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Make your decorating experience a good one.

Wellston Decorating Center

Wellston Decorating has been serving the Middle Georgia

area from its location on Moody Road since 1986. It is owned and operated by Trent Carriker and Billie Carriker. They are assisted by our team of experts: Kenneth Brooks and Debra Butler, Decorator Ronnah Marsh and Warehouse Manager, Rick Bone. Wellston Decorating specializes in Floor Coverings, Window Fashion, Decorating, Paint and Paint Sundries. Please call for a complimentary consultation.

Trent Carriker

Ken Brooks

Debra Butler

Ronnah Marsh

Rick Bone

Wellston Decorating Center, Inc. Home of Service

2405 Moody Road Warner Robins, GA 31088

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478.929.0624 Open Mon - Fri 8:30am - 5:30pm Sat 10am - 2pm

2508 Moody Rd.

Warner Robins, GA 31088 We take VISA, MC, Discover & AMEX

• Bathroom Lighting • Framed Prints • Ceiling Fans

• Kitchen Island Lights

• Chandeliers

• Pendants

• Exterior Lighting

• Table and Floor Lamps

• Framed Mirrors

• Recessed Lighting


Since 1938

Walker-Rhodes Tractor Co. has been in business since 1938, family owned, and local. We sell Kubota equipment with pride. We carry tractors from zero turn as small as 42”, construction equipment, all the way up to 140 hp tractors. We also sell the complete line of Kubota Hay equipment. If you or your company is in the market for pecan equipment, we sell everything to fit your pecan harvesting needs; sprayers, harvesters, shakers. So come on out and see Walker-Rhodes Tractor, Co. for your tractor sales, service and parts.

912 Jernigan Street Perry, GA 31069

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GARDENING AT ITS Best F or 32 years, owner William Jackson of Ace Hardware in Perry has been providing Houston County customers with various products for their indoor and outdoor needs, including gardening items and plants/flowers through their gardening center. Jackson says he’s been gardening all of his life.

“When I was growing up, we farmed,” he said. “We had over an acre of garden that we plowed with an old mule. Now, I just do raised beds.” Not only does adding flowers to your yard spruce it up, but also it is fun to do, says Jackson, who plants a garden every year. He does raised bed boxes and mixes flowers into it and also does pots of herbs scattered through the garden.

By LATASHA FORD Journal Staff Writer

He said he tries to grow different flowers, but the easiest to grow in the summer are zinnias and marigolds. He said he loves doing a vegetable garden and trying different things. With spring approaching, Jackson advises, “Go ahead and get your soil worked up; check your pH. Make sure that it’s right because you can fertilize all you want, but if the pH is wrong, the plants can’t use it.”

He said some things that can be planted now are anything in the greens family such as collards, cabbage, kale, turnips, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, potatoes and onions. For tomatoes, Jackson advises they can be planted the end of March or early April depending on the weather. “Things in your melons and squash family need to be last,” he said.




“DON’T BE AFRAID TO TRY SOMETHING, BUT DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE YOU DO IT.” - William Jackson, Owner of Ace Hardware in Perry “The soil needs to be real warm for them.” He said it totally depends on the plant and variety when it comes to the growth process. For flowers, he said in clay soil, a lot of organic material needs to be added for plants to do very well in it. Jackson, who says a lot of customers come into the store to get gardening advice, noted those who are interested in planting flowers, but don’t exactly have a green thumb, should start small. “Do a lot of research and ask a lot of questions,” he said, advising to start off with a container garden or a small bed. “Things can change so simply,” he added, noting his backyard is very shady and his neighbor’s huge tree shaded everything in his yard. However, when the tree was cut down overnight, it changed the whole area.

For those trying but having a hard time, Jackson said they’re missing something. He said the problem could be that it’s the wrong plant or since most vegetables have to have plenty of sun, they may be getting too much shade, might not be getting enough water or too much water or using the wrong fertilizer or no fertilizer. “You need to do some research,” he advised, noting the easiest thing is to go on the internet, stop by the store or talk to someone who has experience growing a garden. “Ask a lot of questions. Don’t be afraid to try something, but do your homework before you do it.”




