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Houston Building Owners & Managers Association January/February 2014

2014 is a special year for Houston BOMA. As we enter our octogenarian year of service to the local commercial real estate industry, we would like to kick things off by saying… It’s TOBY time!!! Join us as we honor the best of the best at The Outstanding Building of the Year Awards and 80th Anniversary Extravaganza. Entrants will be competing for a TOBY at the BOMA Southwest Region Conference which will take place March 27th – 29th in Ft. Worth, TX. This year’s entrants are: Northchase & Northbelt Owner: RFP Lincoln Greenspoint, LLC Management Company: Lincoln Property Company Manager: Cindy Williams Category: Suburban Office Park Mid-Rise

Fulbright Tower Owner: Crescent 1301 McKinney, LP Management Company: CBRE Manager: Wayne Courreges Category: Over 1 Million Sq. Ft. Intellicenter Owner: Phoenix Property Company Management Company: Lincoln Property Company Manager: Melanie Short Category: Corporate Facility

Pearland Medical Plaza Owner and Management Company: HCFD Realty Management Manager: Lynn Harris Category: Medical Office Building Williams Tower Owner: Invesco Management Company: Hines Manager: Marianne Lawson Category: Over 1 Million Sq. Ft. We would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank You” to all the entrants, TOBY judges and committee members that put their time and efforts into making this a successful awards season. Please join us in supporting your fellow colleagues in their endeavor to bring home a TOBY! ■


A Year In Review 2013


Save the Date 2014


Member of the Year Awards 10

TOBY Dates to remember: • Portfolio Due for local competition – January 6th • TOBY Tours – January 8th & 9th • TOBY Awards Banquet at Hotel Sorella – January 31st • Portfolio Due for regional competition – March 7th • Southwest Region Conference in Ft. Worth, TX – March 27th-29th • Portfolio Due for International competition – April 10th • International Conference in Orlando, FL – June 22nd-24th For additional TOBY information, go to or contact


2000 St. James Building Owner: St. James Owner LLC Management Company: Transwestern Manager: Morris Chen Category: Corporate Facility

You Be the Pundit


January 31st (Evening Event) Hotel Sorella | 800 Sorella Court | Houston, Texas 77024



TOBY Awards and Houston BOMA 80th Anniversary Extravaganza

Registration is Now Open

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President’s Message

THANK YOU! It is customary to say those two words after someone has done something for you but as I start my presidency I want to begin with saying thank you. All of the effort that goes in to making Houston BOMA a success does not go unrecognized. Our success could not have been achieved without the hard work and dedication given by a lot of people. First, thank you to Mary Stanton for leading Houston BOMA through a wonderful and fulfilling 2013. With Mary’s leadership, we continued to maintain a membership level exceeding 600 members; we made great strides in working with BOMA Southwest, had one of the highest attendance levels at Texas BOMA Legislative Advocacy day, and continued to implement programs that make Houston BOMA one of the best local associations in the United States. Second, thank you to the Houston BOMA Board of Directors for their continued leadership and dedication to the organization. The Board of Directors is made up of a diverse group of real estate professionals that have acted in the best interests of everyone involved in Houston BOMA. Each of them has dedicated themselves to making sure we continue to grow as an organization. There are not enough Thank You’s for all of our hard working committee leaders and committee members who make everything we do possible. When the Board of Directors

discusses the accomplishments of Houston BOMA, it never goes without saying that we have the best committee leadership and our committees are dedicated to excellence. Countless hours and hard work go in to making sure we produce a quality product for our membership and for that I say thank you! 2013 was a record year for the BAC/PAC Sporting Clays tournament where we raised over $30,000 for our Political Action Committee. The Annual Golf Classic was a sell out and raised over $40,000 for both the Houston Fire Fighters and our Political Action Committee (BAC PAC). Once again our Expo was a huge success and had record breaking attendance. Our educational offerings were expanded to include BOMI RPA courses. Our social events were second to none and provided tremendous networking opportunities. The list of our accomplishments goes on and on, none of which would have been possible without a dedicated membership. Our Allied Professional members also came through in a major way in 2013 and showed an increased level of support for all of our activities. As we look to the future, we are working hard to ensure our Allied Professional members see value for their participation and sponsorship; without their help we would not be able to do what we do as an organization. As great as 2013 was, 2014 looks to be another exciting year. We have

