: Mathletes v.s. Athletes?! As the clock struck eight, fiVers streamed towards the hall 5 communal hall, all decked in their old school uniforms, vintage glasses and sportswear. Before the event commenced, many of us were engrossed in the activity booklet prepared, squeezing our brain juices and battling with our wits to solve the puzzles. Muggers’ Night was indeed a bustling affair: with entertaining and witty emcees, Tan Aik Siong and Pamela Tan, who lifted the energy of the event to the peak. The event kick-started with the game: ‘Do you have the Chemistry?’, where questions were directed at three pairs of


good friends to challenge their understanding of each other. As the emcees shot questions, the hilarious interactions between the pairs and the cheeky answers given tickled the audience into roaring laughter. Eventually, Xenia Poh and Ng K Luon emerged as the pair with the most chemistry!

Best Dressed Mathlete, Rian Chen(middle), with Bernice Ho(right) and Joyce Chee(left). One of the highlights of Muggers’ Night would be the Best Dressed competition. The four nominees were very sporting in accepting the emcees’ request to do a catwalk and struck several cute and sexy poses for the audiences. It was an extremely tough decision for Professor Eddie to make as all the nominees were equally outstanding and deserving. Alas, Pamela Tan won the Best Dressed Athlete

Issue No 20 January 2012 24th JCRC Edition

Inside: Investiture, SpoRec, Halloween, Legends' Dinner & QP Caroling

award, while Rian Chen won the Best Dressed Mathlete award. After the Best Dressed competition, a second round of ‘Do you have the Chemistry?’ was conducted, but this time to test their chemistry through the game of charades. Each pair was challenged to guess an unknown movie title and they exhibited their creativity and wits in acting the words. The comical interactions between the pair of contestants certainly amused the audience as they broke into boisterous laughter. To end the event, Professor Eddie gave an inspirational speech to encourage all fiVers to persevere and study hard for the upcoming examinations. Then, it was the moment that all of us had been waiting for: Goodie Bag Time! This year, thanks to our generous sponsors, the goodie bags were packed with stationeries and food, keeping everyone smiling from ear to ear upon receiving it. After taking the short break, we are sure that fiVers are all ready to fight the battle and conquer the examinations. All the best, fiVers! We can do it!

- Nicole Seah

Editor’s Note This is the first edition of Take 5 by the 24th JCRC and we hope fiVers will like this new look. This year we are looking forward to try out more fun stuff, hoping to bring more joy and excitement to the readers. We will be sharing all our achievements in the Inter Hall Games in the next issue so, do look out for it!

Tan Xue Qun


Guess the location! Hint: Within Hall 5 Premises.

New Beginning 24th JCRC Investiture 2011

21st September 2011 marked the official handover of duties from the 23rd Junior

president of the 24th JCRC. In his speech, Jiada expressed his vision to lead Fivers to strive for greater achievements and to unify all residents as one. The ceremony came to an end with the traditional candle-lighting ceremony, which symbolizes the ideals and aspirations of the 24th JCRC for Hall Five. Under the lead of

fun and laughter for everyone in the room. Finally, we proceeded to the last and most anticipated station: the Haunted House. Not

Quick question: What’s the most anticipated day in October? Well, of course it’s Halloween,

knowing who and what was lurking in the Cultural Room left us all anxious and nervous as we waited for our turn. Upon entering the

who to look for!

darkness, we were faced with various spooky tasks that certainly got our hearts pounding.

The event commenced with a speech by

Following the coffee competition was the

Professor Eddie, where he commended the good effort put in by the 23rd JCRC and presented plaques to them in appreciation for

station games. The first of the four that I went for was the ‘Rag & Bone’ game, which is

Well, ultimately, all you need to know is that the haunted house turned into a scream fest where even our manly hall five guys turned

- Nicole Seah

a day where everyone gets a chance to fang up and fright!

basically ‘Dog & Bone’ with a delicious twist. Instead of having a smelly shoe as the ‘bone’, both teams were asked to snatch for a little

all their contributions to the hall. Following, the president of the 23rd JCRC, Poh Zhi Wei


shared the experiences he had as part of the JCRC and thanked everyone who had helped them succeeded in this arduous journey. To

Publisher Hall of Reseidence 5

mark the official handover, Zhi Wei entrusted the hall flag to Chia Jiada, the newly elected

pumpkin case with loads of candy inside. Needless to say, all of us had a smashing good Chia Jia Da, holding on to the hall flag as he took

New Challenge SpoRec Day 2011

event, many left with a smile on their face as they have found themselves a new sport or

goodie bag that contained loads of awesome goodness from our sponsor. To give this event an even better ending, everyone left with a can of Nescafe! Kudos to the JCRC for putting such enormous effort in making this Halloween a

all of us had to aim our darts at the picture of a jack-o-lantern. Please do not be fooled by how simple the game sounds, loads of skills were

fun and memorable one for all Fivers!