Perry’s past, today’s attractions There are still lots of fine places for people to enjoy in Perry, though they may not know about them. That’s what Perry businessman Marty Myers says, and he’s looking to get people to notice what’s in front of them. “The country club was about to be taken over and they wanted me to turn it around,” Myers said. These aren’t new buildings or sites – they’re renovated and, as they say, repurposed. Myers said they’re making progress at the Cherokee Pines Golf and Fitness Center at Davis Drive and Country Club Road. It once was called the Perry Country Club. “This golf course has been here the longest, and we’ve made improvements on it, especially on No. 12, and it’s a good water hole,” he said. If one prefers the indoors, there is the fitness center with a wide array of machines and exercises

PINES CHEROKEE GOLF & FITNESS CLUB and 24-hour access. To help one cool off, there is the swimming pool with covered pavilion. Of course, there is The 19th Hole, something of a tradition at country clubs and golf courses everywhere. The restaurant has blue plate specials for lunch from Tuesday to Friday, along with sandwiches, snacks and drinks. The club is not for members only, he said, though they do get discounts. “You can rent space for a party or a meeting,” he said. “It’s open to the public and you don’t have to be a member to enjoy it.” Myers said the place is something of a well-kept secret about which he wants to spread the word. “I was talking with someone the other day and they asked me where I was going for lunch. I told them the country club,” he said. “They asked me if that wasn’t a bit too far

A scenic location with southern comfort.


and I said it was about like going to places on Sam Nunn Boulevard.” Other places for Perry residents

to enjoy that have been here for a long time include the old Lake Joy Skating Rink that has been turned into a wedding venue with space for receptions, he said, and the old Clinchfield Presbyterian Church.

“We took the original building and moved it,” he said. “We have the original floor, walls and windows. It has seen a lot of weddings and

meetings.” Another site with local history is the former Muse Theatre, now the Antique Theatre on Commerce Street. It was built in 1949, and opened in 1950.

“We have the original playbills from when it first opened,” Myers said. “They are on display in shadowboxes.” It was a product of its times as there are still signs showing its segregated past, he said, “even a concession stand for colored only.” These places in their own way celebrate Perry’s past and present at the same time, and Myers feels strongly that residents should go out and support them. “We have something good for everybody,” he said.

Affordable Local Venues

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LUNCH Served Daily!


GYM • POOL • GOLF • EVENT VENUE Outside Bar Offering Excellent Drink Specials

(478) 224-4653

1000 Country Club Rd. Perry, Georgia


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in beautiful Downtown Perry 806 Commerce St., Downtown Perry

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MPHI is spreading both care and concern for homeowners by pressing the importance of maintaining the condition of your home. Working for the customer, as well as their pocketbook, works in the best interests of a client’s insurance policy and saves the headache of expensive and extensive home repairs. Homeowners are encouraged to take the extra precautions to protect their home from mold and water invasion. Because many homes suffer from many different types of mold, it is suggested that homeowners make an effort to remove any hazard that could allow for potential problems down the road. “Remove any insulation from crawl spaces. The insulation increases humidity that in turn promotes mold growth,” says Richie Warren, a long-standing employee for MPHI. Basic home adjustments can also be made to ensure safety from humidity and the potential mold disaster common to so many homes coming into a humid season. “Make certain dryer vents are exhausting outside the foundation. Drying clothes with exhaust under the house increases humidity and the risk of mold growth,” says Warren.

According to Warren, homeowners and those in the process of building a home are required to adhere to the regulations of the Georgia Building Code. Due to the widespread humidity and risk of mold, the code regulates every home to include a vapor barrier. “As of Georgia 2007 Building Code, all home crawl spaces are required to have a vapor barrier. We recommend a 10 mill vapor barrier,” advises Warren. If a home should develop mold problems, testing and treatments will be necessary. Testing the mold helps a homeowner to be sure of the effectiveness of the treatment. “We design the treatment around the test that shows us the source and type of mold. This helps us to remedy the problem of this particular home,” says Warren. Seventeen years in business, owner Mike Veal says, “If you don’t have someone checking on and maintaining repairs at least once a year, you can create a lot of pain for yourself.” Taking these extra precautions will ensure the health of those living in the home as well due to varying types of health problems and allergic reactions being caused by the mold. Spring



Introducing Husqvarna’s full line of mowers, chainsaws, trimmers and more. Walk Mowers

240 Chain Saw

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DX Trimmers



Trimmer Attachments

478-224-8665 805 Commerce St, Perry

We also provide ATV Repair. Pick Up Available.


