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misstep, it is the promise of continuing improvement, eternally striving to achieve the ideals of justice, equality and opportunity. America is the greatest land of opportunity ever conceived. And not by a little. By a LOT. It is the beacon of hope for the world, hope that the world can be better when we trust and love our fellow man, and when we give people the opportunity to succeed. Through our adherence to our Constitution, free enterprise, and equal protection under rule of law, America has raised the standard of living for the entire world. America is not perfect; never has been and probably never will be. But it is by far the greatest system ever devised, and it is still getting better (especially in Texas!). Harry Truman said that “America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.” Every Monday morning, we start our court session in Texas’ 234th District Court with the Pledge of Allegiance the flag of the United States of America, and then to the flag of the Great State of Texas. We then set in to the hard work of justice, raising up the rule of law, seeking fairness and rightness for all who bring their disputes. Everymonday morning, and every minute of that day and every other day, I am so proud to serve America. (And why NOT?).

INTERVIEW: Judge Steven Kirkland is the Democratic Candidate running for District Judge, 113th Judicial District in Harris County, Texas 16

AUBREY R. TAYLOR: What does freedom mean to you? JUDGE STEVEN KIRKLAND: Whenever, I ponder that question, I hear the voice of Barbara Jordan rumbling across the prairie. I had the good fortune to hear Ms. Jordan mark the Sesquicentennial of the battle at San Jacinto. It was a sunny morning in March, and her voice echoed across the battleground, her words… “Freedom, that was what it was all about, freedom… “We are revolutionaries, we Texans...we Americans, born of revolution. Born of a desire for the God-given right of the he brown, white, live his own life as he chooses. Or, as she chooses. Here at San Jacinto, we won that right for Texas and eventually for Mexico by defeating a dictator. On this 150th Anniversary of that battle, let us publicly state our respect for the dignity of Mary and Maria...Juan and John...Richard and Ricardo...and for their inherent right to choose their own destiny...and to enjoy freedom...for that was what San Jacinto was all about ... freedom!" While I will never be as eloquent as she, I will build on what she offered that morning. I find freedom in many places and ways. Whether it is hiking up Emory Peak in Big Bend or riding a bike along Buffalo Bayou, sitting in quite contemplation in a Buddhist temple or singing

ONE AMERICA "Leaders Celebrating Freedom Together Series" in Houston Business Connections Magazine  

Our ONE AMERICA "Leaders Celebrating Freedom Together" series is currently underway inside Houston Business Connections Magazine, published...

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