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Vocabulary Unit VII I Quarter II English I: Mrs. Chenoweth Fall 2011 1. Accoutrements (n) personal clothing, accessories, or equipment SENTENCE: 2. Akimbo (adj) having one’s hands in a bent position on the hips SENTENCE: 3. Behemoth (n) something that is enormous, or monstrous in size and power SENTENCE: 4. Besmirch (v) to stain or soil (commonly as to a reputation) SENTENCE: 5. Cataclysm (n)/ Cataclysmic (adj) a violent upheaval, an earthquake, a flood SENTENCE: 6. Clout (n) influence, a forceful blow SENTENCE: 7. Decimate (v) to kill or destroy a large part of SENTENCE: 8. Disquiet (v)/ Disquieting (adj) to make uneasy SENTENCE: 9. Ensconce (v) to settle snugly, to hide in a secure place SENTENCE: 10. Espy (v) to glimpse, to descry, to catch sight of

SENTENCE: 11. Fauna (n) animals SENTENCE: 12. Feral (adj) wild, like a wild animal, savage SENTENCE: 13. Gesticulate (v) to gesture, especially when speaking SENTENCE: 14. Hoary (adj) gray or white with age, ancient, stale SENTENCE: 15. Itinerant (adj) moving from place to place SENTENCE:


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