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Craniosynostosis: Treatment Options


Craniosynostosis is a birth defect and it occurs due to the early closure of the sutures on the baby’s head. Normally, closure is noticed when the child is 2 or 3 years old. When the sutures close early, the head assumes an abnormal shape. The cause of this condition is not clearly known. A major role is played by the genes in contributing to this condition. It is seen that many children who have this condition have normal intelligence level and are





surgeon performs craniosynostosis surgery for the correction of the skull bone and facial deformities. This surgery is a reconstructive one and has to be done with a great deal of care. It has to be done when the baby is still an infant. Relieving pressure on the brain is the main objective of the surgery for making sure that the skull grows properly and that there is an improvement in the appearance.

What Are the Types Of Craniosynostosis? •

Metopic Synostosis

In this, the forehead is a triangular in shape. Problems in behavior, learning and vision may be seen in such children. For such children, no surgical or medical treatment may be required. However, if the condition is too severe, then a surgery has to be done when the child is 9 to 11 months old.

Sagittal Synostosis

In this, the sagittal suture closes prematurely. Treatment is required when the baby is still under 2 months of age. The head’s shape is narrow from side to side and from front

713-791-0700 to back, it is lengthened. The forehead is quite prominent in this case. A formal cranial vault remodeling procedure is provided by the surgeons for widening the biparietal distance and also for shortening the skull’s frontal to posterior distance.


Unilateral coronal synostosis

This condition may affect the forehead, nose and the eyes. The surgeon performs the surgery when the child is 9 to 11 months of age. Reshaping of the brow is seen. Remodeling of the forehead is done so that more naturalness and symmetry is provided.


Multiple suture synostosis

In this, multiple types of sutures are involved. This condition is very serious and the sutures of cranium fuse permanently. Many brain abnormalities are caused owing to this. Various surgeries may be required for the same such as early monoblock advancement procedures, fronto-orbital advancement surgery and early shunting.

Frequent evaluations are required for making sure that there is normal development of the brain and the facial and skull bones. The well being of the infant would be ensured by the surgeon and he would work with the family of the child for providing guidance and education for improving the health of the child.

Craniosynostosis treatment options  
Craniosynostosis treatment options  

The plastic surgeon performs craniosynostosis surgery for correcting the skull bone and face deformities. This surgery is a reconstructive o...