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Chief Operating Officer Leo Bobadilla 4400 West



Houston, Texas 77092

Major Areas of Responsibility • Transportation • Construction and Facility Services • Police

• Food Services • Business Assistance


What drives us…

• Customer-Focused (exceed expectations)

Fast Facts

• Innovative-Thinking (continuous improvement)


29,000 students 1,000 buses 13 million miles annually

• Team-Work (together we can) • Solution-Driven (no excuses) • Relationship Building (engage our stakeholders)

2011-2012 Business Operations Budgets (millions)*



Fully accredited police agency Approx. 200 sworn officers

Food Services:

240,000 meals per day 220,000 sq. ft. Support Facility

Business Assistance:

Insure $3.2 billion in assets Process 17,000 annual Pos Registered over 2,500 M/WBE vendors 250 annual textbook audits



Almost 2,000 employees 29.3 million square feet 306 campuses, offices, other 300 square miles 2,100 acres Ave. age of facilities: 40 yrs




$1.178 billion capital building program

Transportation CFS Police Food Svs. Business Asst.


2011-2012 Budget Distribution by Area Transportation: • Personnel • Non-Personnel

Police: • Personnel • Non-Personnel

$12M $ 400K

CFS-Construction and Maintenance: • Personnel $26M • Non-Personnel $18M

Food Services: • Personnel • Non-Personnel

$44M $72M

CFS-Custodial and Grounds: • Personnel $27M • Non-Personnel $07M

Business Assistance: • Personnel • Non-Personnel

$03M $754K

$27M $08M

Source: 2011-2012 Recommended District Budget - Budgeting and Financial Planning

Business Operations Fact Sheet 2010-2011 Highlights-By-The-Numbers • 60% reduction in maintenance overtime ($5.2M savings) • 50% work orders inputted by Preventative maintenance • 50% more schools painted at no additional cost • 42 schools participating in EPA Tools for Schools implementation managing Indoor Air Quality • Transportation costs as a percentage of the general fund is 2.90% which is below state average of 3.32% • Green Fleet magazine Top 40 green fleet for 2011; top school district green fleet in the nation • 7.8% decrease in crime in and around schools • 71% increase in whole grains at lunch • 9% increase in dark green/orange vegetable servings

Bond Work: Keeping our Promises*

Planning Phase Design Phase Bid-Award Phase Construction Phase Warranty Phase Total

• • •

29 projects 37 projects 27 projects 68 projects 17 projects 178 projects

8 new schools opened (built to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Standards) Over 8000 security cameras installed in schools Overall M/WBE Participation (Bond): 31%

* Status as of the 09/30/11 Traffic Light Report

Data Driven…Of course*


Custodial Cost per Square Foot Custodial Workload (Sq. Ft. Per Custodian) M&O Expenditures as % of General Fund Expenditures


% of work orders completed Number of building code and fire marshal violations % of employees participating in > or = 40 hrs. of job specific professional development Maintenance Cost Per Sq. Ft. % of open positions unfilled in > 90 days Work Order Completion Time (in Days) Customer service survey results Custodial Supply Costs per Square % of projects completed at or under Foot per Square Foot budget Utility Usage per Square Foot % of projects completed on schedule Response time for priority 1 work orders % Minority/Women Owned Business Enterprises Participation Average completion time for priority 1 Preventable versus non-preventable and 2 work orders accidents. On-time performance Average Age of Fleet Miles Between Accidents Cost per District-Operated Bus Average Daily Ride Time Bus accidents per 100,000 miles Annual hours of training for each driver Bus operator attendance per route Riders per mile – reg. / magnet / spec. Food Svs. Cost per Revenue Miles between road calls or Food Cost per Revenue breakdowns Maximum rider trip time Food Svs. Labor Cost per Revenue Turnover time per bus repair Fund Balance as Percent of Revenue Cost per route Average meals per labor hour Cost per student rider Breakfast and Lunch participation % of state reimbursement % of internal warehouse orders filled accurately Transportation costs as a percent of Average response time for priority 1 general fund calls-Police %preventive maintenance completed # of Campus Safety Inspections, Fire on time Safety Inspections, and Intruder Drills conducted * Between CGCS KPI work and our local metrics we have over 200 metrics to gauge our performance

Business Operations Fact Sheet  

Business Operations Fact Sheet for HISD

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