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Houston Hanna is a graphic design and illustration major from Point Loma Nazarene University, but he is more than a degree or a skill set. He has been a passionate artist since attending grade school, and now seeks to use the gifts that he has been given, whether illustration or design, painting or drawing, to bless people and to capture what is noble and beautiful in life. Dedicated to building others up and drawing attention to issues he his passionate about, Houston uses art as a tool and a vehicle for driving conversation. Art is incredibly important to Houston, but it is not the ultimate goal. For Houston, art and design in his life are reflections of a world that has also been designed, that also has purpose, and its designer is God. He considers taking part in this form of worship as an incredible experience and a natural reaction to the world around him, in which he sees unfathomable suffering and pain, juxtaposed to incredible joy and passion. Yet, he claims all things have purpose, and so it is with man’s sufferings. What differentiates Houston is his belief that God chooses to use the greatest suffering in the world to deliver the greatest good. So Houston also chooses to find those situations in life where suffering exists, and to bring good out of those situations.


REALLY QUICK On the bottom of nearly every right page is a glimpse into something that matters to me and that I care about.



001 Pascal

Illustration, Packaging

002 AIGA Portfolio

Typography, Layout

003 Iconic Arizona

Branding, Environment

004 Erets

Packaging, Environment

005 Chances for Children

Web Design, Marketing

006 Twilight Symphony

Illustration, Packaging

007 Logo Selection


Some of the artists that I come back to frequently are Monet, Hayao Miyazaki, and Pixar films.

George Houston Hanna 2013





Ipad App Illustration Packaging

The Ipad app for special needs children CLIENT There was no client for this body of work, as Houston set out to tackle issues that were related to his sister, Grace Hanna, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of three, and diagnosed again with heavy metal poisoning about age five. PROBLEM Special needs children often struggle immensely with speech and verbal communication, therefore more efficient and engaging ways are needed to teach children who learn in ways not typical of most. SOLUTION Houston developed a tablet app based on the idea that the most efficient way to teach children would be to engage all of their senses. He developed an app that would require children to touch, hear, speak and watch stories as a way of doing this. COMMENTS This idea came from watching his parents use white boards to practice particular sentences that his sister was working on. Noticing how slow the system worked, he thought that an engaging app with bright colors and texture would draw children to want to learn.






Houston began by researching children’s game apps, special needs apps, and adult game apps. However, in finding only overly simple games and unimaginative graphics, he next moved to stylistic research. Much of his inspiration comes from modern day paper artists and children’s story writers, including Eric Carle, Hayao Miyazaki, and Elly MacKay. He then began drawing sketches of inspired environments and places, objects and creatures which may fill this world. Environments were purposefully kept very minimal and

Panoramic calming, allowing the children to focus on the words as they appear and go by. Real construction paper was scanned in order that a real physical connection with the world would always be present. This texture also gives the richness to the colors that makes them so attractive. The choice of adding gradients and drop shadows was made to create more dynamic compositions with glowing color that adds a magical element to the typical confines of paper.

Current Mission: Pascal 10


Category: Branding, Ipad Development, Supplemental Product

Audience: Special Needs Children, Speech Impaired, Young Children

Longer images were produced towards with the intent of having story telling be told on one long but continuous image.


The incidence rate of autism has exploded in recent years, so that 1 in 88 children will be born with it in 2013.

George Houston Hanna 2013


Left This is the menu page for picking preset sentences that a child may be working on. It is the immediate page after the front making it very quick to get to.

Below Below are two slides in story mode. On the left is the menu for choosing which story the child would like to hear. Imagery and color drive the mechanics of the app as verbal skills are commonly the most underdeveloped skill.

Current Mission: Pascal 12


Category: Branding, Ipad Development, Supplemental Product

Audience: Special Needs Children, Speech Impaired, Young Children

Right Highlighted is the decision making aspect of the story mode. In order to teach children certain types of words, they are presented with an opportunity to choose and see the results of that decision, reinforcing verbal association.


Many children are misdiagnosed with autism, and may actually have what is called heavy metal poisoning.

George Houston Hanna 2013




Autistic children are known for their love of repetition. My sister loves watching movies repeatedly.

George Houston Hanna 2013





Poster Design Layout Typography Web Materials

Senior Portfolio Review POster CLIENT San Diego AIGA is a design association dedicated to bringing designers together to make a difference with their design. PROBLEM AIGA annually hosts a portfolio review for any designer to participate in, and requires branding of the arrangement to distinguish it from past competitions. SOLUTION A style was chosen that metaphorically represented the plethora of personalities and skill sets that would be present at the AIGA portfolio review. Type and icons were also chosen specifically because of their symbolic meaning. COMMENTS In order to be consistent in applying the ideas behind the project, it was kept highly collaborative. Peers were constantly brought in to give critique or suggestions and give their own ideas about what design meant or what they enjoyed about design.


