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Save The Date Broker Panel


Political Action Committee 101 6-7

Houston Building Owners & Managers Association May/June 2014

Regional TOBY Winners

With 140 exhibitors, this is the biggest Expo ever! Our fabulous prizes have arrived, and our booths are sold out months in advance. So why should you come? This year's Expo will provide a golden opportunity for real estate professionals to explore new technologies, products and services offered by vendors. All property managers, facility managers, building engineers, developers, owners, asset managers and their assistants in the commercial real estate industry are invited and highly encouraged to join us. Don't miss this fun occasion to network with your peers, gain a competitive edge, and win some outstanding prizes! This event is free to attend so please be sure to register today. Don't let parking get you down, it's on us. Visit for more details. â–


Expand Your Professional Development 10

Mark Your Calendars for the LARGEST Commercial Real Estate Expo in Houston!



May 22 Reliant Park 2:00-7:00 PM


President’s Message

2014 continues to move rapidly forward and I am once again pleased to say Houston BOMA is on a scorching pace of success. With the year almost half over, we have accomplished many of the goals set forth for 2014 and we are on target for a great year. Our membership is at an all-time high with over 600 Principal and Allied Professional members. Our annual renewal rate is higher in 2014 than ever before and we have virtually no waiting list for Allied Professional membership. The higher than ever membership retention is encouraging to see and sends the message that Houston BOMA is continuing to offer the best programs and services to its members. I continue to challenge our

with the 2013 property tax protests, what is to be expected in 2014, and what can be done to fight the ever increasing values placed on commercial properties. Our Legislative Action Committee (LAC) is also continuing its efforts to represent our membership and monitor the issues that affect us locally. The LAC team made its annual visits to City Hall and met with all of our City Council members to discuss property taxes, food trucks, and the City of Houston recently agreeing to citywide energy benchmarking. Additionally, several of our members met with the Harris County Chief Appraiser to discuss our concerns about the increased values placed on commercial property and the potential

Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, and committee members to find new and relevant offerings for our membership and it appears that our efforts have been successful. Nothing illustrates the excellence of our programming more than our recent Property Tax seminar which was a sellout. Our speakers provided current and useful information to our members about what is happening

impact of those increased values. All of these issues, as well as many others, will continue to be monitored and our LAC will continue to report to our members important information as it becomes available. Our annual BAC PAC Sporting Clays tournament was held in early April and was once again a huge success. We were a near sell out with 55 teams participating and

many of our Allied Professional Members supporting the tournament with station sponsorships, all of which helped the BAC PAC raise nearly $30,000 for our ongoing advocacy efforts. Thank you to everyone who participated and supported our annual fundraiser and thank you to our Sporting Clays Committee for putting on another great event. I want to congratulate our local TOBY winners who recently won the BOMA Southwest Regional TOBY competition. Intellicenter and Pearland Medical Plaza both won the BOMA Southwest TOBY and will be representing Houston BOMA at the 2014 BOMA International TOBY awards this June in Orlando. In addition to the TOBY program, this year’s BOMA International Every Building Conference & Expo will have an increased focus on industrial properties with a full education tract for industrial. The conference and expo is always a great opportunity to learn important industry trends, meet industry peers from around the world and to see the latest industry trends and products. We still have many more programs and offerings to come in 2014 from educational offerings to social gatherings, and Houston BOMA is working hard to give our members what they are looking for. I hope to see all of you soon at an upcoming event. ■

BOMA MISSION & VISION Mission The mission of the Houston Building Owners and Managers Association is to support and advance the interests of the commercial real estate industry. Houston BOMA will be an organization of advocacy and sustainable building practices that utilizes the strengths, talents and leadership of its members and industry associates to build value and lasting relationships with our community through professional development, networking and sharing of information.

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Vision To be the recognized industry leader in both legislative advocacy and professional development for a broad spectrum of commercial real estate professionals in the Houston market.

Houston Building Owners & Managers Association May/June 2014

Save the Date! BROKER PANEL JUNE 17 The right perspective can help you shape your direction for the year and we certainly understand that. Every year Houston BOMA helps you stay in the know by hosting a panel of tenant and landlord brokers to bring you the latest market trends and predictions on the upcoming year’s commercial real estate development and growth. This year we have worked hard to get you the best. Come find out who made it on our panel and what they have to say at one of our most anticipated industry events of the year. Our 2014 Broker Panel luncheon will be held on June 17th from 11:30-1pm at The Royal Sonesta Hotel Houston. You can register online at Having the right information can make all the difference when it comes to real estate, so if you have a burning question you would like to ask our panel, get started early and email your thoughts to – we want to hear from you! ■