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Spring training for you and your lawn Just as ballplayers use spring training to get ready for the season, so should homeowners. Use springtime to tune up your tools for the long hot days of summer yard work. Here are a few Fast Tips to make sure your lawn, your equipment and, of course, you are in tip-top shape for this mowing season.

3. Easy on the Gas. Only buy enough to last 30 days, and keep it in an airtight container. • Otherwise, exposure to air – and moisture – can damage or limit the effectiveness of the engine. • Use 89-octane gas with an ethanol content no higher than 10 (E10). Gas with higher levels of ethanol can damage engines.

1. Tune-Up Time. Your equipment needs to be ready when you are, and spring is a perfect time to make sure everything checks out. • Visit a qualified servicing dealer to tune-up your mower, trimmer or leaf blower and spot potential problems. • If you do it yourself, follow the owners’ manual carefully and only use factory-recommended parts, oil, spark plugs, pull cords and filters.

4. Aerate Your Lawn. (SOUTHERN STATES ONLY) If you live in the South, spring is the perfect time to aerate your lawn. • That’s because clay is predominant, and the soil can become compacted at a faster rate than other soil types. • Annual aeration will help grass roots grow deeper and stronger, especially if your lawn experiences heavy and repeated foot traffic. • You can use a spike aerator, which punches holes in the sod; or a plug aerator, which removes small plugs of soil and lays them across the lawn.

2. Safety First. Your tools may be ready, but is your mind? Riding mowers are great resources, but can be dangerous if kids and pets are in the area. So have the right mindset when it’s time to mow. • Know where the kids are at all times, and stop mowing if a child approaches the mowing area. • Never give rides, as a child may fall off the mower and into the spinning blades. It may also encourage kids to approach the mower without you – and that’s the wrong message to send. • Use extreme caution when mowing in reverse. Just like in your car, carefully look to the sides and behind before backing up.

5. Take the Field. Getting out in your yard is one of the easiest ways to feel good and get fit. • Did you know walking behind your push mower can burn up to 360 calories per hour? • Also, you can trim your waist while trimming your hedges, since the rotational movement engages your core muscles to strengthen and tone your midsection. • And make sure you use the right equipment, especially ergonomically-designed tools to help prevent joint stress and injury.

The local source for making your Spring project perfect

The Journal Houston Home




MASTER GARDENERS OF CENTRAL GEORGIA UGA Cooperative Extension Bibb & Houston County

Spring Home

& G arden Show

FRIDAY, APRIL 7th 9am to 7pm SATURDAY, APRIL 8th 9am to 6pm

McGill Marketplace Building Georgia National Fairgrounds, Perry, GA (I-75 Exit 135)


• Door $5 (donation) • Advance $4 (available at Houston & Bibb Extension Offices) • Children under 12 (Free Admission)


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Featuring Award-winning Products and Services for the Home & Garden Plants, Yard Accessories, Pots & More.

Free! Educational Exhibits and Activities for Children Free! Parking at Fairgrounds (North Gate)

Please visit for more info


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Celebrating our 11th year in business


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By KRISTIN MORIARTY Journal Staff Writer


Do you have a love for gardening? Do you love meeting new people and helping out the community? Sounds like the University of Georgia’s Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program is perfect for you.

According to their website, the Master Gardener program in Georgia is a volunteer training program designed to help University of Georgia Cooperative Extension staff transfer research-based information about gardening and related subjects to the public by training home gardeners. The program is active in several counties throughout the state, including Houston County. Each county has an extension office and agent. Houston County’s extension coordinator agriculture and natural resources agent is Charlotte Meeks. Her role entails reaching out to and serving citizens with educational programming and demonstrations that target environmental stewardship, home food production, gardening with youth, value of landscapes and health benefits of gardening. “I absolutely love my job,” said Meeks. “I’ve always had a love for agriculture, so after high school, I attended Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC) and then transferred to the University of Georgia, where I graduated with a degree in agriscience and environmental systems. Right now, I’m back at the university working on my master’s degree for plant protection and pest management.” Through the program, Meeks said individuals are trained in horticulture and related areas. They then help educate through programs and projects that will help benefit the local

