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Innovative DIEP Flap Procedure for Breast Reconstruction

The occurrence of breast cancer can be a life changing experience for women; leaving them with not only physical but also emotional scars. The advancement of surgical techniques and breast reconstruction procedures has made a real difference regarding breast reconstruction after breast cancer. The innovative DIEP Flap breast reconstruction procedure, is fast gaining popularity due to its many benefits.

DIEP Procedure Is Less Traumatic and Innovative in Approach DIEP is the newest form of flap procedures of breast reconstruction. It is a revolutionary technique as it does not involve removal or injury to the abdominal muscles. Following mastectomy, a free flap is taken from the lower abdomen and moved up to the chest. The blood vessels are also moved to give the new breast its own natural blood flow. For this, microsurgery is required which is done with the help of a microscope. This requires careful handling of the blood vessels that are to be joined to the new breast. At the same time, the abdominal area from where the skin flap taken, is sutured, mimicking the benefits of a mini tummy. The abdominal incision be made along the abdominal folds to avoid prominent scars and proper repositioning of the belly button, may be required. The abdominal area is closed using sutures or adhesive and the skin flap is contoured to form a natural looking breast.

Excessive Care Is Needed to Perform the DIEP Procedure Being a relatively new procedure, there are few Houston plastic surgery centers offering the DIEP flap procedure. Extremely skilled hands are required to perform a DIEP flap. It is expected that the many benefits of this technique will make it continue to increase its popularity in the coming years, as many women are acquainted with the DIEP technique. The innovative DIEP Flap procedure for breast reconstruction is helping many women to overcome the trauma of mastectomy with a successful breast reconstruction, that offers natural looking, superior results. Houston Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery Dr Sean Boutros 6400 Fannin, Suite 2290 Houston, TX 77030 Tel: 713-791-0700 Fax: 713-791-0703

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Innovative DIEP Flap Procedure for Breast Reconstruction