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AUBREY R. TAYLOR: What was life like for you as a child growing up? JUDGE LOYD WRIGHT: I had a great childhood, playing sandlot and organized baseball, football and basketball. I had loving and supportive parents and an older brother, all of whom provided guidance and good advice throughout my life. My mother and father also stressed academics. I will never forget my father's frequent admonishment to not come home with a "B"! I took him very seriously and tried my best to never disappoint him. AUBREY R. TAYLOR: What did you dream of becoming as you were a child growing up? JUDGE LOYD WRIGHT: I suppose if I had a main dream it was to play baseball and football for Rice University. I was admitted to Rice but made a late decision to "get out of town" and attend the University of Texas. I sometimes think about the choices I made, like we all do. AUBREY R. TAYLOR: Did you achieve your childhood dream, or did it evolve into something different? JUDGE LOYD WRIGHT: I did not become the star left handed pitcher or tight end I dreamed of being, but the emphasis on academics paved the way for a good legal career which ultimately led to the job I have now as Judge of Probate Court No. 1. Who could complain about that? As a sole practitioner for nineteen years, I had control over my time and was often able to coach my son's and daughter's teams. I would not trade those days being with them for anything. AUBREY R. TAYLOR: What is your mission in life? JUDGE LOYD WRIGHT: My mission in life now is to enjoy my family, continue to do my job to the best of my ability, and help others


whenever I can. AUBREY R. TAYLOR: Do you have a recent accomplishment you would like to share? JUDGE LOYD WRIGHT: My biggest professional accomplishment has been to win two terms as Judge of Probate Court No. 1. I want to continue to earn the confidence of those who come into court and reaffirm that I will always do my utmost to be fair, impartial and diligent. AUBREY R. TAYLOR: What is your outlook for 2015? JUDGE LOYD WRIGHT: I think 2015 is going to be another great year for the Texas and Houston. I am looking forward to another four years on the bench. I have a wonderful staff that keeps things running smoothly "behind the scenes." It is just a great place to show up to in the morning. AUBREY R. TAYLOR: What advice would you give to someone out there striving to achieve their dream? JUDGE LOYD WRIGHT: Everyone should start by giving their best effort in school. There really is no consistently better way to change the circumstances of your life than through achievement and success in school. Doing well academically will give you more opportunities and choices in what to do with your life. Of course, working hard at whatever you decide to do will also make a tremendous difference, perhaps the biggest difference. These core principles become cliches for a reason! America offers so many different opportunities to be successful in one way or another. But you have to be a participant. You have to make a good faith effort. You have to be "in the game". Don't be someone who sits on the sidelines and then complains that things are not fair.



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