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Though we are so different ones of others something we have in common and is the need of spreading, of being adventurous. Our lifestyle, each time more fast, in minor or bigger way leave us little time for fun that take us to select in our family or lonely holidays activities that are beyond of the usual. Actually are a variety of tourist is destinations that offer many activities that we can do, since the individual’s tourism until the space tourism, our need of spreading has led us with the past of time to select between enjoy more of the environment, have more free time with our friends and family or even both. The development of the new technologies has transformed our understanding of the world, our lifestyle and the way of enjoy it, the easy access to the information not only of holidays destination, also to the services and activities that you can find like hotels, restaurants, travel’s service and others, to have a previous idea what’s been offering for an experience more complete. The growth in the last years of tourist’s sector, evidence that in our society has grown the need of this type of recreational activities that relax us, getting us out of the routine and at the same time enrich our knowledge of the world and of ourselves, transforming our way of to be and see the world. In this sense, the opportunity that we got today of know others cultures, new options of spreading; enjoy everything that we can have, in the big or little moments, make us value the world beyond ourselves.

MonicaArango. Editor

CAFE TRIANGLE: A LAND THAT GROWN THE FLAVOR OF COLOMBIA The CafĂŠ Triangle is a rich and generous region that seduce to the traveler for the aroma of its coffee and the charm of its landscapes. Majestic ways, dedicated workers and an endless green horizon are the benefits of this land that evokes the magic of the nature and the hospitality of their habitants.

hw special

Culture Coffee Charm The departments of Caldas, Quindio and Risaralda conform the cafĂŠ triangle, named in this way because in this Colombia territory grown the best coffee of the world. From the modest, worker and impetuous character, of the paisas workers, that take advantage of the generosity of their mountain, result a unique group of men and women creators of the coffee culture, extended today by the three departments. The region is considered the first rural destiny of Latin-American, for the adaptation of its traditional ranch in tourist lodging, where is possible live a unique and wonderful experience. In the road of CafĂŠ Triangle we will find beautiful buildings, theme parks, golf, extensive cultivation of coffee and unrepeatable places furrowed by wax palms, in where you can practice sports and realize eco-hikes. For understand the secrets of the coffee culture, is necessary visit this region, experiment the diversity of its weather, visit its beautiful landscapes and discover a rural and charmed village.

hw special

The land gift Know the process of cultivation and produc- These melodies remember me the job and tion of Colombian cafĂŠ is a fascinating expe- dedication that involves a cup of coffee. rience.

Workers and tireless hands that choose the

Walk around the plantations where it is pos-

best fruits for convert it in one of the most

sible listen the sing of the collectors that were popular drink of the world. born between the thick grasses to become in In the middle of soft hills covers of coffee the voice of the mountain.

plantation hide a paradise of unique pleasure.

With dedication and love is prepare the land in where germinate the seeds that, after a few months, become in chapolas – two first and unique rounds leaves of the coffee plant. In this way, is born a history of tradition, aromas and flavor. A noble job that embodies the passion for the cafÊ and the Colombian culture.

Rural tourism in the cafĂŠ triangle In this region, one of the soft coffees of the world is cultivated. Also has become a desired destiny of international rural tourism, not only because behind of this exquisite infusion there is a successful agribusiness, in which is Juan Valdez the emblem, but also because the coffee village puts love, dedication and care to all the aspects of the life. For prepare the perfect cup of coffee you have to know live.

hw special

Our coffee is distinguishes because the grain is harvest- pitality and warm of the region, where people are coming to hand, and is selected only the mature and best monly expressed in terms of gastronomy. Visitors can fruits. This happens at the family’s coffee haciendas. expect green walks by coffee plantations, horse riding Here has not entered the dehumanized technique. The

days between the sound of waterfalls and sing of birds,

Colombian Coffee has the flavor of its people, and taste

fishing or mountain rides in bike and visits to nearby

it is an unforgettable experience.

village. Theme parks like the Coffee Park and Panaca

Ranch coffee located in Caldas, Quindio and Risaralda

exalt the values of the local culture and offer fun for all

offer accommodation of quality without forget the hos- the ages.

The offer of holidays of excellent quality is very wide, and the traveler will find much information in websites. Hacienda San Jose is a beautiful traditional villa that summarizes very well the culture coffee in La Virginia, Risaralda. Also preserves its original architecture, as well the furniture and the interior traditional ornaments. Near of Pereira, Hacienda Malabar is a house-hostel ideal for stay in family. Near to Marsella from Pereira there is a wonderful place to stay: Eco-hotel Los Lagos, where visitors virtually melt with the nature.

hw special

The route of Panaca, in the Quindio, the Hacienda Agroturistica El Carriel, offers something similar in an authentic atmosphere, rural and peaceful. Huerta de Calocho, by its part, offers stay between gardens and crops. This place you can find it in via Armenia – Montenegro, to only ten minutes of National Park of Café and to twenty of Panaca.

Be surprised by the Café Triangle!

