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tial rights that we cherish. I have often heard it said that the American Constitution is the greatest testament to freedom ever written. In light of court interpretations and amendments, our Constitution did become the great document it is today, but it began as a wonderful but imperfect Charter of Freedoms that legitimized slavery. As Barbara Jordan said in an off-the-cuff speech, “We the people” is a very eloquent beginning that did not apply to her, but through the process of development, the Constitution became a document in which her “faith is whole; it is complete; it is total….” As a young teenager in Alabama, I was an Eagle Scout. I recall a time when I could not enjoy the fellowship of black Scouts because we attended separate events and separate summer camps. At one Scout fair, I lent a small axe to another Eagle Scout who had wandered into the white Scout area on the opposite side of the hosting stadium. We talked and found that we had many things in common. We could have been good friends, but at the time Scout troops were segregated. AUBREY R. TAYLOR: Why are you proud to be an American? MACK MCINNIS: Reverend Joseph Lowery (SCLC Director Emeritus) often says that the Civil Rights movement freed white and black folks. He is right. Before I attended law school, I served as a VISTA Volunteer in several poor black neighborhoods in 26

Houston including the Fifth Ward. I know firsthand how important our Civil Liberties are. Our Freedoms are still developing. Someday those immigrants who are helping to fight our wars will be given the Right to Vote and the Right to Become Citizens. I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN LIVING THIS PROCESS!!

Harris County Treasurer Orlando Sanchez Discusses Freedom and Why He's a Proud American with Aubrey AUBREY R. TAYLOR: What does freedom mean to you? COUNTY TREASURER ORLANDO SANCHEZ: Freedom means the liberty to live one's life in a country that, as a matter of law, protects our God given natural rights. As a refugee from communism, the USA means freedom for me. AUBREY R. TAYLOR: Why are you proud to be an American? COUNTY TREASURER ORLANDO SANCHEZ: Because our country not only fights to preserve my freedom, but it fights to preserve other's freedom and promotes that concept around the world.

ONE AMERICA "Leaders Celebrating Freedom Together Series" in Houston Business Connections Magazine  

Our ONE AMERICA "Leaders Celebrating Freedom Together" series is currently underway inside Houston Business Connections Magazine, published...

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