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Room for Family

Subtle colors and soft touches bring life to a family’s living room BY JOETTA MOULDEN • PHOTOGRAPHY BY JANET LENZEN

When Christi and her husband Keith called me, they were desperately in need of help. By the time they bought their Houston home, they had lived in apartments in Chicago and New York, but never had time to decorate them. “The living room was used as a dining room by previous owners, but we are a couch/reading kind of family,” Christi explained. They knew they would get more use from the room of they turned it into a living room, so that’s what we did. 18

TIP: Just because the previous owners or builder decided a room should serve one purpose doesn’t mean you must keep that purpose, especially if it does not fit your furniture or lifestyle. When I first saw the space, there were curtain rods screwed into the lovely woodwork, which did not make sense, since Christi had planned to ditch the inside-mount Austrian shades that came with the house. I suggested that the rods be removed, freeing her to install the half shutters that she wanted.

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