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Anthony A. Allen President/Apostle - (281)210-8374 Bishop Anthony A. Allen is an apostolic leader who also serves the community at large as a businessman, entrepreneur, investor, author and entertainer. He is the founder and president of Anthony Allen Ministries, a ministry called to serve the urban community. In 2001 Bishop Anthony A. Allen received a word from the Holy Spirit instructing him to create systems that will keep and grow God’s people. Giving up his dream of one day becoming a head coach for the NFL he set out to pursue the call of God on his life. The first system he set out to create evolved from the first message he preached entitled: “Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus.” This message which came from the book of St. Luke 9:23 lead Bishop Anthony A. Allen to begin designing a church operation system entitled Total Control. After years of development, his spiritual father the late Pastor Noah Newcoste and his mother Evengelist Christine Newcoste handed over the responsibility of carrying on their ministry, House of Hope International Church. Once given this responsibility he was directed to implement the Total Control system. The first instructional book entitled: “Total Control 101” (You Are In Total Control) was released in February of 2013, and the system was launched. Total Control 101 serves as the first of a thirteen instructional book series that ranges from you taking total control of you, to you taking total control of your community duties abroad. Now that the book which serves as the foundation to the system has been released, Bishop Anthony A. Allen serves the Kingdom of God eagerly awaiting a word from the Holy Spirit on when to release the next book from this series along with other material associated with the system. Beyond his ministerial duties, Bishop Anthony A. Allen is also the owner of Allen Hip-Hop Enterprise LLC, a company aimed at gaining the attention of the urban community at large with subsidiary companies like MBBG Records, D.O.C FA LIFE (Urban Wear) and Bishop A Enterprise (Production Company). He is also a licensed T.V. Producer with the Houston Media Source, a music producer and music artist (TPK BISHOP A) with the group Hip-Hop Party League. His music group has been featured on several reality shows, T.V. competitions and sitcoms. He is a former collegiate football and track athlete for Texas A&M Commerce who gives back to the future of athletics by serving as an assistant coach with the Mainland Jaguars out of Galveston County. He is also the proud husband to First Lady Matishe R. Allen and the father of a combined family of 12 outstanding children and grandfather to 6 blessed grandchildren. Soon to celebrate 16 years in ministry, Bishop Anthony A. Allen looks forward to getting involved in his passion of ministering economic growth to the masses. A business major and licensed financial services agent, Bishop Anthony A. Allen plans to empower people around the globe with the knowledge of how their economy works verses how it really should work and how to get it to work for them. His philosophy to life is “He that owns the darkness controls the darkness”.


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