Assistant Editor Nicole Seah Pei Rui

Have you ever felt confused when you wanted to join some sports or recreational games

recreational game that they like.

needed to ensure that the dart hits the correct spot! Our stationmaster himself was almost

but yet, just can’t make a decision which item to join? While there are many sports and recreational games available in hall for

- Tan Xue Qun

Editorial Liu Kai Ying

involved in a catastrophic accident when a dart zoomed right past his ear.

Tee Chin Siang Bryan Design Leow Hou Teng

residents to participate, those who have never tried playing these games may find it difficult to make a decision. Fret not! This is exactly

Photography Wan Zhi Yong

were set up for both experienced players to challenge one another and for greenhorns to pick up some new skills. To hype up the

Contributor Chong Baoyi

interest for the event, the Nintendo Wii was used to allow residents to try out sports such

A Note from the

Senior Hensley Chen playing a game of carrom with freshmen Xenia Poh(Left) & Chong Baoyi.

Hall Expedition & Round Island Supper


Round the Island on an Adventure Hall Expedition:

Cosmic Bowling Clement Tay Han Tseng

Lee specially dressed themselves up for the event.

Right after witnessing the almost-accident, we adjourned next door to a more child-friendly game, which was bowling in the dark. All those

The Halloween event organized by our very own JCRC not only made our hairs stand

who know me should know that I am the last person that anyone would invite for a game of bowling. And indeed, after loads of attempts

but also gave us a chance to win awesome goodies. First up on stage was a caffeine filled

to collapse the glow-in-the-dark bowling pins, all I got was twenty points. That’s not to say

competition for ten lucky contestants chosen by our creepy emcees. Each contestant was

that I didn’t have a great time though! All the fumbling for the ball in the dark and the ‘who

Roomates cum hosts Tan Ming Jie(Left) & Leon

what SpoRec is for: a day where residents can try out these games offered in hall. Booths

To end of the fang-tastic night, a lucky draw was held to reward those who finished all the games! Three lucky winners won an adorable

The second game was ‘Pumpkin Darts’ held in the Music Room. Instead of a typical dartboard,

office as President of Hall 5 24 JCRC.

as tennis and badminton. At the end of the

into screaming victims.

time and the winners left with cute little plastic pumpkins to spice up their rooms.


24th JCRC Editor Tan Xue Qun

is that beside me??’ did contribute to loads of

much sucking and slurping, the winner was none other than Ming Xi from orange block! All you people with 830am lessons, you know

the new team, may Hall Five strive for greater excellence in the year to come!

Log on to our Facebook group,

Three photos, three winners!

given two cans of Nescafe (many thanks to our sponsor) and the first to finish the coffee with a straw heads back to their room with a whole bag of Nescafe White Coffee. After

office-bearers, more importantly, it was an opportunity to highlight the contributions of the 23rd JCRC. NTU - Hall of Residence FIVE and be the first to identify the image to win attractive prizes!


Common Room Committee(JCRC) to the 24th JCRC. Not only was the purpose of the investiture ceremony to welcome the new

- Liu Kaiying

Hall residents from orientation group, Ora, each left the event with a can of Nescafe coffee.

Special Report: Dinner & Dance Committee

Dinner & Dance 2011

a strike. At the end of the event, the top few individuals with the highest scores were also given prizes; those who didn’t win also had fun and a whole new experience with fellow fiVers.

Hall expedition is always an event to look forward to at the start of each academic year, with over 100 residents attending the event each year. Events such as prawning and ice skating in the past 2 years were new experiences for many fiVers. This year’s Hall expedition was no less either, as fiVers went to Chevrons for a whole new experience in a common sport – cosmic bowling.