GARDENING communities. “Our programs include working at local festivals like the Dogwood Festival in Perry, the Robins Air Force Base Exchange and we also have our teaching garden at Hafley Park in Perry,” said Meeks. “We also work with our junior master gardener organizations through the Houston County school system and we speak to local civic organizations. The Master Gardeners is an awesome program and we have had great success. We average about 25 people each year for the program.” Meeks said the Houston County program is a 12-week training course. After completing the course, the volunteers have to complete 50 work hours throughout the year, and after completing the first year, 25 hours are required each year. “Our program begins in October,” said Meeks. “The cost is $195 and a lot of that goes toward covering the teaching materials and textbook. Time commitment is the key for this program. We have a lot of people who are interested, but due to their jobs, some are not able. During the course, we meet on Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Right now, total we have 75 master gardeners and again this program is fantastic. We have the best master gardeners around. I highly recommend for those who are interested to sign up.” Master Gardeners is for all individuals on different levels. Meeks said if anyone is interested in gardening or wants to know more about the environment but don’t have any experience, they can still take the course. For more information, visit or contact Meeks at (478) 987-2028 or Spring




HEATING & COOLING, INC. Residential and Commercial Heating & Cooling

Your Comfort Is Our Business!

That’s why it’s important that our products and our people perform to the highest possible standards. Sincerely, Kevin Sullivan, Your Trane Comfort Specialist

You Can Feel The Difference!


515 Gray Road, Perry, GA




Custom Showers - Room Makeovers Cabinets - Custom Back Splashes Commercial Flooring Work







Call Jim Nadeau 478-333-3396 4027 Watson Blvd., Suite 190 | Warner Robins, GA 14



TRANE Why Us? ®

Our split system air conditioning and heat pump outdoor units all have fully louvered panels to protect the outdoor coil from damage, as well as tough powder paint finishes and weatherresistant screws. We are the only manufacturer to offer the patented all-aluminum Spine FinTM outdoor coil. Our Spine FinTM outdoor coils provide greater heat-transfer capabilities, thus resulting in higher efficiencies and greater resistance to corrosion than traditional copper/ aluminum coils. Our XL20i model is among the highest SEER ratings (cooling efficiency) systems in the industry. Trane’s gas furnaces feature selfdiagnostic controls, a heavy steel 40inch-high, insulated cabinet, hot surface igniter, multi-port in-shot burners, onepiece heat exchangers with no welds, durable pre-painted finish, and some of the highest efficiencies in the industry, making Trane an obvious choice. This reliability and efficiency extends to our line of top performing All-in-One systems, packaging all your heating and cooling needs into one sleek cabinet for versatile installation. We are also the variable-speed

New season, new name

Spring is in the air, and The Floor Store is now The Floor & Cabinet Shop!! Time for those summer projects and what better way to start than with a new floor or kitchen for all of your summer entertaining? Come see Jim Nadeau at THE FLOOR STORE & CABINET SHOP in Warner Robins located between The Party Store and Honey Baked Ham off Watson Boulevard for all your flooring needs. Whether it’s your home, vacation or management property, The Floor Store & Cabinet Shop has whatever you need to cover your floor, backsplash, shower or kitchen. The Floor Store & Cabinet Shop can help you with the simplest flooring job to full blown remodels. Commercial? No worries because we have been doing commercial flooring for area businesses’ and churches for years. The Floor Store & Cabinet

airflow experts. Our variable-speed furnaces and revolutionary HyperionTM air handlers can do things other manufacturer’s products can’t, such as superb humidity control with ComfortRTM. This feature allows the coil to get cold faster and the furnace blower to slowly ramp up and down, or to operate at 50 percent of cooling speed in the “Fan On” position. This provides greater air circulation and filtration, even temperature distribution, humidity control, and quiet performance. Variable-speed motors are the most efficient motors as well, increasing the overall efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system. And when it comes to cleaner air, our revolutionary Trane CleanEffectsTM is the industry’s most effective wholehome air filtration system, capable of removing up to 99.98 percent of the allergens and harmful particles from your family’s air. Give Sullivan Heating & Cooling, Inc a call today to set up a meeting with our Trane Comfort Specialist today! Sullivan Heating & Cooling, Inc 478-987-5302 or stop by 515 Gray Rd. Perry.

