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upcoming “2015 juneteenth� events for harris county & tuesday, nov. 3, 2015 city of houston election reminder


Friday, June 19, 2015 Houston, Texas

At 7:00 P.M. on Friday, June 19, 2015 at Miller Outdoor Theatre,

Houston's Juneteenth Celebration will be presenting an exciting music lineup to celebrate Juneteenth, one of the region's most significant historic events, which commemorates the abolition of slavery in Texas. Music fans gather from across the region at Miller Outdoor Theatre, Houston's largest public outdoor theatre, to hear performances by noted artists representing the rich

-- U.S. SENATOR MARK BEGICH is the former Democratic senator from Alaska who co-sponsored S.RES. 474.



African American musical traditions of the region, including blues, jazz, brass band, funk and zydeco.

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Celebrate the 150 year anniversary of Juneteenth free at Miller Outdoor Theatre on June 19th

Houston's Juneteenth Celebration presents a lineup of legendary singers and rising stars in traditional African American music to honor the sesquicentennial of Juneteenth, including Jewel Brown with R.A.D.S. The Krusaders II.0, Trudy Lynn with Steve Krase, the Peterson Brothers and Connection. Jewel Brown is an acclaimed Jazz and Blues singer whose career includes performing with Louis Armstrong's band from 1961-68 and starring in movies and television shows with Armstrong. She performs with the Heritage Hall Jazz Band. R.A.D.S. The Krusaders II.0 are carrying on the legacy of Houston Jazz legend Joe Sample. They recently recorded a CD with Jewel Brown. Trudy Lynn is a Houston legacy in Soul and Blues. Her 2014 album,

2015 Juneteenth Calendar of Events featuring 2015 Houston Mayoral Candidate Ben Hall  

Ben Hall, a 2015 Candidate for City of Houston Mayor is featured on the Juneteenth Calendar edition of Houston Business Connections Magazine...

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