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Judge Elaine H. Palmer is Ready to Continue Her Service as Judge of the 215th Civil District Court

2016 DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

"As Judge of the 215th Civil District Court, I have been proud of what we have achieved in four years. When I ran in 2012 I campaigned on reforming our judicial system. I now need your help to continue serving you, the taxpayer, as Judge of the 215th Civil District court." - Judge Elaine H. Palmer

Elaine Palmer's Reforms for Civil District Court #215

I will bring disciplined scheduling to the bench. No longer will there be large docket calls in the 215th with lawyers sitting around for hours wasting time watching a judge call case after case ahead of theirs. I will require that litigants who ask for a hearing to provide me with their estimate of how long the hearing will require.

The citizens of Harris County paid for cutting edge technology when they built the new courthouse. Every litigant, every counsel (both local and out of town) will be able attend hearings in person or via telephone or via video conference. There is no one size fits all justice. I will conduct initial case management conferences in every newly filed case and will set trials and issue Docket Control Orders after consultation with the parties about their expectations and particularized discovery needs.

Litigants should not be forced to incur mediation/arbitration expenses when there is very little opportunity for success. I will order mediation or other dispute resolution proceedings only if the parties agree that it can be beneficial. While I believe that mediation and other alternative dispute resolution procedures can be useful for resolving cases, I will not require it when any party does not want to participate. ----------------------------------------------------------------Paid Political Ad Elaine H. Palmer Campaign in compliance with the voluntary limits of the Judicial Campaign Fairness Act, M.M. Hill, Treasurer | PO Box 131392 | Houston | TX | 77219-1392


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