DID YOU KNOW can receive up Houston BOMA members e cases more!) to a 20% discount (in som sed from the for all documents purcha Information BOMA International Store? standard to on everything from office , as well as s ook sustainability guideb and proper ty ent pm publications on develo fingertips! r you management are right at le ilab publications, To view the full list of ava .or g/. ■ go to http://store.boma

Houston Building Owners & Managers Association May/June 2014

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Houston Building Owners & Managers Association May/June 2014

Looking to Optimize Your Building? SIGN UP FOR DESIGN OPS II Houston BOMA partners with BOMI International to offer a variety of professional designations for property managers, facility managers and building engineers. Throughout the commercial property industry, a BOMI designation is recognized as a mark of distinction; an emblem of achievement backed by BOMI’s more than 40 years of excellence in developing and offering advanced education programs. Design Ops II, taking place May 5 – May 8 at Greenway Plaza, provides information property and facility managers must have to increase occupant safety and comfort while facilitating building efficiency to meet the business goals of an organization. Applies to: FMC and PAC certificates | FMA® and RPA® designations Contact Elizabeth Saenz at 713-266-5691 for any questions. ■ *Breakfast included

Houston Building Owners & Managers Association May/June 2014

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Political Action Committee (PAC) 101 BY TAMMY K. BETANCOURT, CAE Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer During the past 28 years, Political Action Committees have grown to become an important element in financing the political campaigns of congressional, state and local candidates. Yet many Americans don’t understand PACs and the important role they play in the political process. Simply put, a PAC is a group of individuals who pool their financial resources to help elect candidates to public office. The candidates they support are men and women who share the group's interests and concerns about public policy issues. That’s it, nothing more magical to it than that. Any group of US citizens or nearly any US organization can form a PAC. Just like there are associations to cover every topic under the sun, PACs exist in the same way. We now even have Super PACs. The over 590 Super PACs registered with the Federal Election Commission during the past election cycle can collect unlimited donations and spend their money to support whichever political candidate they wish. Sometimes the purpose of SuperPACs can be a bit obscure with names like Why Not ZoidPAC?, Slam Dunks Fireworks and Eagles

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SuperPAC, Mitt is Mean — Animal Lovers Against Mitt Romney, Sam vs. the Machine, Bears for a Bearable Tomorrow, and my personal favorite, Patriotic Americans for a More Patriotic and American America. Before Super PACs became "super," they were merely PACs. PACs could support a candidate or a cause, but were heavily regulated under the terms of campaign finance law. Individuals were allowed to give $2,500 – no more – and corporations and unions were strictly forbidden from making donations. In 2010, that all changed. Two court cases decided within two months of each other re-wrote the book on campaign spending and ushered in the Super PAC era. PACs are the epitome of the adage “strength in numbers”. Throughout our country's history, groups of likeminded citizens have joined together to ensure that their voices are heard in the political process. They serve as an important source of funds to candidates who must rely on expensive broadcast media, direct mail efforts, polling and campaign consultants, not to mention the traditional posters, bumper stickers, billboards, and other political

Houston Building Owners & Managers Association May/June 2014

paraphernalia. As a result, candidates look to every resource for campaign support, including individuals, political parties, their own personal resources, and PACs. Houston BOMA’s PAC, the BAC PAC, has strengthened our influence in our political sphere for the past eight years. Houston BOMA has transformed from a political watchdog to a political powerhouse during that time through our campaign contributions to local and state officials. We’d like to thank those who have supported our PAC this year through individual contributions during our “PAC Month” campaign:

The BAC PAC’s mission: to promote and strive for the improvement of government by encouraging and stimulating persons affiliated with the Building Owners and Managers Association of Houston to take a more active part in governmental affairs;

to encourage persons affiliated with the Building Owners and Managers Association of Houston to know and understand the nature and actions of the government, important political issues, and the records of the office holders and candidates; and

to do what is necessary or appropriate to attain these purposes.

We are a voluntary, nonprofit, unincorporated committee of individuals affiliated with the Building Owners and Managers Association of Houston and are not associated with any political party. The PAC is an independent and autonomous organization, and has no branches or subsidiary organizations. There is always time to make a contribution to the PAC. As little as $20 per member could make an incredible impact on our ability to effectively represent the commercial real estate industry. Visit to make a contribution today! ■

Houston Building Owners & Managers Association May/June 2014

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other utilities — like light, power and water —

As American cities grow and infrastructure becomes increasingly interconnected to deliver services, the demand for High Speed Internet has to keep pace. In fact, the Internet has quickly taken its place among other utilities — like light, power and water — to be something that’s expected to always be available, anytime, anywhere and across multiple devices.

