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Teacher Externships: Connecting Education to the Workplace

Š 2006 Houston A+ Challenge

Teacher Externship Workshop Learning Outcomes • Develop understanding and importance of bridging the gap between education and work • Learn how to build a successful extern program

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Teacher Externship Workshop Overview • History of Houston A+ Challenge • Landscape Change = Need for education and business collaboration • How to build a successful extern program • Documentation and Measurement

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Who We Are

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Mission The mission of The Houston A+ Challenge is to promote an academically rich and purposeful education for more of our children and to demonstrate how such an education could become possible for all our children.

Š 2006 Houston A+ Challenge

Facts • Largest non-profit, public-private partnership dedicated to public school improvement in the Houston area • Develops and funds programs in schools, leadership and higher education to promote higher academic achievement by all students • Invested $102 million to date in Houston area schools © 2006 Houston A+ Challenge

Imperatives • Increase student achievement through: – Quality professional development – Bringing communities into the schools – Making classrooms/schools more personal for students © 2006 Houston A+ Challenge

What We Do • • • • •

Restructuring high schools Revamping teacher preparation programs Creating integrated fine arts models Placing math specialists in elementary schools Building leadership capacity through

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Texas Landscape

Š 2006 Houston A+ Challenge

Is Changing… Ethnic Distribution in Texas Public Schools 100 90 80


70 60




40 30 20

14.2 0.3



0 AfricanAmerican



Native American

Asian/Pacific Islander

© 2006 Houston A+ Source: TEA, Department of Performance Reporting, Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS) 2004-2005 Challenge

but not as rapidly in the post-secondary world Annual post-secondary enrollment among three largest ethnic/racial groups -African American 13%

White 58%

Hispanic 29%

© 2006 Houston A+ Source: “Closing the Gaps” by The Texas Higher Education Plan, 2004 Challenge

while 2004 -2014 occupation forecasts require higher education levels


Professional and Related Occupations Growth 2,000





















© 2006 Houston A+ Source: “The Monthly Labor Review” November 2005, by Daniel E. Hecker Challenge


Life, physical and social science

Architecture and engineering

Arts, design, entertainment, sports and media

Community and social services

Computer and mathematical science

Education, training, and library

0 Health care practitioner and technical


in a world that is flat… • Flatteners – Political upheaval and social reform – Technological change: Internet, Digital Age – Collaboration and organization • • • •

Open sourcing Out sourcing Off shoring Global corporations (Wal-mart, Google, Microsoft)

© 2006“The Houston Source: World isA+ Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century” by Thomas Friedman Challenge

Best Practices High Schools That Work (2002) analysis recommends the following for higher student achievement within career oriented high schools: •

Rigorous academic core and career focus that includes the honing of skills to complete real world assignments and

Teachers who provide good learning experiences that involve numeracy, engaging, hands on experiences that include solving real world problems

Higher expectations culture that motivates students to do their best in more demanding classes and actively participating in their classes

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Alignment/Common Vision • The Three R’s: Rigor Relevance Relationships

© 2006 Houston A+ Challenge

Teacher Externships are.. designed to connect classroom teachers with business professionals in their field of study in order to make students’ learning experiences more relevant to the workplace.

Š 2006 Houston A+ Challenge

Teacher Extern Outcomes Teachers will: • be introduced to modern workplace equipment and actual challenges in the workplace • have the chance to work together with employers to understand what students need for success in the workplace • learn ways to connect the classroom to the modern workplace • help employers understand the importance of classroom instruction • have a real world experience in a career field related to their teaching field • build alliances with local employers and gain personal mentors from the © 2006 Houston A+ workforce Challenge

Teacher Externship Areas • • • • • •

Arts, Community Service – Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, DiverseWorks Communications, Media – SBC, Houston Chronicle Energy – Duke, El Paso, Enbridge, Zilka Financial Services – JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo Health Services – Baylor, UTHSC Hospitality – Houstonian

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Steps to building a successful extern program • • • • •

Select a Coordinator Build SMART Goals Develop marketing collateral (Message) Recruit Teachers, Sponsors Build and nurture relationships

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Steps to building a successful extern program (continued) • Build process for externship – Prepare – Execute – Review and debrief – Adapt and incorporate

© 2006 Houston A+ Challenge

Maintain accountability

Find stakeholders that will support & push

Sponsor & Teacher Recruitment

Review alignment of mission and values

Š 2006 Houston A+ Challenge

Review existing relationships

Tracking Relationship




Š 2006 Houston A+ Challenge

Documentation & Measurement • Qualitative – Artifacts (reflections, pictures, conversations)

• Quantitative – Benchmarks (surveys, people, resources)

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Email Message From: Mimms, Jacquelyn B Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2005 10:30 AM To: Alejandro Morua Subject: RE: Teacher Externships 1. Students have shown special interest in working on their projects, caring more for others . 2. My partnership with Wells Fargo Bank has truly been a blessed one. Since we all last met the bank has since then given my school a check for the sum of $2,289.60 for us to purchase 460 yards of fabric for our school wide project. Our school adopted Brairwood Nursing home as our grandparents, so we are making 180 lap blankets for the residents at the home. At this point my classes are in the process of cutting the fabric and stat making the blankets. I am very excited about being in the externship for the coming summer, please let me know what I need to do to get started. Jacquelyn

Š 2006 Houston A+ Challenge


Š 2006 Houston A+ Challenge


Š 2006 Houston A+ Source: Houston Chronicle, June 11, 2005 Challenge



2005 Extern Feedback: How would you rate this program? 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Excellent

Above Average Rating

Š 2006 Houston A+ Challenge


Below Average



2005 Sponsor Feedback: Was this an appropriate match? 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Yes

Š 2006 Houston A+ Challenge


Benchmarks Teacher Extern Growth 120


100 80 60 40 20 0 2003 Š 2006 Houston A+ Challenge


* Projected number of teachers for summer 2006.



Teacher Externships: Connecting Education to the Workplace (1/25/06)  

Teacher Externships: Connecting Education to the Workplace (1/25/06)

Teacher Externships: Connecting Education to the Workplace (1/25/06)  

Teacher Externships: Connecting Education to the Workplace (1/25/06)