The typefaces The typefaces Futura and Didot were chosen as symbols to represent the juxtaposition of seasoned designers working with less experienced designers.




FOR THE WEB The modern approach of using ‘compartments’ to design the layout aided in developing web materials that could easily fit any composition.


While working with peers is when I have found myself to be the most passionate and smart about design.

George Houston Hanna 2013


Below Contrasting imagery and type communicated the diversity of the community of designers who come together for the benefit of all.

Design Research The Portfolio Review poster was designed as promotional material and was intended to represent the community of designers coming togetherfor that particular year. Houston, along with Diane Engstrom and Lauren Todd while being led Maelin Levine, established a conceptual direction that was intended to be able to reflect this diverse and complex side of the design community. No one font or aspect of design could be overly focused on, but rather the immutable principles of gestalt had to be the focus.

Current Mission: AIGA 22


Category: Poster Design, Typography, Web

Audience: Professional Designers, Student Designers

The poster went through several design iterations, balancing color and font choice. The grid like nature of the design was intended to communicate the idea that although the students and professionals are each their own person, with their own personalities and design preferences, we all come together to create a beautiful fabric of people working together in a field of work that is incredibly important to us. The choice of colors was also influenced by the desire to contrast these ideas.


ICONS Icons were at first very important to the ideas of contrasting individuals, but color won out eventually and icons became less central to the idea.

Current Mission: AIGA 24


Category: Poster Design, Typography, Web

Audience: Professional Designers, Student Designers

COLOR STUDIES Once a style was chosen, warm and cool color studies were done to explore arrangement that would be very distinct and modern.


Monet is one of my most significant art inspirations, his impressionist style heavily influences my own work.

George Houston Hanna 2013



Iconic Az


Museum Assets Branding Layout Environment

Museum Exhibit Celebrates Centennial Birthday CLIENT Arizona celebrated its 100th birthday in the year 2012, and asked the Phoenix Art Museum to host an art exhibit displaying depictions of Arizona through out that time. PROBLEM The creation of Arizona themed materials that complimented the black and white photos of Ansel Adams, a famous early American photographer renown for his photos of the Grand Canyon. SOLUTION Looking towards the Arizona state flag and Grand Canyon as inspiration, a collection of materials were developed that were intended to reminisce over how Arizona has grown over 100 years. COMMENTS Research included looking at original newspaper publications and art shows over the last century, Justifying the new Arizona with the old Arizona were important themes in order to emphasis the idea of looking back at a history of a people.



AZ 28


Right The logo was designed with direct ties to the state flag in mind.

Yesterday to Today

THE PROCESS Creating the materials that would be used in this project required looking at a whole history of design work over the last one hundred years. Arizona is one of the youngest states in the Union, but still has complex history involving pioneers, gold and conflict. In more recent days, Arizona has been associated with a booming housing market, and certain political woes as a border state.

Choosing to focus on art which will unite the people of Arizona, an artist was chosen based on his body of work that focuses on one of the world’s wonders, the Grand Canyon. Color was then brought in through type and layout decisions, as the photos themselves were in black and white. Modern layouts were combined with traditional typefaces and bold colors to create this aesthetic.

Current Mission: Iconic Arizona 30


Catejgory: Branding, Layout, Environmental

Audience: Family, Arizona Natives



Enviromental Designs These environmental graphics display a possible layout for presenting large scale reproductions of Ansel Adams’ work.


Arizona is an incredibly rich and diverse place, its not just a desert like everyone thinks! Its my home!

George Houston Hanna 2013




Layout inspiration was gathered from classic American newspapers from the same time period as the birth of the state.

The creation of an app for the exhibit allowed those interested in learning more about the state to become engaged even before the show!

Current Mission: Iconic Arizona 34


Category: Branding, Layout, Environmental

Audience: Family, Arizona Natives

Building an Experience

Generation Mixing

Because the layout of a exhibition book has certain expectations, especially in regards to layout and content, one of the ways Houston was able to introduce some more modern aspects of Arizona life was through the creation of an iPhone app that would allow individuals to buy tickets, but also to interact with history and learn about some of the important events and other artists that have been inspired by the Grand Canyon state.


Understanding where we have come from and what has happened before us is a very important idea to me.

Another aspect of the design was the creation of the exhibition layout. While no experience can compare to actually visiting the wonder in person, to symbolize this gap, prints were made that towered over individuals. The floor space was divided into a lower deck and upper, as a representation of the to ways viewers can view the real Grand Canyon. One can view it at the top and look out, or one can view it by hiking down and looking up.