new educational offerings planned and will continue offering meaningful programs to our membership. Our TOBY committee is already hard at work to put forth first class TOBY submissions. We will be offering new programs focused on building engineers and our Research Committee will continue to build a better than ever Salary Survey. Look for our Expo Committee’s announcement regarding a new, larger location for the 2014 Expo. I want to say thank you everyone in advance for all of the hard work that will go in to making 2014 another record breaking year for Houston BOMA. The accomplishments of the past set a high standard for what we will do in the future but I am confident the best of Houston BOMA is ahead of us. I am honored to be leading Houston BOMA into the future and I thank you for providing me the opportunity. Finally, I cannot forget to thank Tammy Betancourt, Melissa Thuston, Elizabeth Saenz, and Jan Reynolds for all of the hard work and dedication they give to Houston BOMA. The product they produce continues to get better and better while still providing support to all of our 600+ members. None of the success we have enjoyed would be possible without the hard work of those four ladies and I cannot say THANK YOU enough for everything they do. ■

Calling All Members!!!

For your convenience, 2014 Dues Renewal Invoices have been emailed to you and have also been posted to your individual account. To view/print/pay your invoice, simply log-in to your account, and click on your “Pay Your Bills”. It’s that simple! Once you have logged in, you can pay your renewal online, change your contact information, take a survey, upload your logo/company description or even post a Youtube video! We appreciate your continued support and look forward to you renewing your 2014 Houston BOMA membership! ■

BOMA MISSION & VISION Mission The mission of the Houston Building Owners and Managers Association is to support and advance the interests of the commercial real estate industry. Houston BOMA will be an organization of advocacy and sustainable building practices that utilizes the strengths, talents and leadership of its members and industry associates to build value and lasting relationships with our community through professional development, networking and sharing of information.

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Vision To be the recognized industry leader in both legislative advocacy and professional development for a broad spectrum of commercial real estate professionals in the Houston market.

Houston Building Owners & Managers Association January/February 2014


Now Open!

Working towards a designation can be a wonderful opportunity to enhance your career. Here at Houston BOMA we have recognized the need to offer more courses, bring you great instructors,

If you are interested in sponsoring a designation course or seminar, opportunities are available – for more information, please contact ■

and give you an opportunity to register for courses well ahead of time to aid in your budgeting and time management planning. In 2014 we are offering: • Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Building Systems, Part I – February 10-13th • Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Building Systems, Part II – May 5-8th • Environmental Health & Safety Issues RPA Course – July 28-31st • High Performance Investments RPA Course – September 29-Oct 2nd (NEW PROGRAM for RPA graduates!) Seating is limited, so make sure and save your spot! To enroll in a course, simply visit, click on the course you are interested in and hit “Download Registration Form”. Once completed, email the enrollment form to or, if you need to send physical payment for same, please send to our lockbox: Houston BOMA PO Box 301552 Dallas, TX 75303-1552 *Note: For those of you who are members, please note the Early Bird member cutoff dates found on each course page. If you are not yet a member, but would like to join (you get substantial savings for courses!), simply email to get started today! For general information on BOMI designation courses and certificates, please visit For information on other educational offerings, please visit education. This year we will also be providing our members important information by hosting various educational seminars: • Tax Issues Seminar – Feb 19th • First Responders Drill Seminar – Apr 15th • Project Management/Construction Panel Seminar – August 7th • 4th Annual Medical Real Estate Summit – October 29th Houston Building Owners & Managers Association January/February 2014

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You Be the Pundit A LEGISLATIVE CHALLENGE BY TAMMY K. BETANCOURT, CAE Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Be the Pundit, Win a Prize Each election, your Legislative Advocacy Council evaluates candidates for office and considers endorsements and possible campaign contributions. It is always our goal to achieve 100% accuracy in our endorsements and we almost did it in 2013, picking 13 of 16 successful candidates for an 81.25%! But it’s never an easy task. The challenge in picking candidates is finding one that not only matches your organization’s political ideology (isn’t always possible — sometimes there are none), but picking the candidate who is going to win. The candidate you support may not be ideal, but when you are investing your hard earned dollars to support a candidate, you want to be sure that you end up on the winning side. Making up and getting on the late train is an expensive proposition, and sometimes elected officials are a tad vindictive when you aren’t with them from the beginning. It’s much better to get it right the first time. Which is what political science is all about — studying races and issues and making educated assumptions as to how people will vote based on a number of factors including race, gender, socioeconomic status and so on. There are many other factors that affect election outcomes as well. These factors must be assessed in each and every election: other big issues (referendums, constitutional amendments) on the ballot that will draw voter turnout; how much money a candidate has raised; the candidate’s plans for a successful campaign; which demographic areas are more likely to turn out; the demographics of districts that

