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Art Glass By Wells offers a variety of custom beveled glass doors and sidelights, such as this Baroque entryway (left), and this Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired look (right).

He says the price depends on what kind of material you want, but he says he works with everything: oak, ash, even mahogany. “We’ll help you make a great statement,” he says. Davis reminds homeowners that refinishing or replacing your door is about much more than aesthetics. She says having a wellbuilt, well-maintained door is smart energy policy. “If you’ve got cracks and you’re seeing light come in, you’re losing energy in your home. You’ll really want to think about re-finishing or replacing if you’ve got that going on.”


Improvements Discount Concrete Leveling will work with any residential, multi-family, commercial/municipal concrete situation anywhere in the Houston area. Correct unevenness, sinking, settling or cracking of: • • • • •

Driveways Pool Decks Patios Parking Lots Stairs

• • • • •

Sidewalks Garage Floors Porches Stairs Bike Trails


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