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A Word From The President Never the Mediterranean area of these times has seen such important events as those observed in the recent years not only economically and socially but also politically. The various events that have been taking place in the region have an eventual impact on our society, the platform of our actions and the battlefield for community service. The crisis in the Syrian Arab Republic currently threatens the return of Polio in a region declared as eradicated for over 14 years. The drama of Lampedusa which recently occurred in Italy is among the incidents that cannot be left without acting. Rotaract clubs and districts in the Mediterranean region, being involved in various forms of social activities, are encouraged and forced now more than ever to work hand in hand while being aware that only synergy and the exchange of experiences can lead to successful projects . Amidst all the events happening in the Mediterranean, this newsletter is intended to create bonds of exchange between the Mediterranean Rotaract Clubs to discover the diverse projects realized over the area. Our newsletter serves as a laboratory of new ideas where all Rotaractors are invited to share their thoughts about the future while promoting Rotaract in our Mare Nostrum. The first board of the Mediterranean Rotaract MDIO has the pleasure to present to you its first newsletter as a modest publication which is open to your observations and remarks for its improvement and continuation. On behalf of the MDIO team, I wish you an enjoyable Mediterranean trip across the articles.

Housni Sbai Idrissi Med MDIO President

Cyprus On Saturday 14th September our Club went to the Nicosia Dog Shelter (NDS) as a first of series of visits to follow. Upon arrival we were given a tour around the shelter and through the individual old houses which have been modified to accommodate the dogs. The dogs were allocated in these houses based on categories such as small size, hound, large size (e.g. Labrador, Husky). Following the tour around the shelter’s premises we helped Ramona (NDS Supervisor) to register dogs. The procedure to register an unregistered dog is to put a collar with a unique code around their neck, so as to have a full record of all the dogs. After this we enjoyed spending some time meeting the dogs and playing with them. The collaboration between RAC Nicosia – Ledra and NDS will be an ongoing project. We shall regularly visit the shelter to take the dogs for a walk and to help in bathing themas well as provide essentials such as food, old carpets and towels. Finally we will be helping the NDS in organizing and administering any events they will host in the future. Rotaract Club Nicosia – Ledra Rotaract Club of Nicosia has supported the fundraising event of Rotary Club of Nicosia on the 19th of September. All the proceeds of the event were given to the organisation “ Agkaliazo’ which helps families who have limited food resources is of drastic importance. The event was hosted at the house of our Rotary president Mr. Antonis Ashiotis, supported by 100 guests. Rotaract Club of Nicosia has helped by handling the communication part, making the Facebook event page, as well as preparing food platters, taking photos and serving the drinks at the bar at the night of the event. We are very proud to be part of this event, which had proceeds more than 1400euros. Rotaract Club of Nicosia

Cyprus On 17th of September, Berengaria Cosmopolitan Rotaract Club of Limassol has organised the hand-over ceremony to say thank you to the past president, board members and members for their hard work and dedication throughout the year. Also, the board members for the year (Sandra, Athos, Marleen, Vadim, Tamara, Louis) were introduced and pinned. Two new members Tamara and Tatiana of the club were pinned. New potential members (i.e. Santosh, who has travelled all the way from India to join our club) was also present in the night. We hope to have another successful year with our existing and new members . Berengaria Cosmopolitan Rotaract Club The Rotary Club of Larnaca and the Larnaca Multiple Sclerosis Association with the assistance of the Rotaract Larnaca Kition and Interact Club of Larnaca Kition, organized a charity Cheese and Wine event in the gardens of the Pierides Museum on Monday the 30th of September. The event was a great success and raised â‚Ź4000 that will be used to support the Larnaca Multiple Sclerosis Associations programs for the patients like, physiotherapy, aromatherapy, home assistance and psychological assistance. The event was under the auspices of the Municipality of Larnaca and we were honored by the presence of the minister Tasos Mitsopoulos. One of the goals of Rotaract Larnaca Kition for this year is to closely cooperate with its sponsoring Rotary club working together in this project was the first step. We hope that there will be more upcoming cooperations. Rotaract Club of Larnaca Kition

