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Look Younger and More Attractive with Cosmetic Surgery Are you interested in improving your overall appearance? Then, tighten the saggy skin or get rid of wrinkles / facial lines to look younger and more attractive with cosmetic surgery. With the use of the latest modalities and highly advanced technology, cosmetic surgery ensures minimal side effects, perfect outcomes, maximum safety, less pain and nominal downtime. Some of the popular cosmetic procedures that can rejuvenate you and enhance your appearance are: •

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Facial lift or rhytidectomy is a cosmetic surgery provided to enhance the facial profile. The process involves removal of saggy skin and excess fat. Facial lift also helps to restore a perfect jaw line, skin elasticity and facial skin tone. Tightening of muscles and skin gives you a younger look. Blepharoplasty is a solution to lift your lower and upper eyelids for a youthful appearance. This is a surgical procedure performed to reposition the corner of the eye, lower eyelid or lateral tarsal strip. Drooping of eyes is corrected by removing excess fat and tightening the skin around the eyelid area. Rhinoplasty is a popular procedure that will enhance your facial appearance. This is a surgical method to correct or reshape the nose so that it is in perfect balance with other facial features. Genioplasty / chin augmentation involves lifting or lowering the chin in proportion to your facial profile. Based on your requirements, a plastic surgeon would provide implant surgery or bony chin surgery for chin augmentation. Liposuction is an advanced cosmetic procedure to remove unwanted fat from specific parts of the body. Arms, neck, breasts, abdomen, hips, thighs and calves are common body parts selected for liposuction treatment. Breast augmentation is done to increase the size of female breasts. Silicone and saline implants give more volume and attractiveness to your breasts. Breast reduction/lift is a procedure to reshape the breasts to suit your body contour. Abdominoplasty is the procedure chosen when excess fat and skin are to be removed from the abdominal area. This surgical process also helps to tighten and reshape the abdominal region.

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Fraxel laser treatment can remove wrinkles, fine lines or scars. Personalized treatment is offered to get the best results with minimum pain. Botox injections and Injectable fillers are non-surgical cosmetic treatments to rejuvenate your facial skin. These procedures help to reduce wrinkles, relax underlying tissues and increase volume of specific body parts.

Reconstructive surgical procedures such as microtia surgery, craniofacial surgery and cleft lift and palate treatment can correct the disfigurement of facial features. How to Find the Right Surgeon and Plastic Surgery Facility To avoid risks and complications related to plastic surgery, it is best to consult a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon who has provided body sculpting procedures successfully to many patients. Search the internet, go through testimonials of previous patients and consider the before and after photos of patients to get an idea about the expertise and reliability of the plastic surgeon. To look younger and more attractive with safe cosmetic surgery procedures, you should ideally depend on an AAAASF accredited plastic surgery facility. Contact: Sean Boutros, M.D. 6400 Fannin, Suite 2290 Houston, TX 77030 713-791-0700 713-791-0703 fax

Look Younger and More Attractive with Cosmetic Surgery  

Cosmetic surgery procedures will help you achieve your entire cosmetic objectives. You can transform your appearance with the right cosmetic...