Photos & information courtesy: Proexport Colombia


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Sh ow you tra r vel !

hw design & decoration

ALESSI The Poetry of Design. The Art’s Essence and the Modern Expression of Beauty

The human beings, got the need of communicate, and this communication is present in everything in our life, the clothes that we wear express a part of our way of being and how we want that the world perceive us, our hairstyling, makeup, the fragrance that we use, every detail that compose our house, the painting and the objects that we choose, that things that we see it under a criteria of functionality, has now convert it in more than that, becoming in part of the communication, this is the most beautiful part of expression, the endless creativity of being human which grows up every day and turns in a natural expression of the human’s essence. Alessi, an Italian company of the design and decoration sector, converts essential functional objects, in a unique collectable piece, in another media for the human expression, each article that shows in catalogs surprise us, we could define it as “Jewels for our home and office”

Alessi, company with a tradition of more of 70 years in the design sector, was founded by Giovanni Alessi, in the Strona Valley, about 70 Km at north of Milan, directed in the 30’s and 40’s for his son Carlos and since 1970 until the present by Alberto Alessi, Giovanni’s grandchild and Carlos’s son. Each season present an original collage of articles, most of this are designed by architects, Italian designers and international designers like: Ettore Sotttsass, Richard Sapper, Philippe Starck, Alessandro Mendini, Michael Graves or Aldo Rossi, this makes of Alessi one of the companies leader of the design sector, with stores in Milan and other parts of the world.

Photo courtesy : Alessi

Alessi is divided in 3 lines of products, that makes a total of 2,600 articles, this lines are: Alessi, represented by household items, is directed to a market more exigent, with the best quality; A di Alessi, represents a line more young and modern, Alberto Alessi describes it as “the open door to Alessi’s world” and for last Officina Alessi an innovative and complex line by Alessi.

Alessi, has collaborated with companies like Fiat, Lauden, Inca, etc, exploring in this way other designs sector, like bathroom articles, watches, etc, and that is why Milan is the world capital of the design.

Photo courtesy : Alessi

hw design & decoration


Alessi, opens the doors of a new flagship in Milan, located in Via Manzona, 14 – 16. Designed by Martin Guixè, this flagship will be divided in 4 sections: the set, the museum, the store and Wunderkammer.

Photo courtesy : Alessi

The Set is the large space that overlooks Via Manzona through the three arched windows. It is a stage facing out to the public, well - defined by the podiums in the windows and the long central table, whose glossy white surface reflects the red, white and blues halos of the three sculptures hanging lamps. These create unexpected and extraordinary effects on objects as they come into view. The set is so called because it will host a range of events during the year, including themed exhibitions, historical collections, temporary presentations, constantly evolving and not always connected to the items on sale. The big back wall will be a dynamic communication space, to be customized for each event.

hw design & decoration

The Museum is adjacent to the set. This is the section that directly evokes the Paris Shop Museum. This is where we find the store entrance, almost as if to highlight the starting point of Martì Guixè’s concept. Small white cantilevered shelves line the walls and precise volumes in shades of glossy red, host just a handful of very sculptural objects displayed as if they were in a museum.

Photo Courtesy: Alessi

The lamps (another obvious reference to the Boulevard Raspail store in Paris) emphasize the shapes of the objects, reflecting in steel and creating unexpected multi – coloured plays of light. Photo Courtesy: Alessi

Every museum has its own shop so the third and largest section reinterprets the Alessi store design via its corporate furnishing, used however in a completely anomalous and personalized way, even upside down. The pillar at the end of the room is decorated with a coloured flickering texture thus creating a counterpoint to the more neutral tones of the rest of the shop. It directly refers to Alessi shop concept developed by Alessandro Mendini and known as the wonder shop. Even the ceramic columns designed by Guixè are a tribute to the creative - and sometimes still handmade – process underpinning the designer’s activity.

hw design & decoration

The Wunderkammer is the final and the most hidden and introverted section. It is place of wonder where we can devote attention and appreciate even the smallest and most precious objects. The room is dark, from the floor to the walls, and the opal light, coming almost exclusively from the display monuments, emphasizes the value of the showcased pieces, just like those glass cases that host collections of rare insects in a museum of natural history.

Photo courtesy : Alessi

A truly space of innovation, creativity and art, like Alessi’s style.

Information provided courtesy of: Di Palma Associati. Thanks to: Micol Biassoni

hw technology

New Ipv6 Internet Address System Internet Protocol version 6 is the nextgeneration protocol who replace the current Internet Protocol version 4, IPv4. The Internet Protocol is responsible for addressing host and routing datagrams. Internet Engineering Task Force, IETF, is who developed the IPv6, an organization that develops internet technologies. The growth users since create of IPv4 was conceived in the early 1980’s as a way of identifying individual connections to a computer network. The address in IPv4 was composed for 32 bits long, which allows 4,3 billion unique address, for example In IPv6 the new address allow 128 bits, approximately three hundred and forty trillion, trillion unique IP address, composed for: base 16 counting using numbers and letters, for example: 2001:db8:ffff:1:2 01:02ff:fe03:0405. IPv6 is the answer to the growth need for more not only PCs but also, Smartphone and other device.


