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magazine Bimonthly N째 3 Year III

Vi t r i n e Do you have style? Is natural the fashion in you? Show



about style, to common’s people like you, with a good sense of fashion and aesthetic.

The best styles will be published in every edition of HW Magazine, on the Vitrine Section of Style.

You just have to send a photo of the complete outfit with a short description, of the style and the occasions in which the outfit can be wear it, to the email

Te gustaria ser una estilista? Tienes estilo y la moda es algo natural en ti... Muestra tus recomendaciones en

cuanto a estilo, dirigido a personas comunes como tu, con un buen sentido de la moda y la estetica.

Los mejores estilos estaran publicandose en cada edicion de HW

magazine, en el espacion Vitrine de la seccion de style.

Solo tienes que enviar una foto del atuendo completo con una breve descripcion, del estilo y las ocaciones en las que podria usarse y colocar en el asunto Vitrine, al email



I N Limelight Cocktail Collection


Ecotourism:Costa Rica

Barcelona first mobile world city






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Te gusta viajar... Te gustaria mostrar la ciudad donde vives o tu pais, Muestranos tus recorridos, toma fotos y convierte en un guia para el mundo.

Escribe una descripcion del recorrido, recomendaciones para visitar y a単ade fotos del recorrido. Coloca tu nombre , email de contacto y listo. Estaremos publicando tu recorrido en la seccion de travel, en un espacion que se llamara RECORRIENDO. Importante: No se publicaran descripciones que denigren o desprestigio, tampoco se tomaran en cuenta descripciones con contenido politico, no se acpetan fotos pronograficas, ni violentas. Colocar nombre completo, edad y email.

Si quires participar envianos un email a, con tus datos (nombre completo, ciudad, pais, edad) y lo que se solicita, fotos y descripcion


I was reading one afternoon and I find with something that I would like to share.

WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR? One friend that knows me in depth and however, continue trusting in me. One friend that not complexed or crush me. One friend in which I can go in depth of things in the first minute; that if


gratulates me makes it in a happy way; with a open heart, and not only for flattering me; that if critics me; he does because believes in me. One friend that makes me participate in all his thoughts and he puts the cards face up when talks and that not try spill the blanket toward him, or use me for his personal goals: One friend that is not happy with periodically repeat me: “I hope so much of you‌!â€? but he takes the time to discover what, where, when and how; One friend that discover and makes grow my values. One friend that thinks in me and writes me when I am far and prays for me in all occasion. One friend of combat, for the combat of everyday, the higher battle. Alan Thornhill.

I hope everyone we can be this kind of friend.

Monica Arango. Editor

hw Style

Limelight Cocktail Collection

Piaget launch a new collection inspired in dif-

Inspired in the sensual “Sex on the Beach”

ferent cocktail drinks, the name is Limelight

cocktail, its ingredients are a pink tourmaline

Cocktail Collection and is composed of 7 rings,

with a slice of lemon made of peridot stone.

which principal ingredients are the precious

The 214 diamonds gives shine to the ring.

and semi-precious stones. The first ring of the collection was inspired by the famous “Whisky on the Rocks” cocktail. Its central stone is citrines of about 27 ct, the 2 ice cubes are formed by quartz, the ring also have 100 diamonds of about 0.83 ct.

hw Style

Limelight Cocktail Collection

Ring in 18k white gold, with 97

Aquamarine of about 28 ct,

diamonds, emeralds and a central

a fruit bunch conformed by

rubellite that represent to a deli-

13 opals and a yellow gold

cious fruity raspberry, a sweet,

branch, the inspiration the “Blue

fresh and exquisite cocktail

Lagoon� cocktail.

hw Style

Limelight Cocktail Collection

Ring in yellow gold of 18 ct, with a piece

This exotic ring is made of white gold,

of watermelon, the inspiration non other

with a beautiful tropical flower and a to-

that “Watermelon Dream” cocktail.

paz stone of about 37.5 ct. Inspired by the “Blue Hawaiian” cocktail.

hw travel

ECOTOURISM: COSTA RICA Ubicated among five best destiny of this type of tourism, Costa Rica is considered one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world, with a twenty five percent of its land that is a protected wood and is one of the places with most wild fauna of the world. Costa Rica is located in middle America, extended from Pacific Ocean to Caribbean Sea, is divided in 20 natural parks, 8 biological reserves and a series of protected areas that captivate ecotourism lovers.

Costa rica

Every Conservation area is in itself a different ecosystem, from coral reefs like Cahuita National Park which is one of the developed coral reefs of the Caribbean Cost and the most important of Costa Rica, the refuge of wild life like the National Refuge of wild life Gandoca-Manzanillo in the Caribbean littoral in the southeast of country including its terrestrial and marine parts, a combination of land, beach and sea. In the La Amistad Pacific Conservation Area is the National Park Chirripo in the Talamanca range of the mountains, there we will find the mountain most high of the country the Mount Chirripó with 3.820 meters (12.532 feet) over level sea have great areas of beautiful landscapist and of geological and ecological important. The importance of its natural riches and the administration place to Costa Rica in the third country of the world in the index of develop ambient. Costa Rica is one of the places with more wild fauna of the world, is located among the twenty countries richest in bio-diverse of the land, lodging to one million of species among reptiles, mammiferous, birds and insect being a great observatory for the fauna lovers. The great natural riches that offer Costa Rica, addition to the quality of its people, convert it in one of the touristy destiny with bigger diversity, enjoy of its natural enchantment represented for the natural lovers, one of the bigger experiences and the reflect of “Pura Vida” that means “Pure Life” is the most recognizable phrase in Costa Rica.

Costa rica

hw technology


After a large process of election Barcelona is select like Mobile World Capital, that will be developed from 2012 to 2018, announced the past July 22 of 2011 by GSMA-Global System for Mobile Association. Like Mobile World Capital, Barcelona will be seat of the event of mobile industry, GSMA Mobile World Congress, which will be celebrate from 25 to 28 February of 2013 in the Fira of Barcelona in the Gran Via, in a vanguard place. Beyond of Mobile World Congress, the Mobile World Capital have in addition with: the Mobile World Center and the Mobile World Festival, in the Mobile World Center will have with permanent and temporary exhibitions that intertwined the culture and technological innovation and the Mobile World Festival which targeted to the general public, will incorporate a range of activities that include sports events, music and art festivals, technology fairs among others.

hw Style

Darmaki Emirati designer Sultan Al Darmaki is one of the last shoe designer to get public, showing to the world his first women`s shoe collection. Based in London, Darmaki combines artistic and cultural influences with the excellence of superior Italian manufacArabesque. Black suede with intricate laser-cut arabesque designs and tiger’s eye stones.

turing, creating pieces very elegant and contemporary with his cultural ara-

Lulu. Indigo pleated satin, black satin and black pearls

besque influences. Darmaki not only has caught the attention of the people, but also of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London who have picked one of his works for being exhibited. The new acquisition of the museum will be revealed online at the end of August and exhibited in the museum in the end of this year. The museum is also preparing a major shoe exhibition in the future and Darmaki shoes will be part of it. About Darmaki next collection for Spring / Summer 2012, this will be launched next month and is inspired partly by the late Ottoman Empire, definitely a new Victoria. Green suede with black python leather ruffles and black onyx stones.

work that will be love to see. Source

Alex. Black python leather, suede and silk strap with onyx stones.

HW magazine aug.- sept.'11  

HW magazine august - september

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