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have heated races whose voters will vote on down-ballot races; the mood of the electorate — how angry are they or how afraid are they of change; how popular are the candidates —charisma can be one of the most deciding factors in an election (believe it or not); any scandal that has been unearthed? The list goes on and on. Now it’s your turn! Are you up to a challenge? The races are crowded here in Texas for 2014. Races for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, State Representatives and Senators will be on the ballot next fall and the March primaries will be very interesting to watch. As I write this, there are currently five Republican candidates for Governor, one Democratic candidate and three Libertarians. The filing deadline is December 9th so I think it’s safe to assume that a few more candidates will enter the races. So here’s my challenge: you be the pundit! Here’s how it works: Predict the results of the March primaries (pick your own party) for Governor, Lt. Governor and the Attorney General races. Many people can predict the winner come election eve. I want to know who can pick those winners now, in January! Plus, I want to know not just who you think will win, but the percentage of the vote they’ll receive. For example, let’s use a hypothetical race in Texas’s mythical 209th Congressional District. One could guess “Hamlet 52%”, however, my challenge is to take it to the next level by spelling it out to the decimal point — Hamlet 52.1%. Otherwise, well, there are only so many percents go to around..! I will take the figures from whatever the Texas Secretary of State’s Office of Elections has at noon on the Wednesday following the election – and see who comes closest. continued on page 9

Houston Building Owners & Managers Association January/February 2014

Houston Building Owners & Managers Association January/February 2014

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A Year in Review



Engineer Appreciation

Take a look at what Houston BOMA brought you in 2013!

Leadership Lyceum

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Legislative Ad

Houston Building Owners & Managers Association January/February 2014

TOBY Awards


Golf Classic


Houston Building Owners & Managers Association January/February 2014

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A Year in Review Medical Summit


Sporting Clays Expo

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Houston Building Owners & Managers Association January/February 2014

Save the Date Here is what we have in store for you in 2014!

2014 is a special year for Houston BOMA – We are turning 80! We have many exciting events and educational offerings coming your way this year so Save the Date and take a look at what is coming up in 2014! • TOBY Awards and Houston BOMA 80th Anniversary Celebration at Hotel Sorella – January 31st • BOMA International Winter Business Meeting & National Issues Conference (Washington, D.C.) – February 3-6th • Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Building Systems, Part I – February 10-13th • Tax Issues Seminar – Feb 19th • Business Exchange at H.E.S.S. Club – March 6th • BOMA Southwest Region Conference (Ft. Worth, TX) – March 27-29th • BAC Pac Clay Shoot – April 4th • First Responders Drill Seminar – Apr 15th • BOMA International Medical Office Building Conference (Nashville, TN) – April 30-May 2nd • Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Building Systems, Part II – May 5-8th • Houston BOMA Expo – May 22nd • Houston BOMA Luncheon – June 17th • BOMA International Every Building Conference & Expo (Orlando, FL) – June 22-24th • Environmental Health & Safety Issues RPA Course – July 28-31st • Project Management/Construction Panel Seminar – August 7th • Houston BOMA Joint Luncheon – September 16th • High Performance Investments RPA Course – September 29-Oct 2nd • Golf Classic at Blackhorse Golf Club – October 20th • 4th Annual Medical Real Estate Summit – October 29th ■

You Be The Pundit continued from page 4 For instance, if you think the hypothetical “Hamlet” is going to win with 52.1% and he gets 53.4%, well, you’re off by 1.3%. And in the next race, if you said “Romeo” was going to get 55.0% and “Romeo” winds up at 57.2% — well, then you’re off 2.2% We’ll add the variances together — and your total score would be 3.5%. Just as in golf, the low score wins — and you’ve got to pick the correct winner in all three races. Send me your predictions by January 31st. The winner will receive a lovely prize (to be determined), but most importantly will receive recognition and be the envy of friends and colleagues for being BOMA’s Pundit of the Year! ■ Houston Building Owners & Managers Association January/February 2014