As a result, the ‘table is already set’, so to speak, for customer expectations. Tenants expect Internet and Wi-Fi Hot Spots on-demand and take it

Houston is currently the 4th fastest growing City in the U.S.

Furthermore, tenant loyalty goes hand-in-hand with delivering on this ‘Internet promise’. Even existing tenants will be forced to move on if your building’s infrastructure is not up to the task of handling the fastest speeds and the latest technologies.

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customer expectations.

Consider the opportunity for yourself. Rated as the fourth fastest growing city in America by Forbes recently, Houston has a 6.1% projected economic growth through 2016. Its current population of 6.23 million is growing at an average of 2% each year while median income stands at more than $55,000.

the city, but also an entirely new population of smartphone using, web-hungry prospective tenants. Imagine an unbeatable combination where your building becomes an oasis where business and technology intersect. But don’t just take our word for it. Consider this quote from Michelle R. Sloan of Crown Sterling Properties, in Dallas: “We are very pleased to be a LOGIX SMART BUILDINGSM. High FREE, and tenants love it! Also, as a LOGIX SMART BUILDINGSM we


LOGIX SMART BUILDINGS : 1. Help building owners improve the tenant experience by providing Wi-Fi Hot Spots to common areas such as lobbies, cafes or shared conference areas. 2. Real time activation of Internet connections and voice services to your tenants. 3. Deliver, with LOGIX FIBER, the fastest gigabit Internet speeds available for the growing needs of your tenants. 4.

speeds!” For any questions please call BOMA member: Terry Burnside Vice President of Smart Building Access 713-865-8207


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Houston Building Owners & Managers Association May/June 2014

Regional TOBY Winners INTELLICENTER AND PEARLAND MEDICAL PLAZA MOVE ON TO INTERNATIONAL TOBYS! A big BOMA congratulations to two BOMA members whose teams and buildings won their categories at the 2014 Regional TOBYs in Fort Worth! Intellicenter, managed by Melanie Short, and Pearland Medical Plaza, managed by Lynn Harris, are heading to Orlando. Best of luck! ■

Houston Building Owners & Managers Association May/June 2014


Win a Bose Wireless Soundsystem We will be announcing the winner of our "Refer an Allied Professional" contest at the Expo – one lucky property management member will be taking home a BOSE SoundTouch™ 30 Wi-Fi® wireless sound system. It's not too late to participate – simply put, the property management member that refers the most Allied Professionals will win, so get those vendor applications in! In order to get credit for your referral, your name must be on the application submitted and the application must be complete. Once the applicant is either admitted as a member or added to our waiting list, you get one entry in the contest. You are not limited to one entry, so keep those referrals coming! If you have any questions regarding the contest, just give Elizabeth a call at 713-266-5691 or email at ■


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BeatStudio by Dre. XBOX ONE. Vizio 55-inch HD Smart TV.

Expo Prizes

These are just three of the many prizes we'll be giving away at the LARGEST commercial real estate Expo in Houston! Make sure to sign up for the scavenger hunt when you come to the 2014 BOMA Expo on Thursday, May 22, 2014 at Reliant Park. The hunt will take you to different booths, where not only will you learn about the great products and services offered, it also puts you in the running for some great techy giveaways! See you there! ■

Recap Thank you for a

55 Teams

successful Sporting Clays Tournament! Over

$30,000 Raised A Generous Thanks to our Underwriter

Thank you to everyone who participated and supported our annual fundraiser and thank you to our Sporting Clays Committee for putting on another great event. Visit for more photos! ■ INNOVATIVE CLEANING SOLUTIONS

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Houston Building Owners & Managers Association May/June 2014



