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What You Should Know before Getting Breast reconstruction


Many women who have got a mastectomy done, i.e. one or both their breasts removed, may not be aware that breast reconstruction is a very good option available for them. As part of the treatment of breast cancer, mastectomy may be emotionally and psychologically distressing, painful and may definitely affect the self-esteem and self-confidence of a woman. Breast reconstruction surgery is an option which is easily available for women who have faced considerable physical change after mastectomy. Unfortunately, there are several women who do not prefer to get this surgery done. Whether it is owing to lack of awareness or education or lack of access, breast reconstruction is never taken into consideration as part of breast cancer treatment. Due to this, many women don’t get to enjoy the benefits offered by this surgery -- practical as well as emotional benefits. Various techniques of plastic surgery




recreating the breast in terms of normal size, appearance and




doesn’t interfere with the breast cancer treatment. As per many reputable plastic surgeons, this surgery definitely helps in the enhancement of self image and self confidence after mastectomy. A woman can bring about an improvement in the quality of her life and embrace her femininity.


Important Facts to Keep in Mind The following things should be known before getting breast reconstruction done: • This procedure doesn’t interfere with the detection, or treatment of cancer. • The procedure is available after lumpectomy i.e. partial removal of breasts or mastectomy or complete removal of breasts. • This process involves different stages and often, more than one operation is required. • As per the law, any patient whose insurance is covering lumpectomy or mastectomy can get coverage for breast reconstruction. • The results that are achieved from the procedure are never perfect. Depending on several factors, there may be a variation in the outcomes. • Reconstructive surgeons and breast surgeons work together closely for optimizing the aesthetic and functional results for all the patients. However, cancer care is always given priority over reconstruction. • A proper research on the internet should be done before finalizing the surgeon. His/her credentials and qualifications should also be checked.

Are You a Candidate? DIEP flap breast reconstruction is offered at select plastic surgery facilities in the United States by plastic surgeons specialized in providing it. This is reconstruction using autologous tissue and has to be done with great care and attention. Breast reconstruction is also done using implants. The plastic surgeon will decide whether


you are a candidate for this breast surgery after a thorough physical examination and taking into consideration all details of the breast cancer. Patients who require radiation after mastectomy may not be advised immediate reconstruction. Whether implant or autologous reconstruction, radiation will significantly complicate the procedure. In such cases the surgery will be provided after the radiation treatments are over.

What you should know before getting breast reconstruction  

Breast reconstruction surgery is an option which is easily available for women who have faced considerable physical change after mastectomy....

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