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Avoiding Discrimination While Screening Tenants Houserie

The Fair Housing Act • Federal law that prohibits

discrimination in housingrelated transactions based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, and disability • Prohibited in the sale, rental,

and financing of dwellings

State Laws • It is important to follow

state-specific laws along with the federal laws • Some states have a

Fair Housing Act also

Tenant Rights • The right to a safe and sanitary home along with

privacy, peace, and quiet • Written receipts for rent or deposits

Tenant Rights Continued • Notice of changes in

lease terms • Repairs made within a

reasonable amount of time after being requested

Discrimination of Families with Kids • It is illegal for a landlord to refuse to rent to a

single parent or a family with children • Landlords cannot force families with children to

live in certain areas of a complex or require the children to remain indoors

Use Houserie Tenant Screening • To help avoid lawsuits,

use Houserie tenant screening • A discrimination free

screening tool

Screening Packages Available • Basic, Premier, and Ultimate all include a national

criminal and sex offender search and a social security number trace • Also available are a national eviction search and

quick tenant credit score card

How Houserie Works • Each potential renter is scored using data

including tenant’s credit report, eviction history, criminal history, and application data • Provides a tenant background and credit check

that assesses the overall quality of the tenant

For More Information • Visit

• You can create an account, setup screening

request, setup payment information, and then view your tenant’s background report

Reasons to hold onto good Tenants  
Reasons to hold onto good Tenants  

Doing the proper screening can make a huge different in attracting long terms tenants. Since it costs on average more than $4000 to replace...