ON TI EC on S diti e EW ext n

hw gourmet

Gourmet Coffee A Delicious Candy For The Coffee Lovers The gourmet word, is today a common word, we can find it in almost all the products that we consume, sandwich, salads, desserts, etc. The coffee is not the exception, who led to ask ourselves What makes gourmet to a coffee? It`s cost, it`s presentation or its quality. Many are the reason that makes Gourmet to a coffee, according to the experts is the quality of the coffee, this quality is achieved from the moment of the sowing, passing for the harvest process until the toast of the grain. According to the coffee type, in this case the Arabica Coffee, the fruit of coffee reach its maturity in 6 or 8 months after its flowering, and in the Robusta Coffee from 9 to 11 months, is in this time when the harvest of the coffee start. Two methods are employed for the picking: the selectively picked or the strip picked. In the selectively picked the coffee grains are individually picked by hand, this technic is more costly, because the pickers rotate among the trees choosing only the best fruits, in this way they control the quality. The strip picked is strip the branch of the cherry; this technic makes that the cherries mix more heterogeneous and as result a coffee more acid, product of the green fruits. The Arabica coffee, produce a coffee more delicate and aromatic, original from Ethiopia, is produced today in countries like Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Haiti, Jamaica, Java, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Tanzania, Honduras and Venezuela. Robusta Coffee, produced a drink richer in caffeine, stronger and more acid , this kind of coffee is the most used to fabricate the instant coffee and the mixes, is originally produced in the Republic of Gong, also we can find it in India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Brazil and Philippines.

hw gourmet

For special reasons some Arabica coffees, are considered gourmet, like the Blue Mountain from Jamaica, which grows at the Blue Mountains region in Jamaica, from there its name, another one is the Hawaiian Kona that grows at the Hualalai slopes in Kona, also exist the Peaberry from Tanzania, which genetic mutation makes it special, the Kopi Luwak or civet coffee, we can say that of all the coffee is the most particular, are many the articles and reports that explain in detail this kind of coffee, the logical reason, the fruit is ready after the civet’s digestive process, of an animal scientifically call Paradoxurus Hermaphroditus, which defecates the coffee grain, this natural chemical process makes that the grain of coffee lose some of its bitterness and makes it in one of the coffee more expensive in the world, for some people a delicious drink, very different of the normal coffee that we consume.

From the gastronomic point of view, the quality is the base of a great coffee; its preparation complements it, in the end we enjoy a nice and comforting drink. Different are the ways of make a good coffee and to present it, the most commons and classical are: the Latte Macchiato that is to add hot milk to a small portion of espresso coffee, White Coffee or Caffe Latte that is espresso with hot milk, the milk portion is more than the coffee portion, in France we find it under the name of CafĂŠ au lait, the Cappuccino Coffee that is espresso with hot milk and steamed milk-foam, usually sprinkle with cocoa powder, the portions of milk, espresso and milk foam are equal, its name it is for the color of the clothes of the capuchin monks and is also one of the coffees that people most knows, the Caffe Macchiato is a espresso coffee with milk foam on the top, in some countries the Macchiato is just a espresso with a little of milk.

hw gourmet

There are more elaborate preparations in which other flavors are added to the coffee, with the help of ingredients like spirits, creams and spices, we can find coffees with condensed milk, cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate; in this type of preparation the coffee is more than just a drink is a dessert, some are presented hot and others cold. As reference we can find The Bedoña, that is a coffee with chocolate and condensed milk, the Black and White that is iced coffee with almond or vanilla ice cream, The Biberon of Milan, is a coffee with condensed milk, yolk, vermouth, a slice of lemon and cinnamon with crushed ice, the Carajillo that is a coffee with brandy and rum in equal portions, a grains of café and milk in equal portions, in some restaurant are served with cream, the Café Mocha or Mochaccino is a coffee with chocolate and milk in equal portions, the Chocolate that is coffee with chocolate in equal portions, the Cafe Crème is a coffee with a little of fresh crème and a snow of milk, in some countries it is called Renversè, the Frappe Coffee, that is coffee with crushed ice, this coffee is very popular in Greece, the Irish, that is a coffee with whisky, Espresso con Panna or Melange, is espresso coffee with hot milk and cream and chocolate on the top, the Asian coffee that is coffee with condensed milk and brandy, it is principally made in Spain; and of course many more types of coffee drinks.

It is clear that the quality of the coffee is the base of a great coffee and this makes it gourmet, since you feel the aroma that seduce you to taste it, this becomes in a placer to the mouth.

condition in the next edition




condition in the next edition

hw hotels

K West Hotel & Spa 4 star deluxe, 220 rooms

Located in London

K Lounge Bar. Cool and contemporary bar informal all- day dining starbucks coffee wireless internet access DJs on weekends parties & press launches

Kanteen Breakfast, lunch & dinner, 7 days a week menu with creative, modern inspiration private hire on request

hw hotels

K Spa - London’s New Premier Spa K west is proud to introduce its newly refurbished holistic spa the new, unique features include: Sanarium Scandinavian style sauna Aromatic herbal steam room Experience Showers Foot Baths Thai Massage & Light Therapy Room Hydrotherapy Pool London’s first snow paradise



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