George Houston Hanna 2013





Branding Stationery Packaging Environment

Bringing New Life to the Food Industry CLIENT Local farmers pulled resources together to bring their goods to a public who is in need of more access to good food and vastly more education on a prevelant food related issues in our government. PROBLEM Create a full branding experience that demonstrates purity in the market place, and is dedicated to making healthy food easy to understand and simple to do. SOLUTION Focusing on color and photography, a brand was created that exhibited downto-earth and local aspirations, with the capacity to expand further. COMMENTS The driving force behind this brand was that food is not a glory in itself, but is meant to benefit people, and that building better people would benefit everyone.




Current Mission: Erets 40


Category: Branding, Packaging, Environmental

Audience: Health Minded, Curious Onlooker - Family/Single

Organic Packaging

Building a Brand Below This packaging furthers the brand idea with intimate photography and soft colors.


Erets is the Hebrew word for earth or land. This company is comprised of individuals who saw a responsibility to properly manage what has been given to them, including the trust of the public to produce quality food. Their primary focus would be the community in which that particular store operates. The color and photographic style was designed to feel close, sincere.

It says they have nothing to hide, and they are honest with themselves and everyone else. These particular packages demonstrate this approach, driven by the idea that if an entire company is committed to health, you don’t have to sell products with overbearing advertisements on the packaging itself. Only small notes of nutritional content are displayed.

I believe many health woes today are caused by the over indulgence of pharmaceutical drugs and processed food.

George Houston Hanna 2013


Below This report develops the photographic style, while also acting as the public image and communicating the deepest aspirations of the founders.

Current Mission: Erets 42


Category: Branding, Packaging, Environmental

Audience: Health Minded, Curious Onlooker - Family/Single


Monsanto is the leading produce of GMO crops, and has a reputation of suing small farmers into the ground.

George Houston Hanna 2013


SIGNAGE Specific colors were applied across the board to specify certain groups of foods.

LAYOUT In contrast to modern stores, this layout groups foods by health benefits, bringing together essential foods to save time.





Biodomes filled with plants were designed to surround the building, supporting the idea that life flows from food.

By using a strong color scheme for the exterior of the building, it reinforces the nature of the building.

Processed foods contain zero trace vitamins and nutrients essential to sustain a healthy body.

George Houston Hanna 2013


ABOVE This sub brand was created to visually symbolize a time when food was pure and home cooking was the only cooking.

THE MENU The menu uses color to give it a ripe and healthy feeling, while also using the same typefaces as the parent group, but in more traditional and familiar ways.


Promotional Materials These devices were created in response to the fact that the overwhelming reason why most do not eat healthy is because of a lack of education on the effects of food.


There is silence from the industry on issues because almost all brands are owned by 4 or 5 mega corporations.

George Houston Hanna 2013





Branding Website CSR Marketing

People Reaching out to the children of Haiti CLIENT Chances for Children is a non-profit Arizona based group that facilitates the care of children until adoption, and brings relief aid to a country that has been the victim of massive financial corruption. PROBLEM A rebranding that captures the energy and life of the Haitian people, while still being approachable to western audiences, which are the primary donors to organizations such as this. SOLUTION Bright, lively colors and modern typefaces that appeal to western audiences were chosen, to be used in conjunction with powerful imagery that would portray the natural beauty and strength of a people who have so little and yet so much! COMMENTS All of the photos demonstrated in this project were taken by Houston Hanna, while on a mission trip he took with his church to the village of Kenscoff, Haiti.




Rebuilding a People

SECOND CHANCES After living in Haiti for a week, Houston thought often about his own society and how they viewed wants versus needs. It also was an eye opener to how design can be used, contrasted with how it is used. In Haiti, plastered up and down the streets from the city to the remotest villages are logos and materials from the two largest competing cell phone brands in Haiti. The streets are covered in these images, they are on walls, umbrellas stands, and buses. All other design in the city was painfully missing. There are very few directional road signs or other environmental designs, and building architecture is all comprised

of barbed wire and cinder blocks. All of this gray and brown is then surrounded by lush tropical mountains, colors like deep blue- green and yellows as far as you can see. There is an incredible contrast between nature and the garbage that litters every square foot of space any where that humans inhabit, the result of the importation of one-time-use products in a country that does not have the financial means to manage this waste. All of these elements were suggested through the use of type spacing and “tightness� and through photographic style.

Right Spread This photo was taken outside the airport once arriving in Port-Au-Prince, and is an incredible symbol of children holding up this world, a message that is key to the mission of Chances for Children.

Current Mission: Chances for Children 52


Category: Branding, Marketing, CSR

Audience: Activists, Young Adults


Current Mission: Chances for Children 54


Category: Branding, Marketing, CSR

Audience: Activists, Young Adults


The most overwhelming aspect of my trip was driving for 2 hours and seeing trash piled up street after street.

George Houston Hanna 2013


Below This style guideline was developed to help Chances for Children directors manage their own resources for future materials.