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Member of the Year Awards Holiday Luncheon Over 300 guests attended Houston BOMA’s 2013 Holiday Awards luncheon at Hotel ZaZa in order to honor members who stood out in terms of exceptional service contributions. These members have contributed a considerable amount of time and talent to Houston BOMA by participating in activities such as serving as an officer, chair or committee member. We would like to thank all our winners not only for their support, but for serving to inspire others to do so as well! Our 2013 Award winners were…. Cindy Magouirk with CBRE – Principal Member of the Year Award Cindy Magouirk has been involved in Houston BOMA for over 20 years contributing on The Houston BOMA Board, and the TOBY, Golf and SW Regional Conference committees. In working as a local, Regional and International TOBY judge, Cindy has willingly shared her expertise to assist Houston entrants progress in the TOBY program. “I am humbly honored in being recognized as the 2013 Principal Member of the Year. I have been blessed to work with dedicated BOMA mentors and am passionate about “giving back” in mentoring others in their career growth, networking and the TOBY program.” Meredith Cress with Hines – Young Professional Member of the Year Award Meredith L. Cress is a General Property Manager with Hines, and is a graduate of Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science. Meredith is also a graduate of our Leadership Lyceum program, has been heavily involved with the Professional Development and Education Committee as Chair, and will be joining our 2014 Board of Directors! “It was such a surprise and honor to receive the 2013 Young Professional of the Year award! I am thankful to Houston BOMA for the many wonderful opportunities it has afforded me. I have no doubt that my career has been very positively influenced through involvement in Houston BOMA.”

Erin Donovan with Brickman – President’s Volunteer Award Erin Parker Donovan joined the Brickman Group in 2009 and currently holds the role of Business Development Executive. Joining Houston BOMA in 2010 she has been a part of several committees including: Networking, Golf, Education, and Meeters and Greeters. Originally from Biloxi Mississippi, she attended the University of Southern Mississippi where she majored in Marketing. “I am honored to be a member of Houston BOMA and to have received the 2013 President’s Volunteer Award. Not only have I been able to connect with the best Houston has to offer, but BOMA has given me the opportunity build long term relationships.” Logix – Houston BOMA’s Largest Financial Supporter in 2013 LOGIX has served the Houston commercial real estate industry, specializing in integrated voice and data communications since 1983 and have been a member of Houston BOMA since 2005. LOGIX believes that no matter how advanced network or technologies become, their primary focus is to be the easiest telecommunications company to do business with. We had a very special guest this year... Mr. Eugene Barbles, a former BOMA president, has been a member with Houston BOMA since 1951! Gene, thank you so much for your commitment, heart, and for braving the elements to grace us with your presence at the luncheon! We would also like to commend those members of our Board of Directors whose term has ended: Mark D. Janssen, Senior Property Manager with Hines Mark R. Nicholson, Managing Director for CBRE Greg B. Pell, Senior Vice President with Stream Realty Andy Allen, President of United Protective Services We thank them for the excellent leadership, service and talent they have brought to Houston BOMA!

Steve Jackson with E3 Electric – Allied Professional Member of the Year Award Steve E. Jackson is Chief Executive Officer for E3 Electric, Ltd and attended Reagan High School, as well as the University of Houston. Steve’s primary company goal is always to provide the best electricians anywhere, any time. Steve has been a great supporter of Houston BOMA both in sponsorships as well as committee involvement and notes that “participation in BOMA is key to the successful relationships he has built over the years …”

A special Thank You to our Event Sponsor:

Mary W. Stanton, COO for Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc. is also ending her term as President, but will continue to serve on our Board of Directors. Thank you so much for all the work you have done to lead and promote Houston BOMA- we truly appreciate your leadership! ■

To view a full photo gallery of the event, visit

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Houston Building Owners & Managers Association January/February 2014



Mike Bohny Business Development Mooring USA

Joseph L. Hebert Sr. General Manager Transwestern

Cindy Niles General Manager Transwestern

Kevin Stutts Senior Lease Administrator ABM Mgmt – Memorial Hermann

Jamie Dornak Business Development Manager Securitas

Sandra Hernandez Property Manager Lincoln Property Company

Jill Parker Assistant Property Manager Transwestern

Jack Turano Attorney Roberts Markel Weinberg Butler Hailey, PC

Leticia Elias President Elias Commercial Roof Systems, Inc.