Hi fiVers! It has been a long journey for me, playing a part in producing our hall newsletter for the past 2 years. I have experienced many events with fellow fiVers, capturing the moments and sharing these memories with fiVers. This would not have been possible without my wonderful subcommittee as well as my fellow Publication Secretary supporting me to make this possible. My heartfelt thanks to each one of you, for contributing to Take 5 in your way, be it the wonderful graphics, photographs, content and ideas. Of course, the readers play a part as well! Thank you for your support in the lucky draws, and remember to participate in this one as well!


Publisher Hall of Residence 5 23rd JCRC Editor Clement Tay Han Tseng Assistant Editor Yeo Siew Ting Design Leow Hou Teng Contributors Marvin Tang See Toh Jia Yao (Gel) Wong Sun Leng

For a low cost of $2, fiVers enjoyed 2 games each, along with bowling shoes for the event. The entire bowling alley was reserved just for fiVers for the entire span of 2 hours. As fiVers exchanged their footwear for bowling shoes, the lights switched from the usual fluorescent orange to a mysterious shade of blue. Strobe lights flashed, and even the bowling balls had a glow in the light. As the event went underway, everyone cheered their friends on as the emcee for the night, Ser Kun, announced that there would be a $5 Popular voucher for the first strike of the night. The flow of vouchers did not stop, as there were plenty of vouchers to be given away. Cheers were heard throughout the alley whenever someone got

Photo credits: See Toh Jia Yao (Gel) The bowling alley uses a mysterious blue lighting and glow -in-the-dark bowling balls thus setting a different mood to the usual kind of bowling.

Supper Trip Yeo Siew Ting Soft, silky beancurd, hot, crisy prata and meltin-your-mouth mee sua kuey… all these for just $2! “What, such a good deal?!” we hear you ask. Yes, that’s exactly what fiVers got at our latest Round Island Supper trip on 1 September 2011.

“Getting fat!” you say. We say “diet starts tomorrow!”

Wong Sun Leng Dinner and Dance for year 2010/11 was held at Parkroyal Hotel and the theme chosen was a romantic one- A Night in Paris. Guests began flowing in at around 7.15pm and the night started with fivers getting their free Polaroid shots at different stations that were set up by the DND committee. How could we miss out the photo taking session where moments turn into eternal memories? Thus, in addition to the Polaroid session, many brought along their cameras to capture the rare moment where everyone was dressed up to the nines for the event. It was also a heartwarming night for those seniors who have graduated, also affectionately known as “Laorens”, who have returned for the event, as a great catch-up session followed.

Round Island:

FiVers were kept satiated with a night of food, food and more food as we moved from the beancurd station to the prata station to the dim sum station at Jalan Besar, savoring the delectable dishes from each stall, before heading off to Bedok 85 for other mouthwatering local fare. Add on a dose of the best company that one can ever get from fellow fiVers, and ta-dah! You’ve got a winning formula for one of the best get-together nights.

A Night in Paris

warmed the crowd up by splitting them into 2 groups, with one group assigned to shout ‘hall’ while another to shout ‘5’. After rounds of “hall-5”-ing, the emcee introduced the committee members to the crowd. Moving on, the stars of the night went on stage. Though in casual wear, it was still a breathtaking sight as the females were exceptionally beautiful while the males were extraordinary charming! Each had their fair share of supporters, and secret admirers. Some stunned the audience with striking poses while others mesmerized them with their smiles. In between segments, videos of the love story between each pair were being shown; most were humorous and entertaining. One of the stories had a twisted ending in which after various ways of wooing the female, the female invited the male to take her bike instead when the male asked her to take his car! The pageant contestants also put up a great talent show with rendition of songs coupled with dance. It was heartwarming that the countless nights of practicing in the cult room has finally paid off. The highlight of the night was the crowning of our Hall King and Queen!

Food, food and more food! Ting Fong, Huiwei, Khai and Tao Guang(below) sure had a ‘full-filling’ experience during the trip as they ‘grin’ from ear-to-ear and stick out their ‘tongues’ to savour their favourite dishes.

Seniors, Pay Choon Boon (left) and Christopher Wong complete the ‘Night in Paris’ look with a scarf and a flat cap. After everyone had settled down, the emcee

commitee wishes to congratulate the winners for the night!

