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AT-LARGE POSITION 3 Council Member Kubosh is currently serving his first term in office and will be up for re-election in the November 2015 City of Houston Mayoral Election.

AT-LARGE POSITION 4 Council Member C.O. “Brad” Bradford is currently serving his third and final term in office. The Houston City Council At-Large Position 4 seat will be open in the November 2015 City of Houston Mayoral Election.

AT-LARGE POSITION 5 Council Member Jack Christie is currently serving his second term and will be up for re-election in the November 2015 City of Houston Mayoral Election.

CITY COUNCIL DISTRICT A Council Member Brenda Stardig is currently serving her second term in office serving the people of Distrct A and will be up for re-election in the November 2015 City of Houston Mayoral Election.

CITY COUNCIL DISTRICT B Council Member Jerry Davis is currently serving his second term in office serving the people of District B and will be up for reelection in the November 2015 City of Houston Mayoral Election.

CITY COUNCIL DISTRICT C Council Member Ellen Cohen is currently serving her second term in office. Council Member Ellen Cohen will be running for re-election in the November 2015 City of Houston Mayoral Election for Houston City Council District C.

I AM IN! Dear Friends, As we begin to prepare for another holiday season, I wanted to personally let you know that, after much deliberation and prayer, I will run for City Controller in 2015. I will officially launch my campaign in March 2015 at my annual Women for Robinson (WFR 2015) Meet, Greet and Network Reception. Next year, the WFR Reception will be open to all who want to join me in my commitment to: 1) empowering the women of our community; 2) ensuring that all the young people in our city have “An Opportunity To Do Better”, and 3) Making Houston Greater. For all who support me – I am asking all of you who receive this letter for your support and vote – we will run a positive campaign focused on common-sense solutions for fixing the city’s budget, paying down our General Fund Debt including the Unfunded Pension Liability Debt; fixing our streets, sidewalks and infrastructure; modernizing city government; attracting more good paying jobs, business, entrepreneurs, college graduates, engineers, construction and development inside our city; consolidating and cutting city fees; consolidating city departments to reduce the city’s operating expenses; auditing city departments and programs and providing the Mayor and City Council with a Financial Impact Analysis of City Council Agenda Items (like the Legislature’s Fiscal Notes); increasing cooperation and coordination between the city and county on police protection, health care services, parks and libraries; extending light rail to Hobby Airport and from Hobby to the Astrodome/Reliant area; securing private funding for commuter rail and building the University Light Rail Line; deepening and widening the Port; and legalizing gaming. We are going to do these things because it is the job of the City Controller to offer ideas and solutions to protect taxpayers while sustaining and growing the city’s tax base and revenues without having to increase the property tax burden on homeowners and businesses or increasing city fees on all Houstonians. I helped pass the city’s spending “Rev Cap” City Charter Amendment and I still support it. It forces fiscal discipline on City Hall and it is why the City Council Fiscal Affairs Committee is now engaged in the process of defining what “core” city services are and how they should be fully funded. I support asking city voters to allow the city to keep excess revenue above the “Rev Cap” to speed up paying down the General

Fund Debts and fully funding Public Safety Services. I opposed establishing a city garbage fee when I was a City Council Member and I am still opposed. I support Early Matters – the Greater Houston Partnership’s Early Childhood Education/Pre-K Initiative; creating the South Main Innovation Zone and putting all existing public infrastructure plans and city building permits into one common 3D GIS Database so that city, neighborhood and business leaders can all see the cumulative impact of what the city, Metro, TxDOT, H-GAC, Gulf Coast Rail District, TIRZs, MUDs and Water Districts are planning to build over the next five (5) to fifty (50) years so we can mitigate traffic congestion, storm water run-off, air pollution and avoid duplication, conflicts and wasting taxpayers money. The database can also be used to help improve and better coordinate police patrols among local law enforcement agencies. Together, we are going to run a different kind of campaign; a campaign focused on Safety, Opportunity and Prosperity. We are going to run a campaign of BIG, BOLD, IDEAS and SOLUTIONS based on what I have heard from Houstonians during the last three years. I have heard your hopes, your desires and your concerns. I have heard your voice. I am personally asking you for your vote and support to be your voice at City Hall. I am committed to making sure that city government works for you, and that like you, city government does more with the revenue it already has so that you can keep more of your hard earned money to take care of yourself and your family and grow your business, if you own one. If you elect me your City Controller, I will be The Taxpayers Voice at City Hall. Sincerely,

Carroll G. Robinson for Houston P.S. Contributions cannot be accepted until February 1, 2015. If I can count on your support, I would greatly appreciate a contribution on February 1, 2015. The campaign can only accept personal or PAC checks. ----------------------------------------------------------Carroll G. Robinson for Houston I P.O. Box 8325 I Houston, Texas 77288 Victor L. Cardenas, Jr., Treasurer

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