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Student-to-student housing platform for exchange and internship students.

Bringing demand and supply of short-stay accommodation together. Information Brochure for Universities

“I am leaving country XYZ for 4 months and want to sublet my room“

“I am going to country XYZ and need a room for 4 months“

HousingAnywhere brings them together. Bridging between outgoing and incoming exchange students; making it exchange students easier to find a nice place to live for a short period of time.

What is is a housing platform where students that go abroad for an exchange semester or internship can sublet their rooms. Incoming exchange students that come to your city can rent those rooms. Thus, HousingAnywhere is a

What is HousingAnywhere not? t HousingAnywhere is not a real-estate company: it does not own houses. It is purely a platform where students can rent out their rooms to other students while they are overseas for an internship or exchange semester. t

HousingAnywhere is not a substitute of your current housing systems or dormitories: HousingAnywhere should be seen as an extra -additional- housing service that universities can offer to their incoming exchange students, besides the current facilities.


HousingAnywhere should not be seen as a threat for the jobs of the staff of the housing office: HousingAnywhere will not replace the Housing Office: although in this modern century students like to arrange everything themselves on the internet (“the Ebay generation”) there will always be a group of students that prefer the personalized service of the Housing Office. If “the Ebay generation” students deal with housing themselves online, then there will be more time for the Housing Office to serve the other group of students even better.

student-to-student platform where demand & supply of short term accommodation can find each other. It is a very simple, but very effective tool to increase the amount of short-term accommodation available to your incoming exchange students.

“Thank you for creating this great website, HousingAnywhere!“ Karoline Czopak, CEMS exchange student

If the amount of exchange students is growing every year at your university If the school has the ambition to become an international player in the education market If you currently are not active in matching the rooms of outgoing exchange / internships students and incoming exchange students If you have a shortage of accommodation now, or in the near future

Does your university need HousingAnywhere?

If you like to give the opportunity to international exchange students to live in a “local room“ with locals, besides the dorm with international students

How does it work? Students that go abroad can advertise their room for free, and incoming students can respond for free. Landlords are not allowed on the platform: only students can use the website, by allowing only those people with a university email address, e.g.


advertisements. By refusing landlords on the platform, it is more sure that the rooms offered are of good quality and that international students will not be ripped off, which happens a lot to international students. However, if preferred by the university, also university’s trusted named landlords/partners can be activated on the platform by request.

Service to your students If you invite students to study for a few months at your university, you should also provide these guests with good housing facilities. Promotion towards your students To notify your students about this platform is very simpe: you just send an email to all outgoing exchange/internship students, telling them that they can rent out their room on One week later you tell all incoming exchange students, that they can look for a room at This is a very easy and very effective way of increasing the supply of short-term accommodation.

“The idea of HousingAnywhere is very good I think and could be helpful for many students around the world� Marine Seriese, incoming exchange student VU Amsterdam

HousingAnywhere was founded by students from the RSM Erasmus University Rotterdam who had problems subletting their rooms when they left Rotterdam for an exchange semester to Singapore a few years ago: none of the local Dutch students were interested in renting a room for just 4 months. At the same time, they heard from the RSM International Office that a lot of incoming international exchange students had problems finding short-stay accommodation in Rotterdam. That is why they decided to set up a platform for short-stay accommodation. This webpage has been built with the input from student housing agencies, the input and experiences from international exchange students in Rotterdam, and the Executive Board of the Erasmus University. The latter saw that this platform could be a little extra help in attracting more international students to their university, since international students base their choice of where to study -among others- on easy housing facilities.

It all started with two students and the problem they faced

Besides the dorm rooms offered by the Erasmus University, HousingAnywhere is now one of the official housing tools that students can use when finding housing in Rotterdam. See:

How to join? 1. Send an email to, and tell us how many students your school has, and the amount of international students 2. You will receive a quote from HousingAnywhere 3. After payment, the email addresses of the students of your school (like will be activated, giving them access to the platform

How much does it cost to use HousingAnywhere? HousingAnywhere is completely free to use: students uploading advertisements, and students reacting to those advertisments do not pay anything to HousingAnywhere. To maintain the website and pay for the server costs, HousingAnywhere asks participating universities a yearly small fee. Depending on school size, this costs between 800 and 3500 euros annually.

4. After activation, you will receive promotion texts which you can send to your students and put on your university’s webpage 5. Within 2 weeks you will be up and running

“I have been looking for housing and your webpage has been a helpful resource - it’s much easier to use than many of the other housing sites I have seen. Thanks for your work on this project“ Abdul Belblidia, incoming exchange student RSM

Want more information? Contact us! M T +31 623 245 967

Bringing demand and supply of short-stay accommodation together. Student-to-student housing platform for exchange and internship students.

HousingAnywhere brochure  

This is the brochure that tells you all the details about HousingAnywhere

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