It was clearly shown on the faces of the guests that all of them had a wonderful night, but like what they say in the Chinese proverb: 天下无不散之筵席,which means all good things come to an end. Once again, the DND

Above: Darren Tiong, President of 2010/2011 Dinner & Dance committee addressing the audience in front of his committee. Below: Hall King, Shawn Tiong and Hall Queen Low Yue Huan List of Awards and Winners Hall Princess, Miss Popular Eunice Goh Hall Prince, Mr Popular Poh Kah Hwee Hall Queen, Miss Personality Low Yue Huan Hall King, Mr Personality Shawn Tiong

TAKE 5 Issue 19

A Note from the

Assistant Editor

Hi fiVers! We hope that you had a good break! Holidays come and go but our friendship and appreciation for one another never end in Hall 5 and this is exactly what this issue is about. Let us continue to give our support to one another! We are after all, a big fiVer family! Last but not least, we wish you all the best for AY2011/12! (PS The lucky draw is back with attractive prizes to be won!)

Siew Ting

Publisher Hall of Residence 5 23rd JCRC Editor Clement Tay Han Tseng

Colours Award Board Dinner

List of Awards and Winners

This year’s dinner was especially meaningful for Hall Five, having won a gold and a silver medal in the recent Volleyball (Male) and Soccer InterHall Games respectively, thus ending years of medal drought. Other exceptional teams to be highlighted are the Sepak Takraw team(SemiFinalist), made up mostly of members from the Volleyball (Male) and Soccer team, and the Dance team, led by Ex-Assistant Cultural Secretary Roy Ng and team captain Alex Wong, who lead the team from last placing to 8th placing(Quarterfinalist). Medals or not, the exceptional performance by each and every fiVer who fought tirelessy during the games is commendable. To quote CAB president Tay Yun Sheng, “It does not matter what is the outcome of the game, it is the process of the training, teamwork and having fun together as fiVers that is important”.

Editorial Tee Chin Siang Bryan Leow Hou Teng

Best Male Rookie Tan Bo Hui Best Female Rookie Grace Ling Best Sports Captain Violet Toh Best Recreational Captain Teo Tze Swen Sportsman of the Year Tay Yun Sheng Sportswoman of the Year Evelyn Loh Best Recreational Player Colin Seow Outstanding Achievement Award Christopher Wong Koh Jian Hao Tay Yun Sheng Yeo Kok How Coach of the Year Christopher Wong Tay Yun Sheng Yeo Kok How Oh Jia Hao Sports Team of the Year Volleyball(Male) Recreational Team of the Year Darts

“It does not matter what is the outcome of the game, it is the process of the training, teamwork and having fun together as fiVers that is important.” Tay Yun Sheng CAB President, Sportsman of the Year

Design Leow Hou Teng

TAKE 5 Issue 18

Project TOUCH Overseas Community Involvement Project

Leow Hou Teng The Colours Award Board (CAB) Dinner, organized by Tay Yun Sheng and his CAB team, was held on 24th March 2011 at Nanyang House. Held annually, this event is meant to honour fiVers for their outstanding performances during the Hall Olympiad.

Assistant Editor Yeo Siew Ting

Contributor Yamuna Yeo

Special Report: Touch your Heart Committee

Best Male Rookie, Tan Bo Hui, showing off his trophy to nominee Lim Ming Xi, who looks longingly at the trophy. Ming Xi played for both the Soccer and Sepak Takraw games.

Same Same but Different Yamuna Yeo When I first saw this phrase in Cambodia, I thought it so unmistakably Singlish that I did not know if I should be embarrassed or proud that Singlish has spread beyond our shores. No matter where it originated from, “Same same but different” is now printed on local t-shirts sold in abundance at the night markets. At USD$2 apiece, some good has come out of it – at least it is contributing to the national GDP with tourists buying it and wearing it like a cheap joke. It is a phrase too often used too flippantly. But it speaks to me of the disparity between us and the locals in Cambodia. Of how we are all the same, and yet our lives can be so different.

shoulder as if a little lost. Finally they put pencil to paper, attempting to imitate the samples we had brought to class. By my standards, their animal puppets turned out to look even a little monstrous. They were not products of art or beauty. The colouring was unevenly spread across the paper, as if suffering at the hands of these inexperienced colourists. There was a curious absence of fighting for the favourite colour pencil or requests for another piece of paper just because ‘I spoilt mine’. Instead, the kid who spoilt his artwork just shyly hid his poor puppet in his bag, away from the world. I can just imagine conducting this same puppet-making class in our schools. Similarly, there would be no fighting for the favourite colour pencils, because each kid would at the very least own a decent box of colour pencils.

