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2013 General Election Information Candidates are listed alphabetically by last name under each office specified. Number in parentheses in front of candidate's name is how candidate will appear in order on the ballot.

MAYOR Cook, Don Dick, Eric Douglas, Keryl Burgess Drab, Charyl L. Fitzsimmons, Michael J. Hall, III, Benjamin L. Jenkins, Derek Lane, Victoria A. Parker, Annise D. DISTRICT COUNCIL MEMBER

DISTRICT A Brown, Helena Hale, Ron Knox, Mike Peck, Amy Stardig, Brenda

DISTRICT B Blueford-Daniels, Katherine Davis, Jerry Joseph, James Perkins, Kenneth

DISTRICT C Cohen, Ellen

DISTRICT D Boykins, Dwight Caldwell, Keith Edwards, Lana Johnson, Ivis McGee, Travis McKinzie, Larry Provost, Georgia Doyle Richards, N. "Assata" Robinson, Anthony Sanders, Christina Smith, Demetria White, Kirk

DISTRICT E Martin, Dave


Houston Business Connections

DISTRICT F Hoang, Al Nguyen, Richard

DISTRICT G Pennington, Oliver Taef, Brian

DISTRICT H Gonzalez, Edward "Ed"

DISTRICT I Ablaza, Leticia Gutierrez Gallegos, Robert Garces, Graci Mendez, Ben

DISTRICT J Laster, Mike

DISTRICT K Green, Larry V.



POSITION 1 Costello, Stephen C. Griffin, Mike "Griff"


POSITION 2 Burks Jr., Andrew C. Gordon, Brent Trebor Rivera-Colon, Modesto Robinson, David


POSITION 3 Batteau, J. Brad Calvert, Rogene Gee Chavez, Roland M. Kubosh, Michael Morales, Roy Pool, Jenifer Rene


POSITION 4 Bradford, C.O. "Brad" Dadoush, Issa Z.


POSITION 5 Christie, Jack Evans-Shabazz, Carolyn Horwitz, James S.

CONTROLLER Frazer, Bill Green, Ronald

Check out Edwin and Andrea Haynes, Jimmy and Cheryl Coleman, Ben Hall and Mayor Annise Parker  

This edition of Houston Business Connections features Edwin Haynes and his wife Andrea -- Title Sponsors. Jimmy Coleman and his wife Cheryl...

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