DeBarbieris, Andrew Spark Lighting President

Vecchio, Marc Boxer Property Management Director of Operations

Kelley, John Crimson Services Executive Vice President

Terry, Mandy CBRE Assistant Real Estate Manager

Blasingame, Kevin JOBS (Jobs-Amst) Division Manager

Ramirez, Anthony Howard Hughes Management Group Chief Engineer

McKenzie, Martha Moody Rambin Property Assistant

Jody Lancour TPMC Realty Corporation V.P. Engineering and Construction

Peglow, Tim MD Anderson Associate VP, Patient Care Facilities

Manning, Laura Howard Hughes Management Senior Real Estate Manager

Zaldivar, Venassa Health Care REIT Property Administrator

Hannigan, Kim Metronational Assistant Property Manager

Wells, Jaimie Moody Rambin Property Manager

Parikh, Anup SemaConnect Territory Sales Manager

Offield, Robin CBRE Property Management – Real Estate Services

Hinson, Sandi FLSA Inspection Sales Representative

Tabbah, Jacqueline International Stoneworks, Inc. Assistant Vice President

Joseph, Shawn Moody Rambin Assistant Property Manager

Tabbah, Rawi International Stoneworks, Inc. President

Nelson, Sequoya Holt Lunsford Senior Property Manager

Micheletti, David KCS Office Moving Commercial Sales Representative

McGregor II, Kelvin CBRE Assistant Real Estate Manager

Washington, Faith Texas Medical Center Director, Hospitality & Leasing Services

Gifford, Zane LOPO LLC c/o Crocker Partners Chief Engineer

Moore, Andrea Behringer Harvard Assistant Property Manager

Ralph Velasco Polygon US Corporation Business Development Specialist

Beggerly, Erika Brookfield Assistant Property Manager Greensage, Jeff CBRE Associate Director Bautista, Humberto City of Houston Assistant Director - Asset Management and Strategic Planning Division Moreno, George Park 1 General Manager Quinn, Kevin Nalco District Manager Gandhi, Himesh Roberts Markel Weinberg Butler Hailey, PC Attorney Cropper, Ryan Caldwell Companies Vice President - Property Management Sanders, Julie CBRE Senior Real Estate Manager

Sutton, Norma CBRE Associate Director Stelly, Gloria CBRE Property Manager O'Keefe, George Transwestern Chief Engineer Whitener, Jericho Transwestern Assistant Chief Engineer

Wenzel, Robin Griffin Partners, Inc. Senior Property Manager Scott, Mark Senior Chief Engineer Transwestern Lack, Josh Senior Property Manager Transwestern

Wright, David Eklund's Sales Manager

For member contact information, please visit our website and sign in to view our full Directory. If you would like to join Houston BOMA or know of someone who should join, please contact Elizabeth at Houston BOMA at

ARE YOU READY TO EXPAND YOUR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT? Houston BOMA is looking for property management members who are ready to pass on their knowledge and expertise to others in our industry. If you are interested in earning some extra cash and already have your RPA or FMA, an opportunity to develop your professional repertoire is right around the corner! BOMI will be hosting an Instructor Development Workshop in Orlando, Florida on June 21st right before the BOMA International Every Building Conference & Expo. To register or for more information, please contact â– Houston Building Owners & Managers Association May/June 2014

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HOUSTON BOMA 9 Greenway Plaza, Suite 100 Houston, Texas 77046-0929 (713) 266-5691 Fax (713) 266-4632


BOARD OF DIRECTORS President Brett D. Williams, CPM – Transwestern

Atlantis Sponsors:

Executive Vice President Tammy K. Betancourt, CAE – Houston BOMA President-Elect Marshall B. Heins, CPM – Memorial Hermann Healthcare System Vice President Greg J. Jones – Cushman & Wakefield Vice President of Finance Kirk O’Neal, CPM – Cousins Properties Immediate Past President Mary Stanton, RPA, LEED AP – Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc. Directors Joseph Hebert – Transwestern Meredith L. Cress – Hines Chad M. Nusbaum – Piedmont Office Realty Trust Michael Mrozek, CPM – CBRE Group, Inc. Jim Roll – ISS Facility Services, Inc.

Challenger Sponsors:

Advisory Board Robert L. Carlen, CPM – Cousins Properties Roger Ritter – M-M Properties

COMMITTEE CHAIRS BAC PAC Sporting Clays Shooting Tournament Mark Janssen – Hines Building Expo Committee Lynn Harris – Healthcare Facilities Development Construction Industry Council Billy Sams, RPA – Cousins Properties Golf Classic David Piro – Hines Legislative Advisory Committee/BAC PAC Ed Bovermann – Hines Meeters/Greeters Erin Donovan – Brickman Group Nominating & Awards Mary Stanton – Jones Lang LaSalle Professional Development & Education Wayne Courreges – CBRE Research Advisor Andy Hoyns – Thomas Properties Group Special Events Committee Lynn Thoms – Transwestern TOBY Awards Committee Sarah Sutton – CBRE Newsletter Editor: Carlos Giambi – Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Discovery Sponsors:

Endeavor Sponsors:

Calendar of Events May 1 5-8 6 13 15 16 22 26

June Board of Directors Design Ops II Course Special Events Committee Meeting LAC Committee Meeting; TOBY Committee Meeting Expo Committee Meeting PDEC Meeting BOMA Expo Golf Committee Meeting

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Special Events Committee Meeting LAC Committee Meeting; TOBY Committee Meeting Leadership Lyceum Session III; 2014 Broker Panel Luncheon Golf Committee Meeting Expo Committee Meeting PDEC Meeting

Houston Building Owners & Managers Association May/June 2014

BOMA Highlights - May/June 2014  
BOMA Highlights - May/June 2014