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Injury & Accident Lawyer: It's all about DIY by Farrah Martinez, Personal Injury & Accident Lawyer

Do it Yourself?

Attorney Ben Hall recently spent time speaking to students at the World Youth Foundation

providing youth with real world project experiences that promote self-confidence, while accelerating career development & leadership skills.

As the skills gap continues to widen in today’s complex global economy, new approaches to out-ofschool time learning & mentoring are needed now more than ever. For 23 years, the World Youth Foundation (a Houston Texas non-profit organization) has delivered cost-free mentoring programs to communities across Greater Houston and surrounding areas. Through the efforts of a dynamic volunteer team, business leaders, community advocates, and industry thought-leaders; the World Youth Foundation has designed & implemented the first of its kind Outof School Time Youth Mentoring & Development Program focused on equipping young people with next-generation leadership and workforce skills. Our unique mentoring program engages students from various schools across Houston and surrounding areas in intellectually stimulating hands-on project experiences that increase selfconfidence, personal empowerment, self-efficacy, interpersonal development, and 21st Century workforce skills in areas of STEM, manufacturing, entrepreneurship, and other sectors. We also focus on health & wellness by starting each mentoring sessions with exercises and workouts for the body, mind, and inner-self.

Today’s youth continue to face new and complex challenges. Social influences such as America’s shifting economy, increased usage of drugs and alcohol, lack of strong social infrastructure, health and obesity issues, and increased single parent households are changing the landscape of family and community life across this nation. Programs delivered by the World Youth Foundation (WYF) are needed now more than ever, and our success can only be realized through the support of our WYF parents, volunteers, corporate sponsors and partners.

MISSION Our mission is to “Teach All Youth How to Win in Life against All Odds.” We accomplish our mission by delivering free out-of-school time mentoring programs focused on increasing self-confidence and accelerating educational & professional skills for all youth belonging to groups that are under-represented in the field of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM). Youth between the ages of 6-24 work closely with a breadth of business, education, community, and industry leaders in highly engaging and intellectually stimulating hands-on projects that foster innovation, improve health & wellness, affirm college as an expectation, and promote careers across STEM industry sectors. The World Youth Foundation students come from diverse communities, educational, and cultural backgrounds. We mentor students as young as 6 years of age through college graduation (25 years of age). This diverse body of students assemble together monthly to participate in hands-on leadership, mentoring, & professional development activities We are the first-of-its kind mentoring organization


23 YEARS OF DELIVERING SUCCESS WYF is a non-profit organization, celebrating 23 years of community involvement. Our focus is to create a positive "mentoring gateway" for diverse groups of youth, and delivering effective programs that positively impact their future. WYF focuses on empowering our young leaders with knowledge in areas of better health, improved positive self-esteem, improved decision-making skills, and other important skills required for our youth to achieve significant success in their family, educational, personal, and community lives.

YOUTH PROGRAM DELIVERY EXCELLENCE WYF offers a variety of youth programs in areas of entrepreneurship, advanced career skills, technology, financial literacy, arts enrichment, mentoring, tutoring, leadership training, as well as college prep, improved health, and much more! Our programs reach a wide range of ages from Kindergarten to high school, all the way through college.

WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT US? Call (713)523-8484 if you would like more information on the World Youth Foundation, Inc. located inside the Judson Robinson Community Center 2020 Hermann Drive Houston TX 77004.

We live in the age of do it yourself (DIY). I am all for learning new things, cutting costs, and doing things for myself; however, there are some tasks that require a professional to achieve the best MARTINEZ possible results. While I might watch a YouTube video to learn how to make a school craft project for my four year old or even learn to arch my own eyebrows, I would not watch a video or google to learn "how to repair my own roof" or "perform a root canal" in hopes that one day I might actually perform these tasks myself. In my mind, there are some tasks that are too important and there is too much at stake to go at it alone. As a consumer, you must decide which tasks you are willing to learn to do and which task you determine require a professional.

Should I Handle my own Personal Injury Claim? Studies show that individuals involved in a car accident tend to recover more when they hire a lawyer than those claimants who did not hire a lawyer and handle the settlement alone. Insurance companies are forprofit companies and their goal is to make money and keep their stockholders happy. Most of us can appreciate that a company needs to make a profit or else they will go out of business. However, in the state of Texas, drivers are required to carry insurance. So the majority of drivers, just like you, purchase insurance with the expectation that if involved in an accident the insurance company will cover it. "Covered" is a broad term when you are dealing with accident or injury claims. Covered is often in the eyes of the beholder. Every month, quarterly or once a year, you pay your insurance with the promise that if something happens to you that your insurance company will pay your medical bills, that you will be paid for loss of wages, for you pain and suffering and for any other expense or loss you incur as a result of your injury.

Is this a Level Playing Field? The insurances companies are hoping you DIY since, studies confirm that the insurance companies win financially when you DIY. Take note, insurance companies do not go at it alone they have a team of lawyers that work on their behalf to get the best results for them--NOT you. If you have started your claim, it might not be too late to hire an attorney. At Farrah Martinez, Personal Injury and Accident Lawyer, we hold insurance companies accountable. Contact Farrah at (713) 853-9296 for a consultation and review of your claim. - HOUSTON BUSINESS CONNECTIONS NEWSPAPER n 11

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