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Dental Implants for Multiple Teeth Replacement Dental implants are providing a more reliable and effective alternative to traditional dentures and helping people to successfully replace their decaying or lost single or multiple teeth. When we start to lose multiple teeth, in the upper row or lower row or both, it becomes necessary for us to replace those missing teeth with stable and natural looking teeth. Otherwise, we may have to suffer from the discomfort and embarrassment associated with dentures and bone loss and a disfigured facial structure. The multiple dental implant method is bringing a permanent solution to multiple tooth loss conditions and creating smiles again! Dental implants are now providing basic treatment to all those who are missing one or more of their teeth in the upper and \ or lower jaw. However, not all dentists are professionally trained in dental implant procedures. So they recommend fixed bridges or removable partial dentures with wire clasps that wrap around your remaining teeth to keep them in. Fixed dental bridges require grinding down healthy adjacent teeth so they can be used as anchors to support the missing teeth. They are a dramatic improvement over removable partials with their wire clasps but in the long run more than 30% of the teeth used for attachments are lost to tooth decay or other problems. Now where one tooth was missing there are two, and then three and-----------and the process continues to repeat itself more and more rapidly until your smile is disfigured, you can no longer eat the foods you enjoy, and your facial structure is collapsing. Soon you are looking at the need to replace your teeth with full dentures or dental implants. Why let this happen? If you are missing one or a few teeth have them replaced with dental implants immediately. Not only will they not harm your natural teeth they will help them by eliminating food impaction and distributing the work load of chewing more evenly. People often believe that you need a dental implant for every missing tooth. That isn’t necessarily true. Often three missing teeth can be replaced with only 2 implants by bridging between them. In the amazing All on 4 protocol a full arch of missing teeth can be replace with only 4 perfectly placed implants. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Dental Implants for Multiple Teeth Replacement