Current Mission: Chances for Children 56


Category: Branding, Marketing, CSR

Audience: Activists, Young Adults


Despite their condition, the children love to play games and jump on you, Smiles were rare, but joy common.

George Houston Hanna 2013




The tragedy in Haiti is being exploited by wealthy business types buying up land and turning it into resorts.

George Houston Hanna 2013



Twilight symphony


Album Design Packaging Illustration Layout

Zelda Fan Group creates Soundtrack Memoir

CLIENT Zelda Reorchestrated is a fan started musicians group that recreates melodies from the video game series The Legend of Zelda. PROBLEM Their final memoir was a five year project, totally reorchestrated game soundtrack. An album cover and album illustration were needed to communicate the depth of passion, adventure and storytelling that the group of friends were trying to tell with their music. SOLUTION After researching the artistic inspirations for the game itself, a charcoal drawing was created to call back to Renaissance style cartoons, and album assets were developed to compliment and bring focus to the power and weight of this illustration. COMMENTS Unfortunately, this was the last project by Zelda reorchestrated, but fan reception for the project overall was enormous, and garnered much media attention within the gaming community.




Color Renaissance drawings and the mysterious art style of the game Twilight Princess were the inspirations for color choices.

Current Mission: Twilight Symphony 64


Category: Album Design, Packaging, Illustration, Layout

Audience: Zelda Fan Community, Young Adults, Gamers


The Album Working primarily with Jeron Moore over a 3 month period, Houston was tasked with co-directing and creating the entire visual library for the fan made project. The team wanted the visuals to compliment the massive story arc that they were creating within the music. One of the more challenging aspects of the design was the length of the needed image, as the team wanted to create a long panoramic image that would completely wrap the

CD case. Houston looked to panoramic photographers for compositional advice. He then used repetition and strong diagonals to break the image into pieces that would draw the eye up and down the image. After the illustration was completed, the creation of the album case and CD artwork were created in black and white to establish a mood and move the focus back to the primary illustration.

Slipcase This slipcase has a transparent mark dead enter. This symbol was important to the game and we used it as a way of telling listeners that they were about to be taken into a different world.


Being able to take part something you loved as a child is a dream come true for anyone, mine happened really early.

George Houston Hanna 2013




My childhood was filled with art and encouragement to pursue whatever dreams I had in mind.

George Houston Hanna 2013


Booklet A surprise booklet was designed as a gift to backers who had given money to help fund the recording of a live symphony.

Current Mission: Twilight Symphony 68


Category: Album Design, Packaging, Illustration, Layout

Audience: Zelda Fan Community, Young Adults, Gamers


What I love and hate most about art is when I take jobs that I don’t know how I’m going to finish. ADVENTURE!

George Houston Hanna 2013




Being able to take part in things larger than yourself is another of my favorite aspects of art.

George Houston Hanna 2013


Current Mission: Logos 72


Client: Self | 2013 | Mood: Children, Whimsical

Client: Clean Earth Initiative | 2012 | Mood: Symbol, Bold

Client: PLNU Design | 2012 | Mood: Modern, Type

Client: Self | 2012 | Mood: Tech, Modern

Client: Chances for Children | 2013 | Mood: Modern, Symbol

Client: Zelda Reorchestrated | 2013 | Mood: Illustrative, Fantasy

Client: Erets | 2012 | Mood: Organic, Family

Client: Erets | 2012 | Mood: Traditional, Organic

George Houston Hanna 2013



All of these people and many more have played an incredible role in my life, teaching me, inspiring me and encouraging me through all of it! I absolutely would not be here without what has been done through them for me. Who can know where I am being led? My hope is that I am able to bless you all at least a fraction of the amount that you have blessed me.


My parents, my brothers, my sister, my grandparents and Makaila.


Linda Bolin, Maureen Rigo, Gabrielle Mozell, Adria Pecora, Catherine Ruane, Nathan Feller, Wendy Hill, Wendy Bell, David Adey, Maximo Escobedo, Bill Kelly, Niel Shigley, Chris Topher, Justin Skeesuck and Maelin Levine.


Tyler Bales, Andie Bensimon, John Castillo, Jessica Crotts, Diane Engstrom, Channin Fulton, Carissa Gidding, Janelle Hiroshige, Stephanie Merryman, Megan Pittam, Lauren Todd, Kristin Ward, Leah Willis.


God Bless You!

Austin Mounts, Rj Allen, Brett Bronder, Ian Moore, Chris Danks. 2 18-22 26-35 57-59 66-67 68-69 70-71

Self Portrait by Houston Hanna Simulated Ansel Adams Houston Hanna Houston Hanna Various, Credited In Book Houston Hanna

Current Mission: Credits 74


Some textures used in various projects from ‘Mr Tiefenrausch’ on Deviant Art Apple resources used from





Houston Hanna Graphic Design Portfolio  

This book is my senior year exhibition graphic design portfolio.

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