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granted. Freedom reminds me that to whom much is given much is required. Freedom reminds me to go out every single day and give it my best because it came at immeasurable price. AUBREY R. TAYLOR: Why are you proud to be an American? FARRAH MARTINEZ: I am proud to be an American because of the great life this country has afforded me and my family. There are few countries, other than American, where my story would become a reality. I was raised by a single mother who worked two jobs to support our family. My mother could not afford to send me to college; however, I was still able to attend college and later go on to attend law school and become an attorney. Now I am running for judge. My personal story makes be proud to be an American because this county, while it is not perfect it is a place of opportunity and there is no other country that I would rather live in; nor is there any other county that I would rather serve as a Judge. The U.S. Constitution provides a great compass to protect our rights and freedoms and what I love about America is that we keep working to get it right; we keep working to make sure that everyone is protected, that everyone is included, that everyone has a chance to see their dreams come to pass. I am proud to 18

be an American and privileged to be a candidate for Judge of the 190th Civil District Court of Harris County.

INTERVIEW: David C. Newell is the Republican Candidate running for Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 9 in Texas AUBREY R. TAYLOR: What does freedom mean to you? DAVID C. NEWELL: At the risk of stating the obvious, "freedom" means a lot of different things to different people. People find its meaning in the inspirational words of Martin Luther King, Jr. or maybe even a popular song. But one thing that I have observed about freedom is that people, including myself, do not seem to think specifically about what it means to them on a regular basis. If you look at the dictionary definition it can mean the quality of being free as in the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action. It certainly means that to me as I often marvel at little things many of us take for granted such as the ability to catch a quick bite to eat at a fast-food restaurant. But I also see it quite often in the big things like the ability to vote for who will be my voice in passing the laws that will govern my daily life. And that leads me to another definition of freedom, that of a political right. It is a great paradox that our freedoms are based upon our responsibilities as citizens of the United States to participate in the process of self-governance. You can feel that responsibility not only in those little reminders such as a notice for jury

ONE AMERICA "Leaders Celebrating Freedom Together Series" in Houston Business Connections Magazine  

Our ONE AMERICA "Leaders Celebrating Freedom Together" series is currently underway inside Houston Business Connections Magazine, published...

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