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Houston Dental Implants and the Science of Restoring Smiles Dental implants offer the most sophisticated tooth replacement solution to people who want a beautiful, healthy and confident smile back. Your smile... do you take it for granted? Maybe it‟s been a while since you last smiled with the full caliber of emotion you feel, because you believe that your teeth are not in very good condition. Perhaps you have suffered tooth loss or are facing the need to have decayed and or broken down teeth extracted. Unfortunately, few people appreciate the true value of a beautiful smile. It just goes to show that you don‟t know what you have until you‟ve lost it! So, what does your smile mean to you and your fellow human beings?

The Value of Smiling: Did You Know? •

Certain physiological reactions take place when you smile, releasing endorphins into your body. These “happy” chemicals help to relieve stress and instantly boost your mood.

Scientific research indicates that the activation of certain muscles used for smiling trigger neurotransmitters in the brain. These then release certain chemicals in the brain, which regulate breathing, blood pressure and block stress hormones. In other words, smiling is excellent for good health!

Smiling is an intrinsic, instinctual part of our body language as human beings. Just think about it... even the most isolated people on Earth smile, even though their culture is so completely different and they are completely divorced from the rest of the world. Universally, a smile conveys intentions of good-will, acceptance and satisfaction.

We have the ability to smile since birth, proving that it is an ingrained mechanism for expression in humans. Babies begin smiling in the womb, literally as practice in winning over the acceptance and protection of adults when they are born. Babies naturally interpret smiles as encouragement of good behavior and learning.

People who smile often are statistically more likely to land a job or promotion. This is probably because people who smile more are just more likable!

Your smile is important. So, even if you‟ve lost one or more of your teeth, you should take the necessary steps to have it restored. Houston dental implants, without a doubt, offer the most sophisticated and long lasting solution to missing teeth.

Dental Implants in Houston: Benefits and Advantages •

A dental implant consists of a titanium replacement „root‟ for an original tooth that may have been lost due to infection, decay or physical trauma sustained during an accident. This replacement „root‟ stimulates the jaw bone tissue the way the natural tooth root would have done. This promotes excellent jaw bone health and prevents further tooth loss, unlike other tooth replacement technologies, which only replace the crowns of the missing teeth.

Houston dental implants provide support for a durable and natural-looking ceramic tooth crown. This crown can withstand a natural bite force, without exerting pressure on the surrounding teeth or soft tissues, unlike dental bridges and removable dentures. Furthermore, unlike natural dental enamel, ceramic crowns won‟t become stained or discolored.

Dental implant procedures in Houston are typically quite brief. A damaged or decayed tooth can be extracted and replaced within a single appointment!

Dental implants in Houston have a higher success rate than any other conventional method of dental restoration and they last decades longer.

If properly cared for, dental implants can last 20 or 30 years and even longer without the need for restoration or replacement. No other teeth replacement technology can compete.

Dental implants restore smile beauty and self-confidence.

Houston Dental Implants: A Final Note Dental implants are - functionally and aesthetically - the closest thing to having natural teeth one can get. One of their most important benefits is that they enable people to smile with all the confidence they thought they had forever lost. Now you can enjoy the successes that a confident and natural-looking smile brings.

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Houston Dental Implants and the Science of Restoring Smiles  

Dental implants offer the most sophisticated tooth replacement solution to people who want a beautiful, healthy and confident smile back.