Egypt Just as we began the Rotarian year, we had to move quickly, why? Ramadan is here! It is time for RAC Gezira tradition: the packs. Ramadan is the month of fasting and we want to reach many needy people everywhere. It is a community service mixed with charity, it not about food we send bags full of raw materials for poor families so that they can work well, be healthy and consequently care for their families. If there is no food, there is no force to perform work. The packing was made on several phases due to the large number of packs and quantities bough through the donations. We have tried to reach different and far destination to reach a large scale of distribution. Packs went to Ghazaweya village, Qalyoubeya, Alexandria and El menya also this year we thought of distributing some of the packs to people we see weekly Gezira Club workers as we hold our weekly meeting in Gezira Sporting Club so we wanted to show appreciation and support to the staff. Total amount of donation we gathered was 50 000 L.E which made 800packs = 800 family, making around 4000 persons happy. Rotaract Club of Gezira Sporting In 2010, the number of the foreign tourist arrivals is about 14 million which generated around 13 billion USD for Egypt, contributing to 13% of the country’s national output (GDP), since then tourism has decreased sharply, putting many jobs at risk. Rotaract Club of Cairo Royal decided to promote Egypt with a video about the special things that people love about our country, but that many people don’t know of. We asked people from all around the world to share what they find special about Egypt, in our Project Kemet - the ancient Egyptian name for Egypt meaning fertile soil. So what do you like about Egypt? Koshary? Hospitality? Culture? Weather? Simplicity? History? Diversity? Watch what people from around the world had to say… v=F_MjWSftFFM. Want to contribute? Send us your video at

Rotaract Club of Cairo Royal

Egypt In their continuous efforts to promote a better community, Rotaract Heliopolis El Nozha club held five projects during Ramadan to help poor people despite the unsafe political situations encountering Egypt. Nothing hindered the members as they set their goals and worked hardly to achieve them. 400 Ramadan bags were packed by the club members and distributed on the poor people in different places in Cairo. "Maedet El Rahman" was funded and organized for 10 days in a deprived area at “Ein Shams” district which helped in feeding 150 persons/day. Iftar and football tournament were held for the orphan children and toys and new clothes were distributed among them for the feast. There was also “On the go Iftar“ where members distributed dates and juices on 500 persons in the streets for those who weren’t able to have Iftar at home. Also an Iftar was held with elderly people where members sang old songs on the sound of “Oud”, danced with them and brought them flowers and “Galaleeb” as gifts. By planning Ramadan projects, Rotaract Heliopolis El Nozha club emphasized on the humanitarian needs that fall under one of the six areas of focus which is “ Economic and community development”. Rotaract Club of Heliopolis El Nozha

France The Rotaract Club NICE BAIE DES ANGES joins this year the SMALLER WORLD’s project. It’s a big twin ship program which permit to five clubs from different countries to work together and to create projects during one year. SMALLER WORLD’s program has been created last year by five Rotaracts clubs and his goal is to develop itself every year. Each club has to twin with four others clubs in order to form a group. Rotaract Club NICE BAIE DES ANGES twins with Rotaract CLUB ALEXANDRIA EAST (Egypt), Rotaract CLUB of DUBAI (Emirates), GALATASARAY ROTARACT KULÜBÜ (Turkey) and the ROTARACT CLUB of KOMOTINI (Greece). Every month, actions are organized by these five clubs. A topic is proposed and each club has to propose an idea of action. The best idea will be retained. For example, the month of October was dedicated for old peoples. ROTARACT CLUB NICE BAIE DES ANGES proposes to organize a bingo in a nursing home. Members of these five clubs agree with this project and organized this action in order to bring a little bit of happiness to these persons. This program has to develop relationships and fellowships between countries. Frequently, the celebration of one country is organized, in order to present our culture to the others clubs.

This program is very ambitious and has already been joined by many clubs all around the world. His goal is to permit to each Rotaractian that Rotaract is a big family without frontiers. Rotaract Club Nice Baie Anges

Italy Tropea's Rotaract Club did Summer School, Clothing Collection for Rosarno's Receiving Centre and the Volley Tournament "On Sport's Wings" aim at the modernization of a local Sport building. In these past months, Tropea's RAC Club went to visit the other clubs to support and participate to their initiatives. Tropea's RAC networked with the other 2100 District Clubs, and not only. The other projects that soon the club will fulfill, in collaboration with the other As promote Zone Clubs, to which it belongs, are the national project "DREAMBOX" and the "SUPPORTING" one. Moreover, the Club wants to cooperate with other Associations of this zone, all of this according to the fundamental principle Tropea's Rotaract Club chose to follow: To work all together to give many smiles. Rotaract Club of Tropea The Rotaract club Pozzuoli is aware of the potential of the area and intends to promote a more active and sustainable living among the citizens through the project "Pozzuoli: Fitness in the city", trying also to involve the public administration. Our club's goal is to use the public places for physical exercises and to develop tracks of different difficulties. These tracks will be tested by some of the members, who will be equipped with fitness monitoring devices, and then the information will be analyzed and used to build the sport itineraries. Nowadays, this type of sustainable urban rearrangement is fundamental in order to reduce pollution. Rotaract Club of Pozzuoli During the whole social year the Rotaract Club Salerno is working on different social themes. We started in September giving to hundreds of children with disabilities a entertaining day at the beach, thanks to the traditional regatta "Unamano Vela diamo" organized in partnership with the Rotary Salerno Est and Interact Salerno. Since then we are carrying out the initiative Pet Therapy “Doctor Dog” for children with autism guests of the care center “Ombra Luce”, improving their self-consciousness through the help of the dog Rolly. In that prospective is focused the twinning with the Rotaract NoceraInferiore-Sarno, with which we are leading the project "Clown Therapy" that allows us to offer a smile to the young patients at Children's Hospital of Cava de 'Tirreni. Rotaract Club Salerno

