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Conventionally, the process for restoring a full row of teeth typically involved bone grafting, 6 or more implants and about 1 and a half years of treatment. The dental implants technology is not new anymore. Thanks to the distinct benefits over removable bridges and dentures, a number of people go for teeth implants in Houston. But even when you choose the implants treatment as a cure for your missing teeth, what is it that makes ‘All on four’ superior to the conventional dental implants techniques? To understand the actual benefits, it is important to know the difference between the two processes. The principal difference between the traditional tooth implant process and the technique for All on four dental implants Houston technique arises from the use of the number of dental implants for entire oral restoration. Conventionally, the process for restoring a full row of teeth typically involved bone grafting, 6 or more implants and about 1 and a half year of treatment. This also implied that the patient had to be without teeth or had to use temporary dentures till the completion of the treatment. With the new All on four tooth implant procedure, your dentist uses only 4 implants to fix a new set of permanent replacement teeth. The implants used in the procedure are specially made for instant function and do not call for any bone grafting. The posterior implants are placed at an angle of about 45 degrees and this allows for better grip by using the natural support of your jaw bone. There is another logic behind placing of implants at angles of 45 degrees (as against 90 degrees in conventional methodology) - as a unit the 4 tooth implants are braced together and any vertical forces are uniformly distributed through the jaw bone.

All on Four Dental Implants Houston is also known as same day teeth or teeth in a day as the patient gets his/her new set of teeth with a single day of treatment. Stability and support from surrounding jawbone is an obvious benefit of all on four teeth implants. Some other advantages include: • • • • •

No need for complicated bone grafting Restored functionality of teeth with ability to enjoy food of any texture Improved facial structure and appearance (no more sagging cheeks) Very little pain and discomfort Job done with only one visit to the dentist’s office

Preparing for All on four dental implants in Houston If you wish to go for the teeth in a day procedure, visit your dentist for an initial evaluation. Dentists specializing in teeth implants would examine the condition of your jawbone and surrounding teeth and will discuss the different aspects of this treatment with you. Do give your complete medical history to your dentist and inform him about the medications that you might be on. The dental checkup might also involve an X-ray to measure the bone density and take teeth impressions. Certain dentists use advanced software and a dedicated treatment plan systems for comprehensive diagnostics - identification of structure of the bone, virtual placing of tooth implants as per patient’s prosthetic requirements and customized surgical template for guided and precise placing of implants. After the diagnostic appointment, if the patient does not need any additional treatment/tooth extraction, the dentist sets an appointment for the actual treatment. The implants and crowns are fitted - all on the same day!

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Conventional Dental Implants or the All on 4 Dental Implant Procedure?