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New Teeth In An Hour: A Lifetime Of Indulgence Gone In 60 Minutes This article describes how cosmetic dentistry is capable of restoring oral aesthetics in as little as a single dental appointment of only one hour. New Teeth in an Hour: Overview If you spend more time counting the flaws and assessing the discoloration of your teeth in the mirror than admiring their pearly white hue, then perhaps it is time you considered getting new teeth in an hour! Really? Brand new teeth? Well, perhaps we’d better elucidate: It is often said that ‘prevention is better that cure’ and in no other field is this truer than in dentistry. Maintaining a high standard of oral hygiene your whole life versus the crippling effects of periodontal (gum) disease, tooth loss and having to wear partial or removable dentures cannot be compared in convenience and expense, not to mention oral aesthetics and bite functionality. The path to this advanced state of gum disease can easily be avoided through regular and proper oral hygiene habits while avoiding negative lifestyle choices such as smoking, drug abuse and excessive alcohol consumption. However, things do happen during the course of our lifetime that can make us wish we could start over with a fresh canvas. Teeth can become chipped, worn, cracked and discolored simply through wear-and-tear, accidents and exposure to staining foods and drinks. It is at these times that new teeth in an hour sound like an especially tantalizing offer! Cosmetic Treatments for New Teeth in an Hour There is one important thing you need to remember about the practice of dentistry; if your teeth are healthy, no educated and experienced dentist is going to recommend extracting them to replace them with a full set of new teeth in an hour. There is a whole suite of cosmetic treatments designed to remove the appearance of staining, chipping and other disfigurements of the teeth and gums that are quick and incredible in the aesthetic results they offer. Tooth bleaching is an example of a quick and easy treatment that can leave you with virtually new teeth in an hour! Underneath all those stains lie perfectly healthy teeth (hopefully) that simply require a bit of bleaching to reveal their true dazzling color. For

the teeth that have sustained damage through cracking and chipping, there are porcelain veneers and crowns to completely restore oral aesthetics. Even better, these treatments frequently only require two visits to the dentist with the restorations being fitted in as little as a single hour! In many cases, a thorough professional hygienic teeth cleaning is all that stands between you and new teeth in an hour. New Teeth in an Hour: The Bottom Line While we are distracted, and in some cases intrigued, by the myriad of teeth replacement techniques that offer comprehensive, long-term and aesthetic solutions, what we really need to remember is that for new teeth in an hour, all you need to do is maintain a high standard of oral hygiene at home and visit your dentist on a regular basis. Should you be unhappy with the quality of your smile and wish to cover up a lifetime’s accumulation of chips, stains and cracks, there are a great many cosmetic treatments that really can give you new teeth in an hour; they will still be your teeth, but they will be as good as new!

New Teeth In An Hour: A Lifetime Of Indulgence Gone In 60 Minutes