Italy Riviera dei Cedri Rotaract Club is going to organize a meeting about sexually transmitted infections prevention, because of their sudden increase year after year and according to the subject of Medical Commission. This meeting is especially addressed to teenagers of Secondary Schools of Praia a Mare. At first, the gathering will be officiated by a biologist, talking about the structure of virus, bacteria and microorganisms in general and explain the importance of healthy and hygienic behavior. There will participate also a gynecologist and a pharmacist, talking about the most common sexually transmitted diseases and how to prevent them. At the end, a psychologist will analyze the most common sex behavior considered “at risk”, to underline the importance of take care of our health. Rotaract Riviera Dei Cedri The rotaract club of Castellammare - Sorrento is at work! “Azione Interna”, on the 29th of November we carried out a forum which was attended by Alessia Buonocore , head of the “Azione Interna” of Campania and Pasquale Russo , our RRD. The project " illuminiamoci", Action for the Public Interest , we carried out an event on the 22nd of November from which we obtained 1020 Euros, that we will use to our project which consists in enlightening some monuments in the center of Castellammare. International Action had the proceeds of our event, " Festival of the Sea ", which amounts to EUR 455. We also plan to renovate the gym “Circolo Nautico Stabia” , known for being the birthplace of the great world champions of the rowing. We are working hard for the project " Compostiamo ", we went to an elementary school where we explained to over 150 children the importance of recycling, making them aware of the problem and then building with them some composter. Rotaract Club of Castellammare - Sorrento The Pompei Oplonti Vesuvio Est Rotaract Club, has appointed a series of objectives that highlight the interest the Club has to operate on its homeland. We therefore organized a Christmas Bingo Night, devolving to charity its profit. The beneficiary will be the Boscotrecase pediatric hospital. Also a Carnival Party with the whole District 2100 participation, in order to raise enough funds to replace faulty road signs in the Boscoreale area , as well as Boscotrecase and Trecase. Pompei Oplonti Vesuvio Est Rotaract Club

Monaco The first three months of the Rotaractian year-August, September and October 2013have been really full of project for the Rotaract Club of Monaco. This year, with the entire 1730 District we have to organize a big event: the EUCO! So in order to train for this event, we have in mind to organize an InterDistrict week-end. The Rotaract Club of Monaco has the particularity to be on three countries: France, Monaco and Italy and we wanted to promote this chance with a meeting of different club. This event is organized the 7 & 8 December and we choose to name it: the Red & White Week end. During these two days, we prepare some “serious� meeting times in order to know all clubs projects and actions predicted for the year. Then, some activities in Monaco are also proposed like the visits of the Jardin Exotique, of the Stade Louis II and of the Casino. Saturday night a Gala is organized at the Meridien Hotel of Monaco, where Rotarian and Rotaractian of the entire District could exchange their experiences. For the bravest, an after party is also reserved at the Jimmiz!!! The week-end will end on Sunday morning with a nice brunch at the Miramar Hotel in Monaco. We are waiting for 150 people for this week-end, we have reservations from Egypt, Marocco, and from all over France! We are very proud about this event, and we cannot wait this date! Rotaract Club of Monaco

