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This two-part article series provides professional tips as well as at-home advice for keeping your teeth and gums - and smile - in great condition. We all want the benefits of a fabulous and sexy smile. What’s great about oral healthcare is that a healthy smile IS a beautiful smile; so really, by looking after your teeth and gums you’re killing two birds with one stone! In this two-part article, dental implants experts in Houston will be discussing seven professional and athome secrets for a sexier and healthier smile! 1. See your dentist more often!

When last did you pay a visit to your dentist and oral hygienist for a check-up and a professional cleaning? Too many people allow years to lapse in between visits to the dentist. You may not think you have a problem that requires professional attention, but when it comes to the health of your teeth and gums, prevention is ALWAYS better than cure. You do not want to face the prospect of an appointment with the Houston dental implant specialist before you start taking your oral health seriously. Additionally, many oral ailments do not present with obvious symptoms until it is too late. You can avoid the discomfort and expense of the dental surgery generally needed to fix problems that are wholly preventable in the first place by going for regularly scheduled appointments with your dentist. 2. If your fear of the dentist keeps you from going for regular appointments, you’re just not seeing the right one. If your current dentist doesn’t make you feel comfortable enough to keep regular scheduled appointments, it’s not necessarily your fault! Many people put their fear of the dentist down to some deep-rooted psychological aversion or fear. While this

may be the case for a select few truly phobic patients, in most cases, fear and anxiety can be totally abolished by a gentle and compassionate dentist. If your dentist’s bedside manner doesn’t put you at ease enough to keep regular appointments, perhaps it’s time to find yourself another dental healthcare professional! 3. Nothing replaces the value of regular flossing.

Flossing is an absolutely essential component of your oral healthcare regime. Not flossing is like getting into the shower and only washing the top half of your body. You’re leaving the lower half dirty! Brushing alone is not effective enough to remove all the plaque (bacteria) and food debris from between your teeth, which is why it’s important that you floss every day, especially before you go to bed at night. “If patients could see what remains on and between their teeth even after they’ve brushed, they’d be truly shocked,” says an expert in the placement of dental implants in Houston. “Try it: have a good and thorough brush and then floss. You will be amazed at all the food and plaque that you excavate from between your teeth. You’ll become a flosser for life!” 4. Your mouth doesn’t lie! The appearance of your teeth, gums and other soft tissues in your mouth tells the dentist everything he or she needs to know about your lifestyle. Reconsider lying the next time they ask you whether or not you floss, smoke or drink a lot of coffee! Your mouth doesn’t lie, so better you get to work improving your habits before your next appointment with the dentist. Stay Tuned for Part 2 To read more advice from Houston dental implants experts on how to keep your teeth in excellent condition for life, stay tuned for the second installment of this two-part article series.

Dental Implants Experts in Houston: Seven Secrets for a Healthier Smile, PART 1  

This two-part article series provides professional tips as well as at-home advice for keeping your teeth and gums - and smile - in great con...

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