Shop has flooring from all of the Nation’s Largest distributors such as Shaw, Mohawk, Beaulieau, Dream Weaver, Happy Floor, Dal Tile, InterCeramic, Premier Tile, Schluter, and JJ Haines to name a few. Cabinets are distributed by Wellborn and Wolf. If you are a fan of the DIY and HGTV channels, we can help “you”. Jim along with his beautiful wife” Sheree”, a local Group Benefits Insurance agent, and their two daughters are lifelong Houston County residents. Joining Jim is his ever helpful and knowledgeable staff with years of experience in the flooring and cabinetry industry. So the next time you think about updating or repairing your floors or cabinets think...The Floor Store & Cabinet Shop, and they will be there waiting to help with anything you may need.




Custom Showers - Room Makeove Cabinets - Custom Back Splashe

Get your home spring & summer ready Spring is here, and so is Houston Hardware & Garden Center for those long awaited projects both inside and out of your home. Their knowledgeable staff is ready to help. • Fence wire and posts • Electrical • Plumbing • Temporary and mobile home services • Fertilizers and weed killers • Lawn and garden seed • Builders hardware • Propane • Well repairs • Floral department • Feed & seed • Full nursery- vegetable plants, trees, annuals, perennials, shrubs Owners Tom and Janie Williams, along with their daughter Anissa Creque, invite you to stop by for all your project needs.




• Plumbing Supplies • Painting Accessories • Fence Wires & Posts • Well Pump Parts & Accessories • Refill Propane & Kerosene Tanks


Garden Center

• Flowers & Bedding Plants • Pine & Wheat Straw • Lawn & Garden Seed • NGMO Vegetable Seed • Lawn & Garden Chemicals (traditional & organic)


• Complete Floral Line • Floral Arrangements

We have Chicks!

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s its most basic function, our landscaping serves to occupy our outdoor “green space,” to define property areas and to serve any number of utilitarian and practical needs. For any given home, it is easy enough to install shrubs around the house, turf in the open lawn areas and plant a few trees. The end result can, with very little thought, result in a typical-looking home that while not offensive will never be remembered by the viewer. This same run-of-the-mill landscape may serve its functions well but stops far short of creating the good moods and providing the quality living spaces that make it a home. I spend most of my waking hours helping people to fully understand the possibilities within their landscape. It all starts with a careful plan based on the world that our client wants to create. It starts with landscaping by design. Folks often underestimate the effect that our surrounding landscape has on us. However, it is well documented that our environment (interior or exterior) has a huge effect on our emo-





tions and mood. We are simply unaware of it. Theme parks and other commercial establishments have known this for decades and used environmental design to their advantage. I have since childhood loved not only enjoying the beautiful landscapes at Disney World, Six Flags, Busch Gardens and other parks, but also in studying how they use the landscape design to alter our behavior. While this has helped me to be a better designer, it hasn’t resulted in many invitations to theme parks. There are a million of possibilities for creating moods and feelings and for directing and controlling movement within our landscapes. Did you know that “hot” colors (red, orange, yellow) excite us and if used in a retail setting can cause us to purchase more? Warm colors (blue, green, violet), on the other hand, calm us down and make us want to linger longer. Likewise, shapes, textures, movement or lack of motion, sounds and many other landscape elements can be designed to create just the feeling and mood that you are wanting in any given area.

For many of us, home is where we are grounded physically and emotionally. It is where we have our “happy places,” where we raise our family and play with our pets, where we read and entertain and unwind and where we relax and exercise and play. Home is indeed where the heart resides. But how much does your landscape reflect your personality? Can someone look at your landscape and learn much about you? Ideally, your landscape should speak volumes about you, your life and your story. It should combine form, function and style in such a way as to fit perfectly with your wants and needs of it. Many times over the years, I have sat in the home of a client and admired their interior design skills. Everything is balanced and stylish with a good combination of flow, balance and interest. But yet, they have hired me because they feel lost in the exterior of their home. I am quick to inform them that they already have the design skills for the great outdoors, they just haven’t drawn the connection. It is essentially the same thing. The client has taken great care in creating the mood and ambiance inside their home using accents, colors and conversation pieces. Their furniture is arranged to accommodate space and movement. I just have to get them to understand that the same techniques are used in the landscape and will yield the same results. What is different are the materials at our disposal. And with landscaping we often have more tools with which to create our effects than with interior design. I often incorporate interior styles and elements in the exterior for an enhanced feeling of connectivity and cohesion. And if I can’t use the exact material or element from the interior, it is often possible to mimic the feature for the same effect. Each family and client is very unique with their own individual lifestyles, tastes and personalities. Once I have an understanding of their landscape needs and functions and a good feel for their styles and tastes, I am ready to begin their landscape