Morocco Established in July 2011 in Morocco, and sponsored by the Rotary Casablanca Hermitage, the Rotaract Club Casablanca Zenith has 28 members, students and professionals, united by the same desire to create a friendship through service. Since its creation, the club has undertaken several actions over the years. The first three months of the Rotary year coincided with the sacred month of all Muslims, Ramadan, and were marked by the great action we organized to enable needy families to spend this month of mercy and compassion in the best conditions. Our action '' Ramadan Baskets” was conducted in the largest shopping center in Morocco ' MARJANE ' where we witnessed to the generosity of the people who helped us to accomplish our mission with their donations even in kind or in money. This has enabled us to succeed in our work by distributing 640 baskets of food and provide the necessary needs for poor families to go out this month perfectly. Great moments of emotion, laughter and joy were shared between members, guests, and beneficiaries, which highlighted the success of this action and has encouraged us to double our efforts in the next actions. Rotaract Club Casablanca Zenith At the time of (Eïd el-Fitr) the ROTARACT Club CASA EL FIDA organized on Thursday, August 8, 2013 the 5th edition of the action (Anges de Casablanca), accompanied by Angels of the pediatric oncology Department of CHU Casablanca IBN ROCHD Hospital. The Moroccan tradition and custom require that people visit their family and friends to present their Eid wishes. In this special day, members of Casa El Fida, visit these children who cannot leave the hospital due to medical care followed, so members try to offer them the joy and happiness which misses through a great program which contains: - An Animation ensured by professionals: clowns, mascot, songs, games… - Giving out gifts (clothes, toys …) - A Cocktail: juice, cookies, biscuits, candies… - And many other surprises. Rotaract Club Casa El Fida

Slovenia It has already been a tradition to host the one and only Chestnuts picnic, during a weekend in September, right in the middle of a season of roasted chestnuts. This year, the venue of a fine aroma was at the City Library Lapidarium in Celje. Each Rotaractor of the host club had to bring a small bag of chestnuts and the ladies' part of the Club baked very tasty biscuits. There were also litres of apple must , which went well together with the taste of roasted chestnuts. We invited other Rotaract Clubs to join us in the afternoon, some Interactors and Rotarians accepted the invitation as well. A small fee of 5 Euros per person was collected at the entrance and in the end we collected enough money to give a nice donation to people with disabilities. By the end of the day, all of us made a good job and appeased hunger and thirst with tasty drinks, sweets and of course, roasted chestnuts. Rotaract Club of Celje Slovenia

Spain The Gambasse Project By: District Coordinator Project Gambasse 2013/2014 On 21 September, the District Rotaracts organized in Castelldefels Yacht Club, one day for charity activities for the project Gambasse. We want to say thank for: the Yacht Club, the NGO Silo, sailing school Garbi, Rotary Club Barcelona Alba and Rotary District for their help and participation. During the morning and early afternoon several activities were organized by groups: paddle surfing, kayaking, spinning, yoga, tai-chi and the evening concert. All activities were designed for adults and children to enjoy a day with family and friends. Organize activities, logistics, food on the premises, and the subsequent assembly for the concert and dinner . We raised 4,000 euros net for to continue funding our international project Gambasse . And this year we are celebrating because 10 years ago we started the project in a small village and we have been watching developments with an improved standard of living, education , health and development.

Spain On mid-august 2013 Rotaract Es Portell D2202 collaborated with Rotary Club Blanes Costa Brava Sud and Rotary Club Lloret de Mar on the second edition of charitable concert offered in Santa Cristina’s hermitage. The concert is always played outdoors due to the situation of the hermitage, which has one of the most privileged views of la Costa Brava, and the entire benefits are destined to “Cáritas Lloret de Mar” (the charity organization in Lloret de Mar that does social work by helping the needy people). The event consists of attending the concert, firstly having a glass of wine and a little snack of welcome, and afterwards the guests are guided to their places to be delighted by the songs played by Susanna del Saz, this time interpreting Barbara Streisand. After the concert, the members of Rotaract Club Es Portell are there to cordially see off the guests selling some roses. Rotaract Club Es Portell support both Rotary Clubs Blanes and Lloret in the main tasks of the event, such as selling the entrance tickets, give the guests a very warm welcome, prepare the chairs for the concert and sell roses. Rotaract Club Es Portell

During this quarter, since it's summer time, we did mostly activities to the friendship and the good relationship of the members of our club. We've gone hiking, we went together to the beach, and had nice and lovely summer dinners. In September we started working for the community and started organizing the projects of our club. As every year, we will continue with our annual Christmas project, recollecting toys that, during the 3kings'eve, we go and give personally the toys to lower income families and bring them the spirit of Christmas. We started working on this Project last august and we will continue doing it till December. Besides this, during this quarter, we've done other Little projects for the community: Kilo project(for reach food) and Blood donation project. Rotaract Club Valles