A stark difference that struck me when we visited the Kdei Run Primary School, where we spent ten-odd days, was how small the children appeared. At 14 years old, some of the Khmer kids look about the same build as a scrawny ten year old would in Singapore. There were only a few of such older kids in school, and from what the local guide told us, the rest of that age simply stopped coming to school, having to help out with rice planting in the padi fields at home.

Tan Aik Siong and a school girl posing for a shot after the puppet-making session.

As we handed out the colour pencils, the kids were slow to pick out their favourite colour, choosing instead to look over their friend’s

Our kids do not have to share a ruler with their classmates because they would each have a self-sufficient Barney pencil case. Our

kids are able to use the scissors with ease. But not the Khmer kids, like their colouring, their cutting skills also reeked of inexperience. The Khmer kids do not have easily accessible water coolers to quench their thirst on the hot school days. Instead, they drink from a cement water tank, donated by some other charitable organisation. Pail by pail, the kids fetch water from the well to fill the tank. Then drop by drop, some mechanism in the tank filters away sediments and expels sufficiently clean drinking water which they catch using empty plastic bottles. Those plentiful bottles were discarded by us. In all our days at the school, I do not think any of us dared to drink from their water filter. Under the heat, we must have consumed at least 20 cartons of mineral water. But for some of the kids, they might not have known the taste of clean water.

Who would have expected that a piece of towel can actually make someone smile so wide?

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2 Publications & Type

Grid Project October 2010 Experimental square layout design

The project was set by Ellen Lupton, director of the Graphic Design MFA program at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). The objective of this project was to design creative grid-based layouts with clear hierarchy using the given dummy text.

COMMON TYPOGRAPHIC DISEASES Various forms of dysfunction appear among populations exposed to typography for long periods of time. Listed here are a number of frequently observed afflictions.

TYPOPHILIA An excessive attachment to and fascination with the shape of letters, often to the exclusion of other interests and object choices. Typophiliacs usually die penniless and alone.

TYPOPHOBIA The irrational dislike of letterforms, often marked by a preference for icons, dingbats, and—in fatal cases—bullets and daggers. The fears of the typophobe can often be quieted (but not cured) by steady doses of Helvetica and Times Roman.

TYPOCHONDRIA A persistent anxiety that one has selected the wrong typeface. This condition is often paired with okd (optical kerning disorder), the need to constantly adjust and readjust the spaces between letters.

TYPOTHERMIA The promiscuous refusal to make a lifelong commitment to a single typeface—or even to five or six, as some doctors recommend. The typothermiac is constantly tempted to test drive “hot” new fonts, often without a proper license.


Various forms of dysfunction appear among populations exposed to typography for long periods of time. Listed here are a number of frequently observed afflictions.

TYPOPHILIA An excessive attachment to and fascination with the shape of letters, often to the exclusion of other interests and object choices. Typophiliacs usually die penniless and alone.

TYPOPHOBIA The irrational dislike of letterforms, often marked by a preference for icons, dingbats, and—in fatal cases—bullets and daggers. The fears of the typophobe can often be quieted (but not cured) by steady doses of Helvetica and Times Roman.

TYPOCHONDRIA A persistent anxiety that one has selected the wrong typeface. This condition is often paired with okd (optical kerning disorder), the need to constantly adjust and readjust the spaces between letters.

TYPOTHERMIA The promiscuous refusal to make a lifelong commitment to a single typeface—or even to five or six, as some doctors recommend. The typothermiac is constantly tempted to test drive “hot” new fonts, often without a proper license.

COMMON TYPOGRAPHIC DISEASES Various forms of dysfunction appear among populations exposed to typography for long periods of time. Listed here are a number of frequently observed afflictions.

TYPOPHILIA An excessive attachment to and fascination with the shape of letters, often to the exclusion of other interests and object choices. Typophiliacs usually die penniless and alone. TYPOPHOBIA The irrational dislike of letterforms, often marked by a preference for icons, dingbats, and—in fatal cases—bullets and daggers. The fears of the typophobe can often be quieted (but not cured) by steady doses of Helvetica and Times Roman. TYPOCHONDRIA A persistent anxiety that one has selected the wrong typeface. This condition is often paired with okd (optical kerning disorder), the need to constantly adjust and readjust the spaces between letters. TYPOTHERMIA The promiscuous refusal to make a lifelong commitment to a single typeface—or even to five or six, as some doctors recommend. The typothermiac is constantly tempted to test drive “hot” new fonts, often without a proper license.