design. So, we often begin by establishing the function of the various areas of ones landscape based upon their needs and lifestyle. There may be social gathering areas, play/sports areas, garden plots, private quiet areas, etc. Within each of these we want to create a certain feel or mood. The play areas (pool areas particularly) will often be colorful and fun with lots of “pop.” Hot colors and plants with movement lend to an energetic and light-hearted mood. Social gathering areas will often have lots of detail and interest or “weight” such as a fireplaces, fire pits, pergolas and/or patios with detailed stone work. Here we want the right balance and “feel” to encourage conversation and relaxation. Another interesting design effect is one of space. We can, with proper design, cause a large area to feel smaller and more intimate. We can also cause a small area to feel larger and more open. For these effects, we rely on illusion. The arrangement of plant material and other features can create illusions to our advantage if we do it just right. Again, theme parks use this trick often and very effectively. Bold material such as camellia sasanqua, magnolia and canna lily can be placed to the front of an area with finer material such as ornamental grasses and loropetalum to the rear for an illusion of more space. Conversely, we can flip the arrangement with the finer material to the front and bolder material to the rear for a more intimate feel. It is a depth-perception effect that has many uses. These are just a few of the many effects that we can create with landscape design techniques. The primary point to keep in mind is that the exterior of your home, your landscape, should be an integral part of your home life. Your landscape should serve your family’s needs and desires with a style and flare that is uniquely “you.”




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478-971-8020 Serving Middle GA since 1896 Member FDIC / an Equal Housing Lender / NMLS#500174



Stone And Tile Works

2347 Hwy 247 C Byron GA 31008 | 478.956.2222 |

RACCOON STONE & TILE WORKS is so proud to announce that JASON FORBES is the new owner! Jason will be partnering with his wife, April, to make the business grow and take us to the next level of service. Jason has worked with Raccoon for over 24 years and was the natural choice to continue the operation and quality we have always strived for. Nothing will change from what our customers have gotten in the past. Keeping the name of Raccoon Stone & Tile you can always depend on us to serve our customers. Rick and Mary Coon will be retiring at the end of the year but will still be available if needed.




EASY STEPS TO GREATER EFFICIENCY Do you want to save money and electricity but have limited time, money and patience? According to the Department of Energy, a “typical American family” spends nearly $2,000 per year on their home energy bills. Much of that money is wasted through leaky windows or ducts, old appliances or inefficient heating and cooling systems. There are several easy ways to save energy without a substantial commitment of time and money. These efforts will help you save whether you own or rent an older or newly constructed home. And, you won’t have to hire a specialist or call in a favor from someone who is handy with tools to help you. According to Money Magazine, “improving the envelope” of your home is a good place to start. By placing weather stripping and caulk around windows and doors, you can keep cool air inside during warm months and prevent chilly air from penetrating the indoors during colder months. Sealing gaps around piping, dryer vents, fans and outlets also helps to seal the envelope and creates greater efficiency. Apply weather stripping around overlooked spaces like your attic hatch or pull-down stairs. Replacing incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs can make a big difference in home efficiency and is one of the fastest ways to cut your energy bill. By replacing your home’s five most frequently used light fixtures or bulbs with models that have earned the ENERGY STAR rating, you can save $75 each year. Given that a large portion of your monthly energy bill goes toward heating and cooling your home, ensure your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is performing at an optimal level. Checking, changing or cleaning your filter extends the life of your HVAC system and saves you money. Air filters prevent dust and allergens from clogging your HVAC system. Otherwise, dust and dirt trapped in a system’s air filter leads to several problems, including: reduced air flow in the home and up to 15 percent higher operating costs; lowered system efficiency; and costly duct cleaning or replacement. Many HVAC professionals recommend cleaning the system filters monthly. This simple task makes your unit run more efficiently, keeping your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Take a look at programmable thermostats. One of the best energy-saving tools at your fingertips, it enables you to fine tune the temperature during particular hours of the day. Many models allow you to differentiate between weekday and weekend schedules, and internet-connected thermostats can learn your schedule and make adjustments automatically. Most models come with an override option so you can make manual adjustments without losing overall programing. You can only achieve these efficiencies and savings if it is programmed properly and adjusted periodically to keep pace with changes in household routines. Remember, there are easy steps you can take now to improve the energy efficiency of your home. To learn about additional ways to save, contact Flint Energies at 1.800.342.3616 or visit Spring






