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DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction – Faster Recovery DIEP flap breast reconstruction is the revolutionary procedure that has come to be accepted as the gold standard in autologous tissue transplantation. Women with congenital absence of breasts or those who have undergone mastectomy can now hope to attain a new breast contoured to look and feel natural. Breast Reconstruction Procedure In the DIEP flap procedure, plastic surgeons surgically remove skin and fat from the lower abdomen. The extracted tissue is surgically reattached to the chest. The blood vessels from the flap are connected with those in the chest with the help of a microscope to facilitate proper blood flow. Unlike TRAM flap technique, no muscle or fascia is removed; therefore this reduces the morbidity of the donor site. The next stage of breast reconstruction is the recreation of the nipple. Nipple reconstruction may be done with local tissue flaps on the breast or using a small piece of cartilage. The last and final procedure is the tattooing of the areola complex. The chances of failure of the procedure are low, especially if it is performed by a highly qualified and skilled plastic surgeon that has extensive experience in the field. Such surgeons also ensure that the patient’s level of comfort is constantly maintained. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and all precautions are taken to minimize any pain and discomfort to the patient, during the procedure or in the recovery period. Most patients make a full recovery in little more than a month’s time after which they can fully resume normal activities. They would be able to climb stairs one week after DIEP flap breast reconstruction surgery. However, they have to refrain from any labor intensive work so that the healing process is not impeded or complicated.

Reduced Risk of Complications DIEP flap breast reconstruction is a procedure where no artificial implants are used, hence decreasing the risk of complications. Not everyone may qualify as good candidate for the procedure but those who do can attain excellent results and take advantage of a faster recovery.

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DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction – Faster Recovery  

DIEP flap breast reconstruction technique allows faster recovery for patients, with limited downtime and recovery when compared to the more...