2 Publications & Type

Gill Sans ‘R’ October 2010 Experimental square layout design

Using the given dummy text, I was asked to createa layout design that highlights the Gill Sans R.

2 Publications & Type

Milo Licko November 2011 Typeface Design

The typeface design is a revival of Goudy Old Style by Frederic W. Goudy. In Milo Licko, I extended the ascenders and included more curves in the typeface. The increase in height of the ascender is because Frederic W. Goudy felt the ascenders were too short.

3 Campaigns

Get Your Sexy Back March 2011 Campaign Against Binge Drinking

The campaign raises concern about short-term social and health problems associated with binge drinking which are largely due to getting drunk. This is because one fails to act reasonably after getting drunk from binge drinking. Using the tagline, ‘Cool, Sexy & Upbeat’ I hope to show how moderate drinking is sufficient to bring up the energy and one’s confidence.

1C Beer

lassy ool! &

Drink moderately and party in a new cool!

4 drinks for gentlemen and 3 for ladies to keep you energetic all night long. Anything more, you’ll be just not as cool.

Jointly Organised by:

Supported by:


Venue Sponsor:

Official Media:


ptown pbeat! &

Drink moderately and party with a new upbeat!

4 drinks for gentlemen and 3 for ladies to keep you energetic all night long. Anything more, you’ll be just not as upbeat.

Jointly Organised by:

Supported by:

Venue Sponsor:

Official Media:


Beers lick & exy!

Drink moderately and party in a new sexy!

4 drinks for gentlemen and 3 for ladies to keep you enrgetic all night long. Anything more, you’ll be just not as sexy.

4 Graphic & Illustrations

Lotuses August 2011 Graphic Design Mural on Kdei Run Primary School, Siem Reap, Cambodia

The series of wall mural was painted on Kdei Run Primary School in Siem Reap, Cambodia as part of my Overseas Community Service Trip with Touch your Heart Committee of Nanyang Technological University, Hall of Residence Five. The series of graphic design were developed and executed within a short span of three days. The bulk of the work prior to the murals were spent on repainting the school, the murals were additions to it, meant to beautify the place but not intrude it. Limited resources were utilized so as not to have any excessive wastage. The lotuses were inspired by the lotus pond in front of the school. Lotus bare significance to the people who are generallly Buddhists. Lotus was selected as it symbolises purity, like the minds of our little ones.

4 Graphic & Illustrations

Shigeo Fukuda Retrospective November 2010 Graphic Design Poster for Shigeo Fukuda Retrospective Exhibition

The poster shows the silhoutte figure, used extensively in Shigeo’s Fukuda’s work, bowing, paying respect to the old master. It bows at a painting of a figure bowing at a painting, thus bringing in the idea of retrospection.





4 Graphic & Illustrations

Insectopia November 2010 Graphic Illustration

The Illustration serves to draw the link between bugs and the chinese character. The bugs shown here are mechanised and robot-like.

4 Graphic & Illustrations

Parts of a Saxophone November 2009 Detailed Sketches of Parts of a Saxophone

5 Mixed Media

Constellations November 2011 Living Type Installation- Interactive Type Table Collaboration with Shellen Teh, Roxanne Lim, Tong Wei Yue Engineer Frederick Teo, 3D Prototype Jeffrey Sponsored by NTU Ventures

Like constellations, the installation is a collaborative effort by a group of students and professionals ranging from businessmen to engineers to designers. The name of the installation was inspired by the structure of a table made for the project, Living Type, an installation aimed to give typography a life of its own; the table, with its spherical styrofoam balls and LED lights look like stars constellations.

The Table Along with the functionality of it being a table, a physical text display is produced to interact with its viewer. This is done by programming LED light strips that were placed along its base, a grid structure, to light up to form different uppercase alphabets. In this way, the spherical balls can be connected in different combinations to form different alphabetic constellations. With multiple tables placed side by side, words can be formed.

Colour Psychology With the use of RGB LED lights, messages and colour can be used to relate to each other so as to give its viewer a stronger message. For example, red can be used to draw attention and to create excitement while blue can be used to convey importance and confidence.

Design Portfolio of Leow Hou Teng  

Design Portfolio of Leow Hou Teng Works from 2009-2012

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