5 expert mowing tips from NG Turf Mowing a lawn is a pretty simple task ... but if you don’t follow a few important guidelines, you can damage your lawn and waste money. Be proactive by developing a mowing plan that encourages healthy growth all season long.

1. Sharp Blades are a must! The type or brand of mower you use has little effect on the health of your lawn ... but the quality of the blades is critical. Dull blades shred your lawn instead of producing nice, clean cuts. Ragged tips increase water loss and make your lawn more susceptible to pests and disease. The tips of the shredded grass blades are thinner and will turn brown quickly, giving your lawn a sickly hue. Always keep your lawnmower blades sharp for best results.

2. Ignore the calendar and watch your grass Most people these days live by their calendars. It would be nice if we could recommend something predictable like, “For best results, mow your lawn once a week or every 10 days.” Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. The best way to know when to mow is to watch your lawn.

When your lawn is growing faster, you have to mow more often to maintain proper height. When your grass grows slower, you can mow less frequently. In general, cool season grasses (like fescue) grow fastest in the spring and fall. Warm season grasses (like bermuda, centipede and zoysia) have a faster growth rate in the late spring and summer. But there are always exceptions because of variations in local weather, amount of shade, and cumulative rainfall. Mowing too frequently puts undue stress on your lawn, increasing susceptibility to disease and stunting growth. Allowing your lawn to go too long between mowings can be just as bad; you can actually put the grass into a carbohydrate shock by removing too much of the green growth all at once (see tip No. 3).

3. Just a bit off the top... The rule of thumb is to remove no more than 1/3 of the height of your grass in any one mowing. Chopping it too short can damage your lawn – increasing the risk of disease and stunting the root system. Mowing removes the uppermost, green shoot growth of your grass. This is where photosynthesis takes place. If you cut off more than 1/3 of the shoot height, the rate of photosynthesis drops significantly. The remaining growing

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portions of your grass will be “hungry” for sugars. Since shoots take priority over roots, sugars will be diverted from the roots to feed the shoots – creating a weaker and shallower root system. Shallower roots and fewer available sugars also mean your grass will have a harder time coping with environmental stresses like heat or drought. So, you may have to water more often. When your lawn grows longer than usual, you should still abide by the 1/3 rule. Adjust your mower height so only the top third of the lawn will be removed. Wait several days, adjust your mower height again to remove another 1/3 of the blade height. Continue like this until your lawn is back to the height you prefer. It may take a few weeks to get your lawn back in shape, but this gradual process is far healthier than aggressive mowing.

4. Don’t throw your lawn away! Yard waste accounts for nearly half of the solid waste sent to residential landfills during the growing season. All those grass clippings you bag up and throw away are jam-packed with nutrients and organic matter that could feed your remaining lawn and other landscape plants. If you don’t already have a mulching mower (which has special blades to finely chop your clippings before returning them to the ground), please consider getting one the next time you replace your mower. Leaving your clippings in place reduces the amount of fertilizer

you’ll need to add to your lawn, improves your lawn’s access to water, and (despite what you may think) does not create problems with thatch. If a mulching mower is not your thing, consider collecting your clippings to use as a natural mulch around planting beds or add them to a compost pile.