Tunisia &


As part of public interest and international actions, the Rotaract Club Tunis Cosmopolitan (Tunisia) in collaboration with its twin club Rotaract Club Alger La Blanche (Algeria) helped 75 children’s at school from needy families in Khetercha’s village (Governorate of Bizerte) to well start their school year, by offering each one of them a school bag containing all the necessary school supplies (books, notebooks, pens, etc.) and of course an apron. This action is aimed to support these children’s in order to give them access for education and children’s fundamental rights! A budget of € 800 was allocated, not to mention the support of generous donors: - “BIC”: 20 bags (with pencil cases and slates) - “Journal Aladin”: 400 copybooks After a week of preparation, this action was done on September 14, 2013, during which children received their school outfits, in a cheerful and warm atmosphere. Rotaract Club of Tunis Cosmopolitan & Alger La Blanche

Tunisia For the third consecutive year, on the occasion of World Literacy Day and Back to School 2013 - 2014, the Rotaract Club La Marsa Carthage (D9010, Tunisia) went the school of “El Faja”, located in Utica (Bizerte governorate) in order to provide its students with the necessary school supplies. During the prospecting phase, we noted, among other things, the difficulty of access to the school due to poor infrastructure. To do this, the club launched an appeal for donations that has been successful, and sold some gadgets with the effigy of the club in order to collect the needed budget. Therefore, nearly 85 students received a school bag and the required textbooks. In addition, the club has selected a dozen children from needy families to give them too everything needed. We want to thank all those who made possible the realization of one of the flagship actions of our club. Rotaract Club La Marsa Carthage

Back To School By: - District 9010

Issue’s Special Lampedusa Tragedy 5th of October 2013. It’s supposed to be an usual Saturday. But a breaking news freezes my heart: another boat, another announced tragedy, always the same place: Lampedusa, one of the most beautiful island of the Mediterranean sea; a place where turtles lay their eggs. This time it’s not the same tragedy, a lot bigger, 500 immigrants on a 12 meters long boat. Maybe we can’t understand how it’s possible to think about crossing the Mediterranean sea with no place to stay; but every day, in the summer time, hundreds of people pay 3000 -4000 $ to do it in terrible conditions. Women are very often raped by the captain during navigation, which takes 4-5 days of shipping. No food, no dignity; their hope is to find a new life. Welcome to the hell of this world, the business of immigrants. That day only 155 people were rescued out of more 500 immigrants, mostly Somalians and Eritreans, the boat was coming from Libya. 155 people tried to have a new life, starting from the island of Lampedusa, the southern place of Italy, the entrance door to Italy. But they don’t know they have to be recognized from the Italian Government in Lampedusa, welcomed in the Immigration Centre, and staying there for 4-5 days. A building for 300 people, where volunteers have to give their beds to immigrants, because during peaks period, even 1000 immigrants are hosted there. So, more people than beds available. Children, men and women are not allowed to go around on the island, for not scare tourists and inhabitants. My question is the following: are we sure, as rotaractors of a Mediterranean network, that it is not possible to do anything for them? I think NO and we have to do something, in order to give to all those people better life conditions, even for 4-5 days, after a long boat travel. My dream is to realize an international project of fundraising all along this year and the next one; my dream is to realize a Mediterranean meeting in Lampedusa, to be aware of the place and starting a new course for everyone who will pass from this place. M.L. King had a dream: “one day this nation will rise up and live up to its creed. We hold these truths to be self evident: that all men are created equal.” My dream is not so far from the vision of M.L. King, and it has the same concreteness. Manfredi Lino Past President Rotaract Club Palermo Nord District 2110° - Sicily and Malta

MED MDIO Board & Country Reps. 2013/2014.

Housni Sbai Idrissi

Vera Damerjian

Alberto Avallone

Amir Marouane Vincent Fayad

Alodia Garcia Frisach

Ahmed Nabil

Auréline Mari

Brenda Mertens

Walid Amrane

Evie Christodoulou

Suzana Bračič

Francesco De Francesco

Waiting For You At The MEDICON & Explore The Magical City The MEDICON is an annual conference for the Rotaract Mediterranean MDIO, it is a gathering for but definitely not limited to Rotaractors from all over the Mediterranean to share ideas, plan for future projects, make new friendships, and definitely have fun. Throughout the conference there are a lot of various activities; cultural excursions, fun parties, our Mediterranean Peace Forum, the spectacular gala night, and many more. This year the MEDICON will be hosted in the magical city of Marrakech, from the 10th to the 13th of April, with a two day pre conference in Casablanca, come join us and enjoy the exquisite oriental taste of Morocco but this time with a lot of different Mediterranean spices. Wanna know more about us? Visit us on Facebook medicon2014.

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