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Recovering from Breast Augmentation

After breast

augmentation , women can expect fuller and larger breasts with

enhanced cleavage. Usually, the recovery period is about a couple of weeks. The surgeon uses general anesthesia for performing the procedure. After the surgery, patients may feel tired and groggy for a couple of days. The surgeon would prescribe pain medication for lessening the soreness or pain that is felt in the chest area. The breast area would be sore for around two weeks. Common side effects include redness, bruising, tenderness and swelling. During the recovery period of breast augmentation, the natural breast tissue and skin adjusts to the new implants and it is the healing period for incisions. The incisions for the augmentation procedure are made in the armpit, around the nipples or around the areola. Some scarring can be expected. However, they would fade away with time. In the beginning, they appear red but later on the natural color of the skin is restored.


Tips for Reducing Swelling after Breast Augmentation Surgery Swelling is a very common side effect that you may experience after the procedure. Initially, the results of the procedure may be obscured by the swelling of the breast tissue. The swelling would subside over a period of time and then, the results of breast augmentation can be seen and daily activities can be resumed. It is good to have a recovery plan before the surgery to make sure that the body gets sufficient rest and that the recovery time can be reduced: •

You should stay hydrated

Avoid sodium and follow a proper diet

Give sufficient rest to the body

The chest area should be gently massaged for reducing fluid retention and for improving circulation.

Certain medications should be avoided which may prolong the swelling. You must ensure that the

plastic surgeon

has proper knowledge regarding all the

medications you take. Few weeks after the surgery, the surgeon would wrap the chest in surgical dressings. A surgical bra or compression garment should be worn for supporting the tissues in the new position. If the correct garments are worn, swelling would be controlled, tissue soreness would be reduced and optimum results can be achieved from the surgery.


Healing Time for Breast Augmentation Mostly, around two weeks are required for resuming daily activities. Movements should be restricted during the recovery time. You should avoid strenuous activities for about six weeks. Follow all the instructions of your surgeon as regards the care to be taken post surgery. This will ensure you have a safe and comfortable recovery from breast augmentation.

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Recovering from Breast Augmentation  
Recovering from Breast Augmentation  

Usually, the recovery period for breast augmentation is about a couple of weeks. During this time, the natural breast tissue and skin adjust...