5. Know your variety To the untrained eye, most grasses look the same. But it really does matter what variety of grass you have. Each species of turfgrass has recommendations for standards of care, including mowing height, amount and timing of fertilizer, shade tolerance, and water needs. These guidelines ensure your specific grass has the best chance to grow heathy, green shoots with a deep and effective root system. Please visit for a helpful chart. If you don’t know what type of grass you have on your property, cut a small sample (including some of the soil and root system) and pay a visit to one of our farms. Our turf experts can help you identify which type of grass you have and make recommendations for its care. To improve the look of your property this spring, try installing farm-fresh sod. It’s the fastest way to get a beautiful, green lawn. Be sure to ask about our new TifTuf® bermudagrass. Backed by two decades of research at the University of Georgia, TifTuf® uses less water than other bermuda varieties, stays greener during times of drought, and regains full health faster once the rains return.


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OdoBan- Locally owned and operated since 1980 Our Company Stephen Davison is the founder, President and visionary marketer behind Clean Control Corporation, which is located in Warner Robins, Georgia. Clean Control manufactures ‘OdoBan® The Original Odor Eliminator since 1980’, as well as multiple high quality cleaning, deodorizing and specialty products for families and industry professionals worldwide under the brands OdoBan®, Earth Choice®, Lethal®, Pets Rule® and

Sports Edge®. Clean Control is a locally owned business, employing in excess of 100 employees. The company’s various products are distributed through independent retailers, national chains- including Sam’s

Club, Walmart, The Home Depot and Ace Hardware as well as online outlets such as Amazon. com,,,, and many other fine retailers.

Our Story Stephen Davison’s entrepreneurial spirit was no doubt sparked by growing up overseas due to his father’s Military intelligence career; eventually settling in Warner Robins. Having both vantage points provided Davison a unique perspective and sincere appreciation for the advantages and opportunities available in the United States for entrepreneurial growth. With that spark, he realized it was time to strike out on his own.

At the age of twenty-four, Davison started Mobile Wash of America (MWA), a successful government contractor with a focus on cleaning industrial equipment. Escalating chemical costs and the need for superior products led Davison on a mission to develop technologically advanced, cost-effective cleaning solutions.

patient rooms were an entire category all unto themselves. Extensive research on these specific human biological odors would eventually lead to the Lethal product line. The ‘Tub Trials’ led to many products that met that criteria after initially being tested on baby diapers; The Ultimate Test!

The unique qualities of OdoBan® - performance, multiuse, environmental safety and signature eucalyptus fragrance - truly became the four cornerstones upon which a new company would be formed. After selling his janitorial business, Davison established Clean Control, introducing a revolutionary product line evolving from the overwhelming popularity of OdoBan®, Davison’s flagship product. Sam’s Club offered to carry ‘OdoBan® The Original Odor Eliminator since 1980’ as a trial in their Macon, Georgia club starting in 1991. By 1995, the OdoBan product was carried Nationwide in Sam’s Club, which enabled Clean Control to expand with additional products and line extensions. Clean Control has been able to expand and grow to the company it is today because of the willingness of Sam’s/Walmart to take a chance on a small, local manufacturer back in 1991. Only in America! Starting as a small business, the basic philosophy has always been to go one step further. By taking that extra step, Clean Control provides the very best product that can be available; every time. “We didn’t just make

a deodorizer we developed an odor eliminator and disinfectant that cleans. We didn’t just make something to mop up grease, we developed bacterial solutions that would eliminate grease, which was the basis for our bacterial line,” says Davison. It’s the extra step that not only keeps customers coming back – but also results in customers recommending Clean Control products to their clientele and colleagues.

The first batch of OdoBan® ‘The Original Odor Eliminator’,

The OdoBan® brand of products is recognized worldwide

was mixed in Steve’s bathtub in 1980. Being a ‘bathtub chemist’, Steve recruited the help of a friend and actual chemist, Cory Hammock to develop OdoBan®. Their original focus was to develop a highly effective product that was concentrated and cost efficient, yet would meet the challenges in nursing homes. In 1980, there were few commercial products available that could get rid of odors from bedpans, soiled bed linen and nightgowns. Colostomy bag odors and the ‘Cancer smell’ associated with

as a leading solution for odor elimination and disinfecting. Thus, Clean Control’s customer base has grown to serve various market segments which, today, includes household consumers as well as wholesale, industrial, commercial, and institutional customers around the globe. This market diversity is a tremendous testament to the quality and effectiveness of Clean Control’s product lines. See our ad on back page.

Clean Control Corporation/OdoBan | Warner Robins, GA 31095 | | | 478-922-5340 Spring






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