Michael Kasmiersky Senior Property Manager Cousins

Adam Raffle Regional Operations Manager WinPark

Lauren Kelch Assistant Property Manager Hines

Sam Sanford President Gulf Coast Exterminators

Heather Kresta Finance Manager, Real Estate Memorial Hermann

Anessa Sillman Assistant Property Manager Cousins

Richard Goerlich Sr. Chief Engineer Cousins

Adam Lindsay Director of Construction and Engineering Transwestern

NancyRae Smith Assistant Property Manager Cousins

Thomas Hasz Property Administrator M-M

Erica Lumpkins Assistant Property Manager Lincoln Property Company

Robert Hauck Real Estate Director Memorial Hermann

Richard Morrison Senior Tax Manager LaPorte CPA’s and Business Advisors

Bunmi Fashola Assistant Property Manager ABM Mgmt – Memorial Hermann Allan Fuller Chief Engineer Cameron Management

Houston Building Owners & Managers Association January/February 2014

Ashley Vanderslice Assistant Property Manager CBRE Kelly Wilson Director of Business Development/Estimator – Sales Enterprise Commercial Paving Natalie Woodard Senior Real Estate Manager Beacon RI

For member contact information, please visit our website and sign in to view our full Directory. If you would like to join Houston BOMA or know of someone who should join, please contact Elizabeth at Houston BOMA at

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HOUSTON BOMA 9 Greenway Plaza, Suite 100 Houston, Texas 77046-0929 (713) 266-5691 Fax (713) 266-4632

BOARD OF DIRECTORS President Brett D. Williams, CPM – Transwestern Executive Vice President Tammy K. Betancourt, CAE – Houston BOMA President-Elect Marshall B. Heins, CPM – Memorial Hermann Healthcare System Vice President Greg J. Jones – Cushman & Wakefield

2014 Elite Group of Sponsors

Thank you for joining the 2014 elite group of sponsor partners – Your partnership is valuable and appreciated! Atlantis Sponsor Partners:

Vice President of Finance Kirk O’Neal, CPM – Cousins Properties Immediate Past President Mary Stanton, RPA, LEED AP – Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc. Directors Joseph Hebert – Transwestern Meredith L. Cress – Hines Chad M. Nusbaum – Piedmont Office Realty Trust Michael Mrozek, CPM – CBRE Group, Inc. Jim Roll – ISS Facility Services, Inc. Advisory Board Robert L. Carlen, CPM – Cousins Properties Roger Ritter – M-M Properties

Discovery Sponsor Partners:

Challenger Sponsor Partners:

COMMITTEE CHAIRS BAC PAC Sporting Clays Shooting Tournament Mark Janssen – Hines Building Expo Committee Marianne Lawson – Hines Construction Industry Council Billy Sams, RPA – Cousins Properties Golf Classic David Piro – Hines Legislative Advisory Committee/BAC PAC Ed Bovermann – Hines Meeters/Greeters Erin Donovan – Brickman Group Nominating & Awards Mary Stanton – Jones Lang LaSalle Professional Development & Education Wayne Courreges – CBRE Research Advisor Andy Hoyns – Thomas Properties Group Special Events Committee Lynn Thoms – Transwestern TOBY Awards Committee Sarah Sutton – CBRE Newsletter Editor: Elizabeth Saenz – Director of Membership & Professional Development

Endeavor Sponsor Partners:

Calendar of Events January


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BOMA Office Closed – New Year’s Day RPA/FMA Early Bird Member cut-off for special pricing – Design Ops I Professional Development and Education Committee Meeting Special Events Committee Meeting TOBY Committee Meeting LAC/BAC PAC Meeting EXPO Committee Meeting BOMA Board Meeting TOBY Awards & Houston BOMA 80th Anniversary Extravaganza

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BOMA International Winter Business Meeting & National Issues Conference 10-13 RPA/FMA Designation Course – Design Ops I 11 LAC/BAC PAC Meeting 11 TOBY Committee Meeting 19 Property Tax Seminar 20 EXPO Committee Meeting 25 Leadership Lyceum, Session I 27 BOMA Board Meeting

Houston Building Owners & Managers Association January/February 2014

Houston BOMA January/February Newsletter 2014  
Houston BOMA January/February Newsletter 2014