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Recovery after Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that is provided to increase the size of female breasts and make them more sensuous and appealing. Augmentation is usually done using saline or silicone implants, both FDA approved. Once you have had the surgery, the recovery stage is also important and you have to take great care. To recover fast and to enjoy the best aesthetic results you have to follow all the instructions the plastic surgeon gives you. Points to Note Regarding Recovery after Breast Augmentation Surgery • Some pain, swelling and bruising may be present immediately after the surgery, but these will disappear gradually. You will be prescribed painkillers if you need them. • Once you return home, you can continue taking the painkillers to minimize any pain. • After breast implant surgery, you may be allowed home the same day or will have to stay in the hospital/clinic overnight. • You will need to rest so that your body can fully recover after the surgery. • You may experience general discomfort and slight pain, which will go away after a few weeks. • You may be asked to report to the surgeon periodically so that your recovery can be monitored.


Things to Avoid Following Breast Augmentation •

Avoid sleeping face down for at least one month

Do not engage in physical exercises for four weeks

Avoid heavy lifting for three to four weeks

Ensure that your wounds do not get wet for one week

It is best to avoid driving for at least a week

Some plastic surgeons advise their patients to wear a tight-fitting sports bra 24 hours a day for three months following the surgery. To recover fully, it would be best to take at least 2 weeks off after the surgery. You need to be active from day one and can get back to regular exercise within six weeks. Take care to keep the incision sites away from direct sunlight for at least a year.

Collect Medicines in Advance It’s always good to collect the medicines as prescribed by the surgeon before undergoing the surgery. If you can’t collect those medications after the breast surgery, you may have to face various health issues.

Never Mess with Bandages You will be advised not to tamper with the bandages. If you are looking forward to a quick recovery, follow your surgeon’s advice regarding the care for bandages. If you notice considerable swelling or redness in your breasts or experience a fever, contact your surgeon immediately.

Recovery after breast augmentation  

After breast augmentation surgery, the recovery stage is important and you have to take great care. To recover fast and to enjoy good result...

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