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Multi-Millionaire Blue Diamond Edwin Haynes Is On A Mission to Create More Millionaires Edwin Haynes is a successful entrepreneur, international business consultant, motivational speaker, best-selling author, and multi-millionaire who has experienced the highs and lows of success. After a successful 13-year career as an Entertainment Executive, Haynes experienced a devastating setback that crippled him personally, professionally and financially. As result of a series of setbacks Haynes hit rock bottom, free-falling from millionaire status into foreclosure, bankruptcy and repossession. When everything seemed to be crashing down around him, including emotional and physical health; at his worst moment, Haynes would not let his circumstances consume him. He knew that he innately possessed the mindset of a millionaire, and the tools that would lead him to his true purpose. Although Edwin’s journey on the road to success was paved with obstacles that would normally sideline the average person, Haynes prepared for change and climbed his way back up the ladder by utilizing the “nine mile markers to success” outlined in his current book, “You Have Permission to Succeed.” Blessed with the gift of captivating audiences with his seemingly effortless down to earth and honest style, Haynes positively changes the lives of thousands daily through powerful messages of faith, encouragement and empowerment. Today, he continues to dominate his industry while empowering individuals worldwide to advance on both personal and professional levels.

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YOU CAN BE A PART OF TEAM HAYNES Edwin is looking to Coach and Mentor 10 NEW individuals in his current business venture. If you are serious about the secrets of a millionaire and creating wealth and want to know more Edwin Haynes visit today!

Edwin & Andrea Haynes

2470 S. Dairy Ashford, Ste. 217 I Houston, TX 77077

Phone: 832-405-7187 44 HOUSTON BUSINESS CONNECTIONS - -

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